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Egypt Tours 2019 – Nile Cruises 2019

Open the door to ruins of the ancient civilizations and spend fabulous vacations among the Pharaohs’ remnants. And as we always seek for your joy, “Egypt Tours 2019” offer an extraordinary variety of Egypt tours 2019 to cover all the ultimate historical attractions in Egypt, and also Nile Cruises 2019 provides incredible chances to admire the glorious treasures of the Nile Valley on board the magical Nile River. Our trips are planned to suit all types of  Egypt visitors; large groups, small groups, holidays with the family, and also for couples in Honeymoon. “Egypt Holidays 2019” is your passport to relaxation and opulence. We can arrange

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Information About Sharm El Sheikh | Egypt Tours Portal

Sharm El Sheikh

Where is Sharm El Sheikh? Sharm El Sheikh is a well-known resort in the Sinai Peninsula in the South Sinai Government, on the coast of the red sea, the meeting point of the el Aqaba and Suez Gulf. it’s one of the most beautiful places in Egypt and the world, Known for its pure and calm water, amazing nature beaches, and a wonderful climate around the year, warm and dry in winter and hot in summer. it is one of the finest diving places in the world because the beautiful coral reef and rare colorful fish exists in huge Quantity. The Most Famous Resorts in Sharm El Sheikh Sharm El Sheikh has many breathtaking attractions as a part of their trip to enjoy one of the most beautiful places in the world like: Ras Mohammed Ras Mohammed National Park has glorious shores for snorkeling, Mangrove forest and saltwater lake which makes it the ideal destination. There areNaama Bay which famous for its white sand and swaying palm trees. Nabq Protectorate Which is considered one of the most important protect wilderness sites in Egypt with a massive number of birds and endemic gazelles and ibexes and a beautiful coastal desert landscape and home to the northerly mangrove forest. Dahab Which holds majestic resort and many restaurants, cafes and shopping districts, its ideal for snorkeling and diving. The Blue Hole One of most beautiful places on earth, Known for its abundance of coral and reef fish and a haven for all the divers of the world because of its depth of over ( 100 m) and lack of current. Ras Um Sid It’s one of the best beaches in Sharm which anyone can enjoy snorkeling along the shore. Shark’s Bay Which is famous for its five-star resorts and hotels and the home to the Soho Square Centre. There are many of the famous locations for diving in Sharm like Jolanda reef, Jackson Reef, Gardens and Thomas Reef and many other resorts. If you are in Sharm El Sheikh and prefer to enjoy other wonderful activities, then you can visit our Sharm El Sheikh excursions and choose the most suitable trip for you.
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The Temple of Queen Nefertari | Information About Queen Nefertari

Queen Nefertari

Who is Queen Nefertari? Queen Nefertari is one of the greatest Egyptian Queens, she was a member of 19th dynasty in the New Kingdom, and the Queen of the great Pharaoh Ramses II. She was the favorite Queen of the King and his first wife, he married her before he set in the thorns of Egypt, she was not a king daughter but she was noble-woman, the king married her while she was 13 years old and he was 15 years old, Nefertari is mean the beautiful companion believed of Mut. Ramses has around 200 children but only six children from Nefertari, four sons Amun-her-Khepeshef, Pareherwenemef, Meriatum, and Meryre. And two daughters Meritamen and Henuttawy. The Best Titles of the Queen Nefertari Queen Nefertari has many titles like Sweet of Love, Bride of God, Lady of the Two Lands, King’s great wife and God’s wife. Ramses II show his love to Nefertari by building her temple in Abu Simbel Temples, It was the smallest one and shows a great statue for his wife and the children and many monuments of her and poetry were found in her tomb, you can witness this majestic monument during a Nile cruise between Luxor and Aswan. When did Queen Nefertari Died? She died in 1256 B.C at an age around between 40 and 50 years old. Ramses II built her the most beautiful and largest tomb in The Valley of The Queens, the tomb was decorated in beautiful colors and well-preserved wall paintings. Egypt has a great civilization and amazing archaeological sites if you prefer to discover it you can explore our best Egypt tour packages and book the most suitable journey for you.
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Family Trip to Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

