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8 Days Spiritual Tour To Cairo, Sinai, and Oasis

From: $890
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Tour Details


8 Days / 7 Nights

Tour Location

Cairo, Sinia, and El Bahariya Oasis

Tour Availability


Pickup & Drop Off

Cairo Airport

Tour Type

Spiritual Tour

Meditation Trip Cairo, Sinai, and Oasis For 8 Days

8 Day spiritual tour to Cairo, Sinai, and Oasis will be your awakening journey where all your chakra channels will be opened revealing all the secrets of your past lives and providing the ability to know your future. The holy energy of the heavens will be in the presence of every true mediator who will connect them with the metaphysical realm and reveal the magical cord that connects the physical worlds with the world of the Eternals and show the unity of time and space. Through mediation in Egypt, The bridge of the two worlds mount mosses and the natural energy of the oasis will provide the ultimate healing, bliss, and tranquility. Enlightenment is just one click away leading all the way to the legendary city of Cairo, the holy land of Sinia, and the magical El Bahariya Oasis so book this tour immediately and reach your full potential.

Tour Highlights

Cairo Highlights

  • Giza Pyramids Complex
  • The Grand Egyptian Museum
  • Hanging Church
  • Ben Ezra Synagogue

Sinia Highlights

  • Mount Sinia
  • Saint Catherine

El Bahariya Oasis Highlights

  • White Desert
  • Crystal Mountain

Tour Inclusions

  • All services and taxes.
  • Expert private tour guide.
  • Meet and greet upon arrival.
  • Private vehicle with air conditioning.
  • Entrance fees for all the mentioned sites.
  • One night campaing in El Bahariys Oasis.
  • One night hotel accommodation and breakfast in Sinai.
  • Five nights hotel accommodation and breakfast in Cairo.

Tour Exclusions

  • Tipping
  • Optional tours
  • Any Extra tours
  • Entry Visa into Egypt

Tour Itinerary

Day One: Arrival At Cairo + Check in Your Hotel

Cairo Airport - Egypt Tours Portal

The Quest of enlightenment and peace will begin when you land at Cairo Airport and meet your tour guide who will take you by a private A/C car to your hotel to rest and spent the night.

Day Two: Great Giza Pyramids, Saqqara Pyramid & Memphis Tour

Spiritual Tour at Pyramids - Egypt Tours Portal

After having your breakfast, your private tour guide will take you across the holiest monuments in the history of mankind. Before starting your mediation, you should go to the "Egyptian Chakra Oil" spiritual workshop owned by the magnificent aroma-therapist Sheikh Abdullah to understand the correct rituals, wardrobe, and the necessary oils and holy materials. Your meditation tour will be in the greatest magnate of spiritual energy ever created on the plant:

Giza Pyramids Complex - Egypt Tours Portal

Giza Pyramids Complex

The Giza pyramids complex is a true piece of the heavens built on the same spiritual and scientific basis that made the universe keep on growing and evolving which are metaphysics planetary bodies, solar systems, astronomy, the fixed star groupings, Axial precession, physics, advanced mathematics, geometry, geography, and architecture.

The Great Pyramids of Giza - Egypt Tours Portal

The Pyramid of Khufu

The great pyramid of Khufu is one of the majestic pyramids in Egypt where the ancient Egyptian learned the secret and mystery behind the soul and immortality. It is able to harness the spiritual energy and open a door between the two dimensions of existence that becomes known as the crown chakra, the Khufu's king chamber is a gate to the dimensions of existence.

Giza Sphinx - Egypt Tours Portal

The Great Sphinx

The all-seeing Sphinx is the protector of the complex that will give every seeker of enlightenment permission to earn it. The star of the soul The sphinx is able to feed divine chakra revealing the ancient knowledge of the old and knowledge. The valley temple is a majestic attraction that possesses the great ability to capture the soul and providing immortality to the body of every true believer.

You will have your lunch at a pyramid view restaurant. Then continue your mediation at:

Saqqara Step Pyramid - Egypt Tours Portal

Saqqara Step Pyramid

The Saqqara Step pyramid is a true miracle known as the power chakra and the essence of ancient knowledge. It was the first attempt of the ancient Egyptians to seek enlightenment and harness the power of nature. It perfectly aligned with the provider of words, wisdom, culture, and infinite knowledge Thoth and was able to create a window where the power and truth of the cosmos were revealed thus offering the chance for every mediator to gain enlightenment.

Memphis City Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

Memphis City

You will then head to Memphis the first official capital where the ancient Egyptians established a society around a holy and spiritual location that rose in the shadow of paradise where the ancient Egyptian gods gifted them with enlightenment and good fortune.

Finally, you will return to your hotel in Cairo to spend the overnight.

