Christmas and New Year in Egypt

Christmas and New Year in Egypt

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General View about Christmas

It’s completely exciting to celebrate your religious occasions and feasts in your own special way and it’s definite that each one has his own private rituals to achieve the extreme pleasure. One of these celebrations that gather a very large segment of people from all over the world annually is the Christmas festival. Christmas is an iconic celebration that memorizes the birth of Jesus. Millions of Christians around the world set out to the public provinces and main streets to express their festivals. Accordingly, we claim that Christmas is a combination of religious and secular ceremonies. On the other side, there’s a wide sector from those who are very keen on travel and adventures, prefer to spend their Christmas holidays abroad, out of their original homeland. Egypt is one of the most customized destinations for Christmas holiday where you have the chance to enjoy your ceremonial rituals freely in a special phenomenal atmosphere. Travelers come to interact directly with the Egyptians to celebrate Christmas and new year in Egypt to discover their ancient history, impress their wonders, observe their shops and markets, and experience their Nutritious meals.

History of Christmas

Christmas is an annual feast for Christians on the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ, which is originally celebrated on the 25th of December. The word Christmas consists primarily of two syllables of the Middle English “Christian-mass”. Despite the birth date of Jesus Christ is hidden, the Western Church determined December 25 in the Gregorian calendar as a date of the celebration when most Christians believed that the god came to Earth as a man to expiate their sins as many ancient theories claimed. Nevertheless, the subject of the birth date of Jesus Christ was widespread in the 3rd century and some dates, November 20, January 2, March 25, and May 20 were recommended, but many writings confirmed the date of December 25 to be the official date of the festival, Coinciding with the winter solstice in the Roman calendar but solar symbolism opposed this date and suggested other dates. Other theories said that the Church selected December 25 to correspond to the Roman festivals on the occasion of the sun god birthday. The first known Christmas festivals date back to the fourth century in Rome. In the 17th century, some sects like the Puritans were forbidden to practice their Christmas celebrations freely. In the early 20th century, Christmas traditions were limited to the Upper classes and opulent families. After that, Christmas customs extended to include the Christians of all classes and be held in shrill ceremonies. Christmas is a religious festival for Christians and a cultural event for non-Christians.

Christmas and New Year in Egypt

Egypt is a connected nation where there’s no difference between Muslims and Christians and both are equals in both rights and duties although Egypt is an Islamic country. The Egyptian Christians freely celebrate their Christmas and new year in Egypt rituals, they tend to do the Christmas service in the church on January 6th and after finishing, families and relatives visits begin, including having the Christmas meals. Little children with their new clothes take the way to the markets and shops for Christmas candies, Christmas tree and presents, waiting for Baba Noël to give them some presents. Streets and parks are full of decoration to commemorate the birth date of Jesus Christ. Parties and ceremonies get started with families and friends gatherings, and public parks and zoos are overcrowded by the households. Another group, especially the youth prefer to relax on the seashores in Alexandria, Hurghada, and Sharm El Sheikh. Also, Muslims are enthusiastic to send the faithful congratulations to the Christians and share their celebrations. So you can achieve these moments by booking your trip to Egypt through our breathtaking Egypt Christmas holidays.

Christmas Overseas

The majority of the world’s countries host great festivals and ceremonies to celebrate Christmas holidays, but it’s considerable that each country has its own familiar customs and traditions while enjoying the New Year festivals. For instance, awesome Christmas observances with formal public holidays are held in all the European countries where the manifestations of Christmas appear obviously. One of Christmas appearances is decoration; houses, streets, restaurants, hotels, and parks are amazingly decorated with the usual colors of Christmas; red symbolizes the blood of Jesus Christ, green represents evergreen tree that never loses its leaves in winter and gold which refers to loyalty. Another tradition followed by the Europeans in New Year celebrations is the Christmas tree which had started in the 18th century in Germany. The idea moved to Britain until it became widespread in 1841. In 1870, the Americans admired the custom and used Christmas trees decorated with candles, bells, lights, wreaths, ornaments, and angels. The best common tradition of Christians’ celebrations is to use music for singing and dancing as a blissful expression of their unlimited cheer. Christmas carols were another use of music in Christmas; in the 13th century, the priests in Germany and Italy developed the tradition of Christmas songs which were derived from folk songs, and since then they became extended to be sung in the churches during festivals. Most Christians in the world follow the custom of Christmas cards, a unique tradition used for exchanging greetings and congratulations among families and relatives wishing “Merry Christmas” and some sects of European Christians also prefer to use commemorative stamps as to post these Christmas cards. Furthermore, Christmas meals still remain the most common appearance of Christmas which include many various kinds of foods; fish, meat, chicken, vegetables, as well as special desserts.

How to Plan Christmas Holiday in Egypt

Egypt is the best must-see tourist destinations to spend the Christmas holiday where you will adopt some distinctive traditions of Christmas celebration. For travelers, Christmas in Egypt isn’t only a religious occasion, but also a cultural carnival and an amazing adventure to the ancient history. Celebrate your Christmas holiday with the ancient pharaohs among their historical sightseeing of thousands of years ago. Marvel at Cairo wonders; Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, have a great tour to Memphis city, the first capital of Egypt then turn to witness over 250000 breathtaking artifacts in the Egyptian Museum. Show your admiration with Salah El Din Citadel, the invincible Cairo fortress before you turn to Khan El Khalili Bazaar where to get precious presents and gifts. Head to the south to visit Luxor and Aswan remarkable attractions on board luxury Nile Cruises, impress Karnak Temples, Hatshepsut Temple, Valley of the Kings and many more of the ancestors’ remnants in Luxor then sail to Aswan to visit Philae Temple, Edfu and Kom Ombo Temples, and the two famed glorious temples of Abu Simbel. Also, you can never miss the chance to relax on the Red Sea beaches in Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, and Marsa Alam and experience many water activities such as snorkeling trips, scuba diving, and windsurfing. All of these and more you can do through our best Egypt tour packages with high-quality services and professional tour guides.

Christmas holidays is a ceremonial festival and the quickest way to luxury trips for unstoppable delight.        

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