Egypt Vacation Packages

Egypt Vacation Packages

Breathtaking Egypt Vacation Packages

Now Egypt Tours Portal can arrange you from any country in the world. If you are in Canada, Australia, India, United States or any country planning to spend comfortable journey with your wife and children, or with your girlfriend, we have all types of Egypt vacation packages will make your journey “A Trip to Remember”.

What to do During your Egypt Vacation Packages

Egypt has many beautiful tourists attractions to visit a lot of tourists prefer to start their Egypt vacation packages from Cairo where there are Giza pyramids on of the Seven Wonders of the World, the oldest monuments from Fatimid and Ottoman-era like Salah El Dine Citadel, Mohamed Ali Mosque and Khan El Khalili and other historical places.

The second part of Egypt in Luxor and Aswan along the Nile Valley where there are ancient Egyptian temples was built by Egypt pharaohs, the best activities a lot of travellers prefer to do it during there Egypt vacation packages it’s cruising the Nile Valley from Luxor to Aswan or from Aswan to Luxor, it’s combining the recreational and adventure in your trip where you see majestic archaeological sites you don’t have seen before.