The Pharaoh’s Curse

The pharaoh’s curse is believed to be a punishment from the ancient Egyptian gods on the ones who annoy the eternal Rest the pharaoh. The curse will cause illness, bad luck and death to anyone who disturbs the tomb of the mummy-like thieves and archaeologists. The curse became very popular all over the world after the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb in the valley of the kings by the famous Egyptologist “Howard Carter” despite the fact that many stories about curses dated back to the 19th century. The pharaoh’s curse is known to be a magical phenomenon but many documentaries had argued that the curse could be real as all the bad misfortune could be caused by scientific substances like bacteria and radiation.

On the 4th of November in 1922, an expedition sponsored by “Lord Carnarvon” and led by archaeologist “Howard Carter” and his team was able to find the resting place of Pharaoh Tutankhamun which was covered by the global media, grab the world’s attention and lunch the modern era of Egyptology. Shortly, after the death of “Lord Carnarvon” from blood poisoning, and a number of the crew and visitors started to die in bizarre mysterious deaths, “Sir Arthur Conan Doyle” suggests that “Lord Carnarvon’s” death was caused by “elements” created by the priests to guard the tombs and its belongings. His statements accompanied by the weird supernatural deaths created a media frenzy all over the world. Nowadays, science tells us that enclosed chambers like tombs can harbor a huge amount of dangerous bacteria and gases that can or even kill anyone who has a weakened immune system and out of the fifty-eight people who went inside Tut’s tomb only eleven persons died. But there are a huge number of unfortunate and unexplained events started happening like the electronic equipment begins acting funny and most of the crew falling ill with mysterious diseases. The curse still found its way in the modern era through thriller and horror movies, comic books, video games, and fictional books.

Not everything in this world is written on stone, you can choose to believe it’s the pharaoh’s work from beyond the grave or it’s a just mere coincidence and doesn’t forget that the mind has an unbelievable ability to twist reality into a dream or in this case a nightmare. Egypt “Cradle of Human Civilization” has many wonders of stories are waiting for you to witness and discover, so we have well organized breathtaking Egypt Nile cruises will make spend unbelievable trip to Egypt by casting your eyes on the old landmarks and temples that’s date back to 7000 BCE, don’t miss the chance to live the adventure.