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Egypt Tours Portal team dedicates its time and energy to preserving and showcasing the vast history and mysteries of the ancient Egyptians that trace back more than 5000 years across their most famous destinations that hold an incredible number of monuments and attractions. The team’s main purpose is to shed light on the infinite wealth of natural, historical, cultural, and mythological knowledge for everyone who wished to learn something new and prepare for their journey across the magical destinations of Egypt.

All the team members of the Egypt tours portal are a highly knowledgeable and qualified group of Egyptologists, Archaeologists, historians, world travelers, content creators, digital marketers, consultants, and explorers who have a vast experience in each of their fields, stretching from 5 to 20 years where everyone gained an unfathomable understanding of their craft that provide all the visitors and clients to gain priceless information and all the means needed to have the most entertaining travel experience in Egypt.

The information mentioned on the website was created over a long period of time by a number of the most qualified experts in each of their fields which was updated regularly on a monthly basis and depends on a number of highly trusted sources with confirmed facts to ensure the safest delivery and consumption of each information in the most useful and positive manner.

All our sources and resources of the Egypt tours portal which was cultivated for over 35 years that were made to provide the most incredible Egypt tours & vacation packages, Egypt Nile cruises, Egypt day tours & excursions, and Egypt shore excursions that have won the praise of all our clients as shown by own clients on TripAdvisor, won a number of awards, and mentioned by a number of renowned news agencies and travel blogs plus provides an enriching educational and entertaining travel experience for everyone.

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