How to Plan A Family Trip To Egypt

The Best Way to Enjoy and Plan A Family Trip to Egypt Many parents, especially those who are always very keen on travel and exploration, tend to instill the sense of travel addiction in their young children at a very early age and they already start to plan for blissful trips and adventures, accompanied by their little kids to support their attitudes and feelings towards travel. Egypt tour packages is an ideal option for a family trip to Egypt where many children step back in time and imagine as if they live in the pharaohs’ era, once they visit the best historical sightseeing in Egypt. Regardless of their interests; impress the ancient heritage, board the Nile River, or brisk on the Red Sea, your children have the possibility to reach the maximum pleasure. Be always trustful that Egypt family tours are a phenomenal experience that suits your child’s needs and both young and old will enjoy it a lot.  How Important is Traveling with Children in Egypt? Children at young ages often need to promote their awareness and broaden their knowledge about the outside world, so parents have to make their kids interact with a foreign milieu, new people with different language, peculiar clothes, and strange culture and traditions. As travel forms the child’s personality, Egypt family vacations encourage children for a luxury experience and provide parents with safe adventures. In Egypt, for example, your children have the ability to make acquaintance with the Egyptian culture and its reflection on people’s customs and attitudes and how this culture contributed to erect such the Pharaonic Civilization. Open your children’s eyes on the most ancient sights in Egypt which contain millions of precious treasures of 7000 years ago, giving them the chance to imagine the pharaohs’ periods as they watch an animated or cartoon film. A family trip to Egypt is the best way for kids to deal with the Egyptian people, be in touch with them, try their food, observe their simple houses, and recognize their lifestyle. Also, many ripping activities in Egypt are available for your whole family; old and young alike. Procedures Must be Considered It’s really necessary for parents to arrange very well for their tours and must keep their customized trip itineraries in mind to meet the requirements of their young. It’s also a must to explore the conditions of the country you wish to visit and its seasonal climate for the sake of your child’s security before you depart your country. For instance, if your child suffers from allergic or any of diseases related to hot dry weather, you can’t book Egypt tours in summer and it’s preferable to postpone your visit to Egypt to winter months when it becomes cool and humid. Parents also must be sure that their children will spend a long time under the sunlight while touring Egypt tourist attractions, your children are affected badly if they can’t adapt to the extreme heat of the sun. Another point must be regarded when a family trip to Egypt is how to look after the child’s health and how to protect them from the widespread infectious viruses. Accordingly, Parents have a great rule to take all medical prevention measures, and all family members, particularly the kids have to be safely vaccinated against diseases and germs. Best Remarkable Sightseeing in Egypt Make Egypt your gateway to the ancient world and discover the most well known monumental sites in the land of pharaohs. Impress the pharaonic miracles in Giza Pyramids and the Great Sphinx, be a faithful witness to King Tutankhamun collection and many thousands of elegant artifacts in the Egyptian Museum. Scout Egypt Islamic history in the immune fortress of Salah El Din Citadel and its escorted Mohammed Ali Mosque. Go back in time again in Luxor and Aswan were the ancestors largely settled down on the banks of the Nile and constructed over two-thirds of their glory. Here are the gorgeous tombs that included hundreds of mummies, jewelry, and priceless objects that belong to the venerable kings, Queens, and priests. Also, have lifetime memories in the majestic temples which had witnessed the religious ceremonies of the pharaohs and their ennoblement to their deities. Immerse in the splendid Nile River between Luxor and Aswan on board luxury Egypt Nile cruises to admire the sublime landscapes of the Nile Valley. Another suggestion you can try during your stay in Egypt is brisk on the Red Sea shores, and doing many water sports. Available Activities for Children in Egypt Regardless of visiting the ancient sightseeing, many other recommendations are valid for your children to try in Egypt. At first, they can go on shopping tours in Old Cairo districts and have a stroll through the small markets and kiosks to buy some presents and souvenirs. This experience will make the everlasting amazing reflection on all the family members. Have a bit of adventure and try some of the healthy Egyptian dishes at local restaurants with your family. On the sandy coasts of the Red Sea, it's advisable to experience some water activities, having the ability to snorkel and dive safely under the sea surface with your professional instructor and live in the world of fantasy with the colorful fish, sea turtles and many of the unfamiliar aquatic creatures which ramble among the marvelous coral reefs. One additional activity is to conquer the desert on safari trips by quads in a safe promenade with the family and record timeless memories. Offered Safe Services Egypt family tours provide all means of security for you and your family during your stay in Egypt 5* luxury hotels for accommodation with the most luxurious service ever in all Egypt historical destinations are equipped with highly qualified security staff. In order for more comfort, we have to offer air-conditioned secure vehicles with professional sincere drivers while touring best of Egypt. Another advantage for a family trip to Egypt is our expert Egyptologist tour guides that accompanied you and your family all the time from your arrival till your departure.
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Information About Salah El Din Citadel | Ancient Egypt | Egypt Tours Portal

