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Egypt Tours 2019 – Nile Cruises 2019

Open the door to ruins of the ancient civilizations and spend fabulous vacations among the Pharaohs’ remnants. And as we always seek for your joy, “Egypt Tours 2019” offer an extraordinary variety of Egypt tours 2019 to cover all the ultimate historical attractions in Egypt, and also Nile Cruises 2019 provides incredible chances to admire the glorious treasures of the Nile Valley on board the magical Nile cruise. Our Egypt holidays 2019 are planned to suit all types of  Egypt visitors, large groups, small groups, holidays with the family, and also for couples on Honeymoon. “Egypt Holidays 2019” is your passport to relaxation and opulence.

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Giza Pyramids - Best Time to Visit Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

The Best Time to Visit Egypt

The Best Time to Visit Egypt and Enjoy His Activites “The Land of Pharaohs” is your outstanding destination to spend terrific time either on vacations or in your leisure time. Tens of Thousands of tourists come every year to visit the memorable touristic sites in the motherland “Egypt” because of the beautiful weather in different areas of Egypt during the year that is mixed with beautiful sceneries and great history. There are large amounts of touristic sites and historical monuments that date back to the era of pharaohs who were responsible for leaving such a mesmerizing civilization and the long lasted historical destinations. So let us first speak about the climate in Egypt and mention the best time to visit Egypt. The Climate of Egypt Egypt is a country that has a beautiful variety of weather temperature through its different regions and sites. The temperature in Egypt ranges between 37c to 14 c. Summer in Egypt is somehow hot and winter is cool and mild but sometimes it becomes cold at night. The average of low temperatures vary from 9.5 °C  in wintertime to 23 °C in the summertime and average high temperatures vary from 17 °C in wintertime to 32 °C in the summertime. The temperature is moderate all along the coasts. The weather in Egypt considers being one of the top reasons for Egypt tours. Seasons of Egypt and Tourism If you are looking for the best time to visit Egypt then the period from February to April and from October to November are your perfect choices. You have to escape the heat of July and August through traveling to the beaches of the Red Sea. Here are the seasons of the year with its major celebrations and the best time to visit Egypt: Spring Represents the best time for both tourists and locals in Egypt as the temperature is moderate in such a season but they have to avoid "Khamsin Wind" between March and April as you may find dust and sand in the air. There is an interesting festival in spring which is “Sham Ennessim”. It is an Egyptian National Holiday, which falls on the day after the Eastern Christian Easter. It is a very interesting celebration as people spend all day out picnicking in any space of green, public gardens, on the Nile, or at the zoo, eating the traditional food of Fesikh “Salty or Dried Fish”, lettuce or green onions, and colored boiled eggs. Check our Egypt Easter tours and book your dream vacation in Egypt if you wish. Summer The summer in Egypt is sometimes hot especially Upper Egypt. There are many interesting activities you can do in the summertime just like visiting the great touristic destinations and witnessing the glorious life of the ancient Egyptians. You can enjoy the Egyptian beaches, resort, and have trips to the different coastal beaches like Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh. If you are an adventurous person, you can try the quad bike safari to discover the golden sand of Egypt with the different areas there and all of these activities you can find in our Egypt tour packages. Autumn Autumn in Egypt is a nice season like spring when you can spend a good time in Egypt and prices become so reasonable. Nile Cruises are awesome in such a time during the year to visit the memorable touristic locations in Egypt. Winter The winter in Egypt is the highest tourist season. The Coptics of Egypt celebrate Coptic Christmas on the 7th from January and you shouldn’t such a celebration. In such a day, most Christians go to the Coptic Orthodox church and they start having their unique traditions. After the Christmas celebration, Christians go back home to eat a fantastic meal and celebrate with their families. It is the best time to visit Egypt and celebrate in the Egyptian streets, cafés, and restaurants while having a Christmas tree and wearing like Santa. Check our Egypt Christmas tours that include an amazing variety of Egypt vacations for you and your family. You can also attend Abu Simbel festival, which is held on 22nd from February and on 22nd of October every year. Abu Simbel temple is the sole reason for which tourists from all over get attracted to Aswan in Egypt. There is a sun festival at Abu Simbel Temple, which can only be witnessed twice every year. The light that streams into the temple, reflects on King Ramses II and the statues of the sun god, illuminate the whole place revealing the brilliant architecture of the place. Ramses decided that this complex has to be lighted up twice a year, once on 22nd of February, on the anniversary to his ascension to the throne and the second time on 22nd of October to celebrate his birthday. Activities to do in Different Seasons in Egypt From February to April and from October to November, you can enjoy the most while trying the Nile River Cruise and take a long walk in the trial of Sinai. You can also pay a visit to the most popular Egypt tourist attractions such as Giza Pyramids Complex, Luxor & Aswan, and the memorable Egyptian Museum. The period from October to April is the best time to try the fanciful Nile Cruises in Egypt. You can also visit the iconic sights like Valley of the Kings and the Karnak and Luxor Temples. From June to September are the peak months for tourists to visit the resorts of the Red Sea. You will have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather of Egypt while sitting on the beach and play with your family or friends. Try to check our Egypt family holiday packages, it's wonderful itineraries that have well created to suit all families interests. In order to visit the Western Desert, you have to avoid the summer season as it becomes so hot during such a season. From February to April and from September to November you may have the best chance to try a desert Safari and see the amazing beauty of the lands of Egypt. Ramadan and Tourism in Egypt It is known all around the world that Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims when they don’t eat during the daytime. Most of the cafés and restaurants are closed during that part of the year in Egypt except for the touristic sites, hotels, and restaurants. At the end of Ramadan, there are many festivals and celebrations. You can enjoy through witnessing the Egyptian celebration with Eid El-Fitr and the festivals of all the major shops and restaurants in different areas. After this occasion, there is another outstanding eid, which is Eid El-Adha. In this eid, Ibrahim is honored to sacrifice his son Ismail as an act of obedience to the command of Allah. Before he sacrificed his son, Allah provided a lamb to be sacrificed with instead. So every year, Muslims all around the world celebrate this occasion in a splendid 4 days celebration.
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Al-Azhar Mosque - Cairo Sightseeing - Egypt Tours Portal

