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It's Safe to Travel to Egypt in 2021

Giza Pyramids - It's Safe to Travel to Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal
It's safe to travel to Egypt in 2021 is a key question that needs to be answered. This Article's main purpose is to provide every traveler with all the needed information and facts about the safety of Egypt. All the facts and details in this article were written by ETP team who is a group of a highly expert and skilled group of tour operators, tour guides, and travel consultants with more than 15 years of experience in Egyptian tourism. Traveling to Egypt is the only thing you buy that makes you richer because of its great historical landmarks and its unforgettable civilization. However, one may ask an important question… Is it safe to travel to Egypt in 2021 and what’s the best time for traveling?

“Yes, Egypt is Totally Safe & Secure„

And this is all because of many factors that have caused the permanent stability of Egypt, so let's shed some light on these factors such as:

Egypt and Nothing But Egypt

Giza Pyramids Complex - Safety in Egypt 2021- Egypt Tours Portal
The three pyramids of Giza

Egypt, “The Cradle of Civilization” is the only country in the world that has the longest history dating back to more than 4500 years. It is called also “The Land of Pharaohs” as its existence dates back to the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. Tourists come from all around the world to witness the greatness of the Egyptian Pharaohs and visit its mesmerizing destinations. All across Egypt in the immortal cities of Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, and Hurghada are some of the most incredible examples of ancient architecture, natural beauty, and diverse culture.

The Governmental Efforts to Provide a Safe Environment for Tourists

The Grand Egyptian Museum 2021 - Safety in Egypt 2021 - Egypt Tours Portal
Statue of Ramses II at the Grand Egyptian Museum

The political government in Egypt pays a lot of effort to provide a safe environment for tourists to come and visit Egypt during different parts of the year. The government, of course, faces a huge challenge to keep Egypt a safe place but it tries to keep everything stable and face all the terroristic attacks one by one, which makes Egypt the safest country in the world for tourists. Here are the latest Egyptian achievements:

1-Egypt’s Smart Village (ESV)

This fanciful village was constructed to promote the IT environment and attract international companies to set up offices in Egypt. It is located on a 300-acre park just 20 minutes away from downtown Cairo and 10 km from the pyramids.

2-Alexandria Opera House

It was named after the famous Egyptian composer and singer Said Darwish. It is famous for its famous operas and ballet performances by international companies.

3-The Grand Egyptian Museum

It is described as the largest archaeological museum in the world. It is still under construction and is estimated to be opened in 2021. It is located about two km from the Giza pyramids. It is shaped like a chamfered triangle in a plan. It will be an international communication center between all museums and one of them must be visited places during trips in Egypt. It will include a children's museum, a conference center, a training center, and workshops that look similar to the old Pharaonic places.

The Statistics of Visitors in the Last Decade

The Great Sphinx - Safety in Egypt 2021 - Egypt Tours Portal
Tourist in the front of the Sphinx

In 2010, there were about 14.7 million tourists in Egypt and tourism generated $11 billion according to the Egyptian Authority in New York which represents 11% of the total GDP and hires 12% of Egypt's Workforce. Tourism is very important in Egypt as it makes about 11% of the gross domestic product. The tourist arrivals averaged from 1982 until 2018 with about 478.12 thousand, reaching the highest rate in 2010. The Tourism market was able to provide a revenue of 11.4% of the national GPD as recorded in 2018 which represents 3.931B USD which increased to 4.194B USD in 2019. Nowadays many tourists come from all countries in the world to see the beauty of Egypt and witness the adventure of being in the land of such a great civilization more than any time before.

Is It Safe to Cruise the Nile River in 2021?

Nile River Cruise - Safety in Egypt 2021 - Egypt Tours Portal
Cruise sailing on the Nile river

In fact, 2021 is a good time to enjoy a Nile cruise. Nile cruise holidays provide you with an amazing experience to discover all of what is ancient in Egypt, especially those in Luxor and Aswan. 2019 has proven to be full of optimism and advances in the tourism sector especially in the Nile cruise excursions where the entire Nile bank across Luxor & Aswan is filled with rival boats and travelers across the historical sites.

