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Ancient Egyptian pharaohs

The ancient Egyptian pharaohs were considered to be divine deities as well as human rulers of both the political and the religious aspects of Egyptian society. There are 30 dynasties that hold more than 170 kings who ruled Egypt through four kingdoms for 3,065 years (3,400 B.C – 335 B.C) which are Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom and The late period.

We have selected the most famous and important rulers of the ancient Egyptian period. So, discover all the hidden history of his incredible civilization and cast your eyes on beauty and greatness with our Egypt Tour Package below.

The Pharaoh's Cures - Egypt Tours Portal

The Pharaoh’s Curse

The Pharaoh’s Curse The pharaoh’s curse is believed to be a punishment from the ancient Egyptian gods on the ones who annoy the eternal Rest the
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Explore The Most Famous Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs Ruled Egypt | Ancient Egypt Pharaohs

The Most Famous Rulers of Egypt

The Most Famous of Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs Explore about 21 of ancient Egyptian pharaohs ruled Egypt during the old kingdom to know the great civilization
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The Greco Roman Period { Queen Cleopatra } | Egypt Tours Portal

The Greco Roman Period { Queen Cleopatra }

The Greco Roman Period { Queen Cleopatra } The Egyptian History is calcified into five sections: ancient Egyptian period 3400 B.C to 335 B.C The
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History of King Menes {Narmer} | Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs | Egypt Tours Portal

King Menes {Narmer}

Who is King Menes? Involve yourself into The Ancient Egyptian History by recognizing "King Menes",  the founder of the 1st dynasty of old kingdom in
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Information about King Chephren | Ancient Egypt History

King Chephren

Who is King Chephren? King Chephren is one of the most important kings in Ancient Egyptian History. He is the Son of King Khufu the
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Information About Queen Hatshepsut | Ancient Egypt Pharaohs

Queen Hatshepsut

Who is Queen Hatshepsut? Queen Hatshepsut one of the greatest Queens and the first to rule ancient Egypt, she was the fifth pharaohs of the
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Information About King Khufu | Ancient Egypt History | Egypt Tours Portal

King Khufu

Who is King Khufu? and when He Got the Throne of Egypt? King Khufu is considered one of the most important kings who ruled Egypt
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Information About King Tutankhamun | Ancient Egypt | Egypt Tours Portal

King Tutankhamun

Who is King Tutankhamun? King Tutankhamun an Egyptian king from the 18th dynasty of the New Kingdom who ruled from ( 1334 B.C-1325 B.C), he’s
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Information About King Ramses II | Ancient Egypt History | Egypt Tours Portal

King Ramses II

Who is King Ramses II? King Ramses II one of the greatest pharaohs who ruled Egypt, he Known as Ramesses II or Sese also called
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Information About Queen Nefertiti | Ancient Egypt | Egypt Tours Portal

Queen Nefertiti

Who is Queen Nefertiti? Queen Nefertiti one of the most beautiful and powerful queens in Egypt, her name means a "beautiful woman has come", she
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The Temple of Queen Nefertari | Information About Queen Nefertari

Queen Nefertari

Who is Queen Nefertari? Queen Nefertari is one of the greatest Egyptian Queens, she was a member of 19th dynasty in the New Kingdom, and
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Information About King Akhenaten | Ancient Egypt History | Egypt Tours Portal

King Akhenaten

Who is King Akhenaten? King Akhenaten one of the kings in the 18th dynasty who ruled ancient Egypt from(1353 B.C-1336 B.C), his name meaning “Living
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