Salah El Din Citadel

Where is Salah El Din Citadel Located? Salah El Din Citadel one of the oldest monuments in Egypt, is located in the city of old Cairo. it was built on the highest mountain called Mount Mokattam. It’s considered to be one of Cairo’s main attractions, where many tourists from around the world come to explore the history of this majestic place. When Was The Castle Built? The Citadel of the Mountain or Salah el din citadel was built by "Saladin El Ayouby" during the end of the 12th century between 1176 and 1183 CE. It was built to be a fortress against the Crusaders, Saladin is recorded as saying, “With a wall, I will make the two [Cities of Cairo and Fustat] into a unique whole”, it was home to Egypt’s rulers for 700 years. The centerpiece of the wall was Built on a promontory beneath the Muqattam Hills to make it impossible to attack. Muhammad Ali Pasha added a lot of new structures such as Muhammad Ali mosque, four palaces, a hall of justice, an arsenal, a mint, a powder house, a huge terrace, numerous bars for the troops, and established new entrance routes. The Contents of the Castle of Saladin El Ayubi Towers Al-Muqattam Tower, Al-Saffa Tower, Al-Alwa Tower, Kerkilan Tower, Tower Al Tarfa, Al-Mablat Tower, Al-Maquser Tower, Al-Amam Tower, Al-Qarafa Tower, Al-Ramlah Tower, Haddad Tower, Desert Tower. Museums Police Museum and Military Museum. Mosques Mosque of Mohammed Ali – Masjid al-NasirQaloun – Mosque of Sulaiman Pasha – Mosque of Ahmed Ktkhda. Palaces Palace of the jewel – Palace of the Haram – Palace Albblq – Saraya justice. Doors Baba Mokattam – the door of the middle – the new door – the door of the castle. Salah El Din Citadel one of the most important monuments in Cairo, if you want to explore it and other historical landmarks, then you can check our Egypt private tour packages and choose your trip to Egypt, or if you are already in Cairo, then check our Cairo day tours and visit Cairo landmarks.
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Information About The Great Pyramid | Ancient Egypt Civilization

The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid of King Khufu The Great Pyramid is the most famous and theorized structure in history, which has been built by King Khufu {Keops} who ruled Egypt during the 4th dynasty of old kingdom in 2560 B.C. This massive monument took about 20 years to complete and it was a part of a royal mortuary complex that also included a temple at its base and a long stone causeway leading to the burial chamber of the king which is very important to see during your Egypt tours to Pyramids, it has the Pharaoh’s Granite Sarcophagus and used to have all the necessary goods for a fruitful journey to the afterlife. The Great Pyramid has about 2 millions 300,000 blocks of stone, each one is about 2.5 tons, there is a theory suggest that it took 20,000 fairly paid workers over the course of 20 to built it.you can learn more about the ancient Egyptian ingenuity and strength when you visit Egypt. The shape of the pyramid was a solar reference, perhaps intended as a solidified version of the rays of the sun and King Khufu believed that his Pyramid can be stairs towards the sky where it can sure lead him to immortality. The Great Pyramid was faced in the gleaming white limestone, which gave the Pyramid a spectacular appearance in the Egyptian desert. It was 481 feet high before losing its peak and now it’s about 456 feet and covers 13.1 acres. King Khufu gave Egypt the Great Pyramid of Giza to be the defining symbol of Egypt. Check our Egypt tour packages if you prefer to discover this historical monument and many other ancient Egyptian attractions.
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History of King Menes {Narmer} | Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs | Egypt Tours Portal

King Menes {Narmer}

Who is King Menes? Involve yourself into The Ancient Egyptian History by recognizing "King Menes",  the founder of the 1st dynasty of old kingdom in ancient Egyptian time in 3150 B.C. Egypt During the Era of King Menes: Before that period Egypt was divided into 2 kingdoms of Upper Egypt in the South and Lower Egypt in the north, and there was a crowned king for each part and a series of wars between them, until "king Menes" defeated the king of upper Egypt and crowned himself as a king of two lands upper and lower Egypt. After the unification of both lands, "King Narmer" Changed the capital of Egypt to be in Abydos. What is Narmer Palettes? "King Menes" commemorating the victory of upper Egypt over lower Egypt in his famous pallet which called Narmer Palette it is made out of shiest and discovered from Hyracnopolice {El Kom El Ahmar } it is about 22 Km East of Cairo. This palette has been transferred to The Egyptian Museum in Cairo so start your trip to Egypt by visiting the museum and watching the palette. What is King Narmer's Palette Consists of? Narmer Palette is consisting of two sides recto and verso on both sides we can see the name of king Narmer had written in a small square as "Ne3Rmer", the name is protecting from either side by the famous face of the Cow Hathor the deity of love, harmony, and motherhood with tow eh In the first register we can see King Narmer standing in profile with his left leg in advance it's a military march or a step towards immortality's king is one of his  Behind the king is one of his servant bearing the king's shows and a pot of water and also we can see two rows of enemas showing headless figures and their heads are between their legs. On the other side, we can see two long-necked animals forming a circle between each other and two of the king's soldiers are pulling there neck away from each other those animals are representing upper and lower Egypt and the king is trying to prevent the conflict between them. In the bottom, we can see bull which representing the conquering King Narmer kicking with his horn one of the fortress and one of his enemy is running under that bull. It's very important to see this palette during your trip to Egypt, it's the first masterpiece of the Egyptian Museum. Works of King Menes? When Egypt was unified, king Narmer instituted religious practices formalized beliefs, his reign was so prosperous he ruled for about 26 years. "King Narmer" cared so much about hobbies and develop it like carving, sculpting, and sports. It's important to mention that Egypt flourished a lot under his reign. Where is Tomb of King Menes Founded? His tomb is found at Um Qa'ab nearby Abydos in upper Egypt it is consisting of two joined champers it's built out of mud break. To discover more about Egyptian Pharaohs, visit Egypt "The Cradle of Human Civilization" book your Egypt tour packages and witness the most historical landmarks in Egypt, embark on a luxury Nile cruise between Luxor and Aswan.
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Information About Alexandria Library | Egypt Tours Portal