Is It Safe to Visit the Pyramids?

Is It Safe to Visit the Pyramids - Egypt Tours Portal
Riding Camels at Giza Pyramids Complex

The pyramids are the most secure destinations in Egypt, surround a heavy military and police presence plus trained archaeologists to maintain its safety at all times, as they are considered to be a national treasure and provide all visitors of Egypt with a clear vision of how the ancient Egyptian civilization was so immensely great.

Tips for Making Your Egypt Vacation in 2021 Safe and Memorable

Abu Simbel Temples - Safety in Egypt 2021 - Egypt Tours Portal
Tourists in the front of Abu Simbel temples

  • Stay alert in sites frequented by Westerners.
  • Avoid demonstrations and crowds.
  • Prepare your passport and visa to be able to travel to and from Egypt safely.
  • Prepare all of your medicine with you and be sure to pick up all of your medical remedies with you.
  • Know about the nine International airports in Egypt especially Cairo Airport which is located 15 miles northeast of the city in northern Egypt.
  • Review all the Egyptian reports about crime and safety.
  • Choose the best time of the year to travel to Egypt according to the climatic reports.
  • Search for a professional travel agency to spend an unforgettable vacation in Egypt.
  • Know about the Egyptian currency and see the accuracy of money you are going to need.
  • Be aware of the Egyptian customs and traditions so that you can deal with the Egyptians easily.
  • Prepare suitable clothes that suit the temperature in Egypt.
  • Collect information about the most popular Egyptian meals so that while being in Egypt you get the opportunity to try all of its delicious meals.

Best Time to Visit Egypt in 2021

Old Cairo Egypt - Safety in Egypt 2021 - Egypt Tours Portal
Sultan Hassan mosque

If you are looking for the best time to visit Egypt in 2021 then you have to choose the time from October to April is the most preferable time to be in Egypt during the seasons of winter, autumn, and spring for most tourists to enjoy the beauty of Egypt. You should escape the heat of July and August by traveling to the beaches of the Red Sea.

Completely Safe Cities to Visit in Egypt in 2021

Queen Hatshepsut Temple - Safety in Egypt 2021 - Egypt Tours Portal
The Huge statues of Queen Hatshepsut in the temple of Hatshepsut

Egypt has many gorgeous places to visit in 2021 and it is a safe country to travel to. Let’s start mentioning some of these terrific destinations:

Cairo City "The Capital of Egypt"

Cairo is the most visited city all over the world because of its historical attractions such as Giza Pyramids Complex, which consists of the three main pyramids of Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure, the mythical Sphinx, and the great Valley Temple, which was used in the mummification and the purification process of the mummy of the king. It is a must to visit the Egyptian Museum, where you find the most important Egyptian treasures including Tutankhamun’s treasures. Khan El-Khalili is another interesting destination in Cairo, which is an open bazaar, where you can find the best cafes, shops, and spices & perfume markets.

Luxor "The Ancient City"

The city of the hundred doors has the most interesting touristic attractions among its neighbors, such as Luxor Temple, Hatshepsut Temple, Valley of the Kings, and last but not least Karnak Temple. It is the greatest open-air museum, your Egypt vacation can't be completed without exploring Luxor.

Aswan "The Nubian City"

The Nubian city is the central market in Egypt although it is a small city. There are many lovely landmarks in Aswan such as the Nubian Museum, the Unfinished Obelisk, Philae Temple, and of course the marvelous Aswan High Dam.

Alexandria "The Mediterranean Bird"

What is better than having fun in addition to visiting historical destinations! Alexandria has a mixture in between as you can find the unforgettable Citadel of Qaitbey, Pompey’s Pillar, the Catacombs, and the great library of Alexandria, which contains a copy from each published book all around the world.

Sharm El-Sheikh

The city of the piece "Sharm El-Sheikh" is where you can do a lot of interesting activities including snorkeling in the blue hole or riding a camel in a safari. You can also fly through the sand dunes with a quad bike, and finally, don’t forget to try the submarine adventure to discover the world beneath the water.