Al-Azhar Mosque

Overview About Al-Azhar Mosque Al-Azhar Mosque is simply one of a kind as there is no one like it in the world. In 970 A.D, the Islamic Shi’ite Dynasty the Fatimids that ruled Egypt from the 10th to 12th century constructed the mosque to be a place of worship and research in Islamic studies. The mosque main purpose was to spread Shi’ite beliefs to the Arabian community and maybe the entire world, But despite that all the Sunni and Shi'i student put their differences aside and worked together to create something extraordinary as the mosque is a true symbol of pluralism and the only regulating authority on Islamic theology to the entire world. Check our Egypt tour packages, if you want to book a tour to the land of pharaohs that includes visiting Al-Azhar mosque and other Cairo tourist attractions. The Components of Al-Azhar Mosque Al-Azhar Mosque was named Al Azhar after the Prophet Muhammed’s daughter Fatimah al-Zahraa. It was designated for the Shi'a Fatimid congregation and later, in 988 A.D it was turned into a university as it became the world’s second-oldest educational institution. The university was one of the world’s preeminent centers of learning, drawing students from Europe and all over the Islamic empire, it started with 37 scholars who worked in religious teachings but nowadays they are hands-on every field of study from foreign languages and literature to all different fields of science. The university went through a lot over time as in 1171 A.D it was closed for nearly 100 years by the Ayyubid ruler when the Egyptians started practicing and teaching Sunni teachings, but in 1266 A.D it was reopened by Mamluk Sultan Al- Zaher Baybars and the teachings was replaced to Sunni theology. History of Al-Azhar Mosque Al-Azhar Mosque is known to be a harmonious blend of architectural styles as it was rebuilt, enlarged and redesigned over more than 1000 years and various modifications and additions were made to the mosque throughout its long history. It holds five majestic minrates, three of them were built in 1340, 1469 and 1510, a large prayer area, religious and non-religious schools and is famous for its breathtakingly beautiful marble central court it was at the center of the French opposition against the French forces in the late half of the 18th century because Al-Azhar mosque is more than a house of worship or education, it is symbol for enlightenment and righteousness. If you are already in Cairo and prefer to visit this landmark, then you have to check our Cairo day tours and choose your trip that's accompanied by a private Egyptologist tour guide.
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Egyptian Mythology Creation - Egypt Tours Portal

