Memphis City

Memphis City

Memphis City

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Memphis City:-

Memphis City was the capital of ancient Egypt , Memphis is located south of the Nile River delta, on the west bank of the river, near the Giza plateau, it had many names like Inbu-Hedj which means ‘White Wall’, in the old kingdom  it was known as Men-nefer (“the enduring and beautiful”) which was translated by the Greeks into ‘Memphis’.

Memphis is home to the Great Pyramids of Giza, Sphinx, also home to the great necropolis, Saqqara, and other noblemen.  Many temples were built in honor of Ptah, his wifeSekhmetand their son.

When Memphis was founded

Memphis was founded in  2925 B.C by “King Menes“, the first king of united Egypt, He unified Upper and Lower Egypt into one monarchy then intentionally built the city of Memphis in the middle of the two kingdoms called it ‘White Wall’ because it was built of mud brick and then painted white. It was the city of god  Ptah, a creator God in ancient Egyptian religion.

If you are already in Egypt, we recommend adding Memphis city as a part of your Egypt day tours. Or if you are outside of Egypt and want to discover the great civilization of ancient Egypt, then you can check our Egypt private tour packages and book your favorite journey.

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