Egypt Tours Portal – “The Entrance to the Essence of Egyptian Tourism”

Who We Are?

For about two decades, Egypt Tours Portal has been the ultimate gate to the kingdom of paradise where all heavenly elements and evidence that make Egypt great are showcased in the most incredible way. It offers the chance to turn your wildest dream into a reality and experience the essence of one of the oldest civilizations on earth and the most hypnotic example of pure natural majestic allure. was founded in 2002, we have more than 16 years of experience in the field of making epic tours to any destination in Egypt in the most comfortable, memorable way. we have a variety of packages & Nile cruises that include all the classic and new interests of tourists. You may wonder why you would choose us from a wide variety of travel agencies in Egypt, below you will read the reasons why you need to book with us:-

Why Choose Us?


Egypt Tours portal specializes in perfecting the meaning of vacation by proving countless variations of tours across magical all Egypt destinations such as Cairo, Alexandria, Hurghada, Luxor, & Aswan. Every traveler will enjoy the finest hotel & Nile cruises and get a taste of what comfort is all about, a number of entertaining activities organized by the company will await every traveler to fully discover the wonder that it is Egypt.

2-Our Reputation & Reviews

No one can rival the reputation of Egypt Tours Portal as for more than 16 years, the company has won the favor of hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world. Our positive reputation is due to our granted high quality, our professional staff of tour operators, tour guides, drivers & customer service and our deep attention to all the security measures.

Watch Egypt Tours Portal Reviews from our fantastic customers, know more about Egypt Tours Portal services, tour guides, cars, hotels, and accommodations. Explore also Egypt Tours Portal Reviews on TripAdvisor to see our Certificate of Excellence and read more about what our customers say about us. Our tours are customized by professional travel consultants to offer the best affordable services. Be one of our memorable customers by booking your Egypt private tour packages with us.


3-Our Quality

Our quality is our prime focus that’s why all of our services are customized by travel, time and financial management consultants to confirm that our clients will not waste any of their time or money and their dream vacation will come true at the most professional way, you should read our company quality standards and how it is work.


Our main contact language and websites are English. All of our staff speak perfect English so don’t worry about any miss-communication, all of the tour guides are fluent in Russian, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, and French …. so we can maintain our quality.

5-Security and Safety

Our company priority is safety and security that’s why all of our packages are adjustable to fit any surprising event that might affect your tour and our 24/7 customer service is here for you through a phone line and an instant messaging service available in our website to answer a question or request on your mind.

6-Our Affordable Prices

Egypt Tours portal understands that traveling to Egypt can be expensive that’s why’s it has provides a number of affordable tours for everyone who is on a budget but wishes to explore all the magical aspects to make Egypt special without spending much money. These budget tours are customized to provide the same experience and the level of service and maintaining modest accommodations.