Egyptian Mythology Creation Story

Egyptian Mythology Creation Story Before the invention of time, the universe was full of endless dark waters and swirling chaos. In the darkness was a primordial hill Known as the ben-ben on which rose a great god Ra (Atum) who felt lonely and decided to create life using his magic known as Heka. He gave life to two children Shu (god of air) and Tefnut (goddess of moisture), they rapidly began creating the principles of life and order. They began building the world, while leaving their father Ra on the Ben-Ben in the middle of chaos and sadness so he sent his eyes in search for them and when they returned with his eyes, in a moment of absolute happiness, he shed tears of joy that fertilized the earth of the Ben-Ben and gave birth to men and women. After the creation of humans, Shu and Tefnut created Geb (the earth) and Nut (the sky). Despite Geb and nut being brother and sister, they fell in love which angered Ra so he ordered Shu to separate them for eternity but it was too late as Nut was pregnant with Geb’s children. In anger, Ra ordered Nut not to give birth in any month of any year so the god of knowledge "Thoth" gambled the moon and was able to add five extra days to the official calendar of 360 days where Nut was able to give birth to Osiris, Isis, Set, Nephthys, and Horus the elder. Osiris shown himself to be a judicious and thoughtful god was given the rule of the world. In the end, Ra will wipe the world out and return to the primeval, everything will be gone except for Osiris. There is a possibility for a new creation to replace the old world. Explore the beautiful nature and history of Egypt by visiting our breathtaking temples and tombs of ancient Egyptian gods and goddess, check our Egypt tour packages or Egypt Nile cruises and enjoy an unforgettable journey to the land of pharaohs.
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Information About King Akhenaten | Ancient Egypt History | Egypt Tours Portal

King Akhenaten

Who is King Akhenaten? King Akhenaten one of the kings in the 18th dynasty who ruled ancient Egypt from(1353 B.C-1336 B.C), his name meaning “Living spirit of Aten”, he’s also known as Amenophis IV, Akhenaton, Ikhnaton, and Khuenaten. He ruled Egypt after his father Pharaohs Amenophis III death at the end of his 38-year reign, he was the second son of Amenophis III and his wife Queen Tiyee, Akhenaten wasn’t preparing to be a successor king until the death of his older brother Thutmos. King Akhenaten’s Life King Akhenaten was known as Heretic king, he unified the old gods in only one god Aton (sun disk), he left his capital Thebes that supports Amun to his new city that’s made it his new capital Horizon of Aton in Modern Armarna and he order to cut the name of Amun from his temples in all of Egypt, he was ruled an empire that dominate Palestine, Phoenicia, and Nubia, he was busy with his new religious, interested in a poetry for his new god and ignored his empire and as a result, he lost some of it in Asia. He was married to Queen Nefertiti who helped him with his new religious they considered themselves to be in-between god and people, and he had many children most famous of them was Smenkhkare, Ankhesenpaaten who were Tutankhamun wife and Tutankhaten. When Did King Akhenaten Died? He died in 1336 B.C  in his new city in the tomb of Merya II. After his death, they clear his city and all people left the city of Thebes and return to the ancient again and to Amun. The statue of King Akhenaten located in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Egypt has a great civilization and environment suitable for discovery which makes it one of the famous tourism countries around the world. So if you desire to cast your eyes on beauty and greatness in Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan then you can check our best Egypt tour packages or Luxury Nile cruises and book your favorite tour.
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Al-Rifai Mosque - Cairo Tourist Attractions - Egypt Tours Portal

Al Rifai Mosque

Overview About Al-Rifai Mosque Al-Rifai mosque is one of the most majestic constructions in Egypt. It’s located in "Midan al-Qal’a" in Cairo next to the Cairo Citadel and opposite the Mosque of Sultan Hassan. It’s Known in English as the Royal Mosque as the mosque was constructed by an order from Queen Khushyar Hanim, the mother of Khedive Isma’il Pasha in 1869 A.D, to replace the zawiya of al-Rifa’I (small mosque) with massive mosque resembling the mosque of Sultan Hassan in magnitude and height. It was designed to become a prayer house and a mausoleum for the royal family(The Descents of Mohammad Ali). The mosque was built on a 6,500 square meters and began construction in 1868, but it stopped from 1880 to 1905 until khedive Abbas Hilmi II resumed the work once again in 1905, So he entrusted Max Herz Bey, the Hungarian architect in charge of the Committee for the Conservation of Arab Monuments in Cairo, to complete the construction of the mosque. Herz was aided by the Italian architect Carlo Virgilio Silvagni and advised by 'Ali Pasha Mubarak, the Minister of Public Works under Khedive Isma'il, And as a result for this impressive collaboration, The mosque was completed in 1912. The mosque can't be missed during your Egypt tour packages. The Components of Al-Rifai Mosque The mosque consists of two sections, the first section is the house of worship which consists of the Quibla iwan which was designed based on a bazilican style and contains three Riwaqs circled by four marble piers supporting the pointed arches while the ceiling was made from golden colored wood decorations. The Mihrab used to be cased with a colored marble and golden stalactites and is located in the center in the Qibla wall, as, for the Minbar, it was made of wood and decorated with ebony and ivory and located in the right side of the mihrab. The second section is the tombs of the royal family as the mosque holds three domes the tombs of  Khedive Ismail, his mother, his wives, and his sons and daughters. The mosque also holds the remains of Ismail, King Fouad, Farouk (the last King of Egypt), and the last Shah of Iran, who was married to one of Farouk’s sisters, the mosque also contains two mausoleums for Sheik Yehia Al-Ansary and Ali Abu-Shebak. The outer side of the Mosque is decorated with two beautiful minarets on both sides of the main entrance. If you are in Cairo and prefer to visit this amazing attraction, then you can check our Cairo day tours and book your amazing trip.
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Information About Kom Ombo Temple | Egypt Tours Portal