Hurghada Red Sea

The best place to meditate and relax is because of its beautiful beaches and its stunning climate. It has a beautiful location in the Red Sea governorate in Egypt.

Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam is known for its coral reefs and beautiful sandy beaches that’s why having a desert safari or trying snorkeling and getting into a submarine is the best thing you can do there.


El Gouna is a tourist resort, which is owned by ‘Samih Sawiris’, a famous Egyptian businessman. It is famous for its water sports including snorkeling, scuba diving, waterskiing, and many other special activities for tourists. It is located 20 km north of Hurghada.

Why It's Safe to Book Your Holiday with Travel Agency!!

Egypt Tours Portal Customers - Safety in Egypt 2021 - Egypt Tours Portal
Customers of Egypt Tours Portal

The traveling agency has a huge effort in providing all kinds of security for tourists such as providing a professional tour guide who knows the areas by heart and can guide tourists to different locations without being afraid of any danger. The travel agency is also responsible for presenting a qualified representative who finishes all the paper officials, making reservations, and taking tourists from the Airport, and after finishing their tour, he takes them back to Cairo airport. So if you want to have fun, enjoy, meditate, and be safe in Egypt, choose a professional travel agency.

How the be safe in Egypt during Covid 

Before traveling and entering Egypt, each traveler must know the answer to a number of important questions such as: Do I need a covid vaccine to travel to Egypt? All Vaccinated traveler must a QR code fro an authorized lab that proves that have taken their vaccinations. Every vaccinated traveler must have their final dose at least two weeks before traveling to Egypt. All the Acceptable vaccines are Sputnik, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Sinopharm, Sinovac, and Johnson & Johnson. All Travelers that are from or have been in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brazil, India, Latin America, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, or Vietnam in the last 14 days must undergo an ID Now COVID-19 test at the moment of arrival in Egypt, regardless of their vaccination status. Do I need a PCR test to travel to Egypt? A PCR COVID test is mandatory for all unvaccinated travelers. All unvaccinated travelers must possess a medical certificate either a copy or an original showing a negative PCR test that was obtained within 72 hours before departure. However, unvaccinated travelers from Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, France (only Paris), Germany (only Frankfurt), Guyana, Italy (only Rome), Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru, South Korea, Suriname, Thailand, United States, United Kingdom (London Heathrow only), Uruguay, and Venezuela can present a negative PCR test result from up to 96 hours before their departure for Egypt because of the long flights from these destinations. All Travelers that are from or have been in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brazil, India, Latin America, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, or Vietnam in the last 14 days must undergo an ID Now COVID-19 test at the moment of arrival in Egypt, regardless of their vaccination status. All digital copies are not considered valid, Only the paper copies of the covid PCR test results are accepted. All Children under the age of six from any country are exempt from offering a negative PCR test certificate. Is there any Mandatory Quarantine in order to enter Egypt? If any traveler landed in the red sea home to Hurghada and Marsa Allam, the South Sinai home to Sharm El-Sheikh, and Marsa Matrouh and doesn’t have a valid negative PCR test result, then he or she will be tested at the airport at their own expense which cost 30$ and will have to self-isolate under doctor orders until your test results are returned negative. And if the test result is positive then you will be quarantined for two weeks under the doctor's supervision until the test is done again. How to remain safe from Covid in Egypt?

  • Wash your hands often and very carefully.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Don't shake hands and hugging people.
  • Don’t share any of your personal items.
  • Always cover your mouth and nose.
  • Clean and disinfect all surfaces.
  • Maintain your physical distancing.
  • Do not gather in groups of any kind.
  • Avoid eating or drinking in public places.
  • Wear a mask surgical masks or N95 respirators.

Pick and Choose Your Own Preference in 2021

Our Egypt tours 2021 will give you the best chance to experience Egypt's history and attractions. Witness the wonders of ancient Egypt such as the enchanting pyramids, the majestic tombs such as the Valley of the Kings, the amazing temples of Abu Simbel, and meandering the Nile river on board a five-star cruise. What you are waiting for, just scroll down to discover the best trips to Egypt in 2021:

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