Alexandria Library

Alexandria Library Facts Alexandria Library is one of the largest and most famous libraries in the world, it was the cultural center located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, it contained most books and works of the great writers and thinkers in the world like Plato, Homer, Herodotus, and Socrates in ancient times. The new library is located on the Eastern Harbor on or near the site of the original. It contains Six specialized libraries for arts and multimedia, Taha Hussein for the visually-impaired and more other libraries. A copy of the internet archive, four Museum, thirteen academic research centers and four art galleries for temporary exhibitions. It contains 400,000 to 700,000 parchment scrolls. The construction began in the period of Alexander the Great and some believe that was built by Ptolemy II at the beginning of the 3rd century B.C in (285B.C – 247B.C). It was the first public governmental library in the ancient world and it was public for everyone not only Priests like ancient Egyptian. The library merges the culture and science of both Pharaonic and Greco civilization, every thinker or writer was giving copies of all their works in the library for safekeeping and it contains all ancient Papyrus rolls from the Egyptian temples. The great library exposure to the huge fire around 2000 years ago in 48 BC leads to the destruction this great edifice and the loss of all of its contents of imaginations of poets, historians, travelers, and scholars. In 2002 Egypt reconstructed the Great library with help of the United Nations. Alexandria Library, one of Alexandria amazing tourist attractions waiting for you, if you want to visit Egypt and discover ancient Egyptian monuments, then you can check our Egypt tour packages and choose your trip.
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Information About Alexandria City | Egypt Civilization | Egypt Tours Portal


Where is Alexandria Located? Alexandria is a second big city in Egypt after Cairo, it’s one of the largest cities in the Mediterranean world. It was the ancient capital of Egypt in the past, located in the north of Egypt along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea by 32Km. Alexandria one of the most beautiful cities in Egypt, it’s a principle seaport, major industrial center and a popular tourist attraction in Egypt. How was Alexandria founded? Alexandria was founded by Alexander The Great in 331 BCE when he comes to Egypt, while his visit to Amun Temple in Siwa, he stopped at magical village called Racotis where he built his new city Alexandria to be the link between Greece and Egypt, it became intellectual and cultural center for the ancient world due to the great library was the first research institute in history, it contained more than 700,000 papyrus scrolls. What is Alexandria Famous for? Alexandria famous for its beautiful climate and it’s fantastic beaches on the Mediterranean Sea. The Famous Landmarks in Alexandria Lighthouse of Alexandria is considered one of the seven wonders of ancient Egypt. Qaitbay Citadel is located in the same place of the Alexandria Lighthouse to protect Egypt from Ottoman’s attacks that threatened all of the Arabic areas. Pompei’s Pillar is considered one of the highest memorial in the world. Greco-Roman Museum presents many of the monuments that date back to the Ptolemaic and Greek dynasty. Alexandria catacombs or Kom EL Shoqafashows the fusion between the cultures of ancient Egypt and ancient Greek. The Roman Amphitheatre is considered a rare artifact as there is only one of its kind located in Egypt. Many places in Alexandria like Montazah Gardens, the National Museum of Alexandria. Alexandria Library one of the most important places in Alexandria, which is considered to be one of the largest libraries in the world that contains more than 8 million books. Alexandria is a very beautiful city where a lot of tourists make a must-see destination during their trip to Egypt. So if you prefer to explore Alexandria and other historical monuments in Egypt, then you can choose one of our best Egypt tour packages and book your trip.
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