Kom Ombo Temple

Where is Kom Ombo Temple Located? Kom Ombo temple or temple of Sobek and Horus means “The Hill of Gold” in ancient Egypt. The temple is located about 48Km north of Aswan and 168Km south of Luxor, at the ancient city of Per Sobek. Kom Ombo temple is an unusual temple in Egypt because it’s a double temple that belongs to Sobek the crocodile god, and Horus the falcon-headed god. Each temple has its own entrance, hypostyle halls, and two courts. When was the Temple Built? The construction of the temple started during the Greco Roman era, in the Ptolemaic period between 332BC and 395AD. The oldest temple dates back to 18th dynasty of the New Kingdom during the period of King Tuthmosis III .the recent temple is in the period of King Ptolemy Vtook many years to build and many Kings added many works in the complex. What is the Temple Consists of? There is the main court that consists of two rows of columns, each row is filled with 8 painted columns, The court features a central granite altar where the sacred barque would rest during festival processions. There are two Hypostyle Hall in the first ten columns on the shape of lotus in 3 rows, columns are decorated to represent the Pharaoh paying his duty to the gods. In the second Hypostyle Hall or The Hall of Offering, there are five columns incorporated in the front wall decorated to depict the Ptolemy VIII and Ptolemy XII before Nile gods. There are two Sanctuaries, one for God “Sobek” god of crocodile and other for“Horus” the falcon-headed god. There are many mummified crocodiles have been found in cemeteries. Egypt has a great civilization to discover, so you can explore Egypt and visit the most famous historical landmarks such as Kom Ombo temple on board luxury Nile cruise or book one of our incredible Egypt luxury tours.
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Information About The Great Sphinx | Ancient Egypt | Egypt Tours Portal

The Great Sphinx

The Great Sphinx:- The Great Sphinx located at Giza Pyramids complex. It's a huge creature with the head of a human and body of a lion, it's the first truly colossal royal sculpture in Egypt, It was carved around 2500 BC. It was built by the 4th Dynasty King Chephren (2558-2532 BCE), who also built the second great pyramid, he built it to guard and serve the cult of the dead king and the sun god, Re, consisting of a pyramid, and the valley temple. The great Sphinx is 241 feet long, 20 feet wide, and 66 feet high. The eyes on the face are 6 feet tall, the ears over three feet tall, and the nose would have been nearly 5 feet long before it was knocked off. Its nose was knocked off by the Turks in the Turkish period, another assumption that the nose was shot off by Napoleon's men. the body of the Sphinx has been restored several times over the past several thousand years. The Great Sphinx amazing archaeological sites to visit, so if you prefer to visit it and discover the other historical attractions in Egypt in one trip, you can check our best Egypt tour packages and choose your trip to Egypt.
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Information About Khan El Khalili Bazaar | Egypt Tours Portal

Khan El Khalili Bazaar

Khan El Khalili Bazaar:- Khan El Khalili represents old Cairo, its skinny lanes are basically a medieval-style mall, it still one of the most colorful and fun places in Cairo. It’s perfect for spending an evening and stocking up on gifts for the family back home. Khan El Khalili was built by the amirJaharkas al-Khalili. Khan El Khalili was considered as a stock from everything from soap powder to semi-precious stones, Cairo citizens have plied their trades here since it was built in the 14th century, this market is a thriving center of commerce. Shops at Khan EL Khalili typically sell souvenirs, antiques, and jewelry. There are several coffeehouses serving Arabic coffee and usually offering shisha. Fishawi’s is one of the oldest and most famous as it was established in 1773. It’s located west of Midan El Hussien, the square that stretches between the two great mosques of Hussein and Al-Azhar. Khan el-Khalili is one of the oldest bazaars in the Middle East, where a lot of tourists dream of visiting it, so if you are already in Cairo and want to visit Khan EL Khalili, then you can check our Cairo private tours. Or if you are not in Egypt you can check also our Egypt private tour packages and choose your journey to Egypt and visit Khan El Khalili.
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