Day Three: Egyptian Museum, Cairo Citadel, and Coptic Attractions Tour

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo - Egypt Tours Portal

Your incredible mediation in Egypt will continue after you had your breakfast with your tour guide who will take you by a private A/C vehicle to the miraculous:

Grand Egyptian Museum - Egypt Tours Portal

The Grand Egyptian Museum

The Grand Egyptian Museum holds a number of magical artifacts and amulets that provided protection and healing powers plus a number of mummies to great priests, holy men, and royalty who were blessed with the grace of the heavens.

You will enjoy your lunch, then you will head to the great:

salah el din citadel - Egypt Tours Portal

Salah El Din Citadel

The citadel of Cairo was built by Salah el din to be the golden guarding eye since 1183 AD which holds a number of incredible museums and mosques such as the majestic Mohamed Ali Mosque that showcases the greatest example of Ottoman architecture.

Afterward head to:

Khan El Khalili Bazaar - Egypt Tours Portal

Khan El Khalili Bazaar

One of the greatest locations in Cairo is the golden Khan El Khalili bazaar that holds a number of rare and diverse artifacts from the ancient culture of Egypt across the years that will make every moment in Egypt truly magical.

Your Spiritual journey will continue by walking on the same path which the holy family took in Egypt across the Hanging Church, Abu Serga Church, and more plus learn why Cairo became known as the city of minarets through exploring the classical Islamic heritage in Al Azher mosque, Ibn Tulan mosque and more. You will then head back to your hotel for the overnight.

Day Four: Transfer to Sinai from Cairo

Saint Catherine - Egypt Tours Portal

In the early morning, you will leave your hotel in Cairo for six hours drive until you reach your hotel in Sinai, then you will check in your hotel and have your dinner then rest.

Day Five: Meditation at Sinai Mountain and Saint Catherine Monastery

Spiritual at Sinai - Egypt Tours Portal

After you had your rest and prepared yourself, your mediation journey will begin after midnight across one of the holiest places on earth will begin where the presence of the almighty and the spiritual power and energy of the cosmos overflow every part of this chosen land.

Sinai Mountain

Sinai Mountain

You will climb up the mountain of Sinai where the sound vibrations of god still surround the mount of mosses offering answers for all who seek it. You will begin your mediation session at the exact moment of sunrise where new souls from the two worlds cross over carrying memories and knowledge.

After you finished your mediation, you will descend from the mountain and pay your respects to the sacred:

Saint Catherine - Egypt Tours Portal

Saint Catherine Monastery

The monastery of the god-trodden Mount Sinia saint Catherine lies in the shadow of three biblical mountains. Your pilgrimage across one of the oldest working Christian monasteries on earth since 565 AD will bring a sense of belonging and relief plus provide new powers of awareness that will make you witness the world in a new light.

After finishing your meditation at Saint Catherine monastery, you will return to your hotel where you have your breakfast. Then checkout from the hotel in Sinai then heads back to Cairo. After you have arrived at night, you will check into your hotel then relax after your long journey and spend the overnight in Cairo.

Day Six: Mediation at Bahariya Oasis

Baharya Oasis Spiritual - Egypt Tours Portal

You will leave your hotel in the early morning after having your breakfast then head to:

bahariya oasis - egypt tours portal

Bahariya Oasis

El Bahariya Oasis is located in Western Sahara, 370 km away from Cairo which is famous for being home to the crystal and black mountains which offer the best mediation session for every person looking for tranquility and enlightenment. What makes this oasis so attractive to most mediators is the natural reflection of space that is viewed across there.

You will get to watch the incredible sunset across the white desert while having your dinner then spend the overnight in your camp.

Day Seven: Continue Meditation in the Oasis

Meditation In The Oasis - Egypt Tours Portal

Your mediation session will begin after you had your breakfast and taken a bath in the hot miraculous and healing water spring of El Bahariya Oasis, then when the mediation beings, you will begin to open all of your seven chakra gates and get overwhelmed by the knowledge and power of this incredible land which will provide the wisdom gained from past lives and offer a vision of the future and in turn bringing a true sense of balance, grace, and enlightenment.

You will return back to you hotel in Cairo for overnight.

Day Eight: Departure & Fly to the Home

The Last Day in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

You will have your breakfast and end your 8 Day mediation and spiritual to Cairo, Sinai, and El Bahariya Oasis by catching your flight from Cairo Airport to your home.

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What to Pack

  • Hat.

  • Camera.

  • Umbrella.

  • Medication.

  • Comfortable Shoes.

  • Sunblock & Sunglasses.

  • Warm clothes in winter.

  • Cotton clothes in summer.

  • Valid Passport for 6 months.

  • Note: Check our blog about what to pack for Egypt.

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