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How to Save Money While Traveling to Egypt

Discover 10 proven ways to save money while traveling in Egypt, from affordable accommodation to local cuisine, transportation, and seasonal planning. Explore Egypt's rich culture on a budget.

How to Save Money While Traveling to Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal


  • Save on accommodation by choosing from a range of hotel options, from 3* to 5*, and consider hostels. Booking through platforms like booking.com or a travel agency can offer cost-saving packages.
  • Explore cost-effective and valuable attractions in Egypt, such as Cairo, Giza, Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria, and coastal cities like Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh for beach and water activities.
  • Enjoy affordable local and street food to save money on meals, and ensure food quality when dining at local restaurants and cafés.
  • Utilize public transportation for city travel and consider options like sleeper trains and flights for intercity journeys. Travel agencies can provide transportation solutions.
  • Shop for souvenirs at affordable prices, especially at places like Khan El-Khalili Bazaar, where bargaining can help secure good deals.
  • Consider visiting Egypt in the off-season (May to October) for lower prices, fewer crowds, and more relaxed sightseeing experiences.

Whenever you decide to come to visit Egypt and whatever the destinations you intend to visit, you will definitely try your best to do what you can to save as much money as you can since you may spend a fortune while being in Egypt if you are not planning a specific tour or if you don’t have a specific budget to stick with.

Whatever the currency you are holding like USD, AUD, EGP, GBP, CAD, or any other currency, with our tips and recommendations below, you will be able to enjoy a really terrific vacation in Egypt without getting over your budget. Here is the way to save money in Egypt:

1. Book Affordable Accommodation in Egypt

How to Save Money While Traveling to Egypt
Hotels in Hurghada - How to Save Money While Traveling to Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

Before booking any tours in Egypt and before arranging any domestic flights, you need first to know that there are so many hotels all over Egypt that range from 3* hotels to the highest luxurious 5* ones and you need to make sure that you know the exact amount of money you want to spend for your accommodation, on other words, you need to determine how important is the place where you will spend your nights and would you like to spend a lot for just sleeping and having the breakfast meal rather than touring and enjoying the whole day!

There are also so many hostels all around in the Egyptian cities that offer cheap accommodation but they don’t include the same facilities & amenities as the 4* or the 5* hotels. Checking booking.com is always helpful when it comes to getting the best hotel rates and if you are booking with us, we will offer you an incomparable price for your full tour package including the hotels & flights in order to save lots of money and enjoy a remarkable vacation without worrying about anything.

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Regarding accommodation, there is also the option of being accommodated on a Nile River Cruise and this is the most favorable type of tour any guest to Egypt love to try since you will be able to sail the amazing Nile River "The Longest River in the World" and the one that holds inside so many secrets and mysteries beside visiting the incredible attractions in Upper Egypt including those in the beautiful cities of Luxor & Aswan.

There are also so many types of Nile River cruises with different categories and when it comes to saving money while booking the accommodation on the board a Nile River Cruise, you need to go for the standard 5* deluxe Nile River cruises that offer satisfactory services on board and at the same time, you won’t spend a great amount of money like what will spend with the luxury option.

2. Explore Inexpensive & Valuable Attractions in Egypt

How to Save Money While Traveling to Egypt
Giza Pyramids - How to Save Money While Traveling to Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

The tourist attractions that are located in Egypt are uncountable and you need to have a specific travel plan to go for before arriving in Egypt as without having something similar to it, you will miss lots of amazing sightseeing and you may waste your time and money in the destinations that don’t even worth it.

Booking your vacation in Egypt with an experienced travel agency is as important as knowing exactly the main places to visit and the most notable attractions in Egypt that have a lower cost and allow you to understand a lot about the great history of Egypt.

To minimize the options, the best historical Egyptian cities to visit are Cairo, Giza, Luxor, Aswan, and Alexandria, and regarding the recreational destinations that allow you to enjoy the beach and the best water activities, there are Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh, El Gouna, and Marsa Alam. Each one of those cities has a unique taste and special things that make visiting them a dream for any traveler so you need to concentrate on including only the major highlights of them and cover as many sites as you can in order not to miss any of them.

3. Experience An Egyptian Local Food at Low Costs

How to Save Money While Traveling to Egypt
Felfela Restaurant in Cairo - How to Save Money While Traveling to Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

The best thing you need to do in order to save as much money as you can regarding having your food in Egypt is to try the local food & the street food that represent the most traditional meals prepared in Egypt and they are really cheap so you will be able to try lots of dishes and pay little money.

There are local restaurants & cafés on nearly every street in Cairo, Egypt which offer oriental and Western food at reasonable prices and you won’t need to go to fantasy places to enjoy your meals. In order to get a full experience in Egypt, try to taste the traditional Egyptian meals that include different ingredients and spices to know more about Egypt and enjoy a lot with the ones whom you love. The main thing to keep in mind is that you need to check the quality of the food offered in those restaurants to guarantee that everything is clean and tasty.

4. Choosing the Public Transportation

How to Save Money While Traveling to Egypt
Train Transportation in Egypt - How to Save Money While Traveling to Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

Egypt is a very big country that has tens of available vehicles for transportation in each city, town, village, and between the main highlighted cities. If you aren’t traveling with a travel agency, you can contact Uber to have transfers within the city and if you want to be transferred between large cities like Cairo, Aswan, and Luxor, you can take the sleeper train from Cairo to either of those cities whereas, you can definitely take the flight option that is more expensive but faster and more convenient.

Taking the local trains between Luxor & Aswan is with no doubt the best and the most budgeted option to be transferred between the two cities and in case you want to head from Cairo to Hurghada or the opposite, you will have two recommended options; either to take the direct flight between the two cities or to be transferred in a private car and both options are suitable and allow you to explore the internal beauty of Egypt. Unlock Egypt's treasures effortlessly with Egypt Tours Portal's top-tier transportation solutions. Our Egypt transportation services make exploring this captivating country a breeze. Your gateway to extraordinary Egyptian adventures begins with our transportation services.

5. Buy Fewer Souvenirs At Reasonable Prices

How to Save Money While Traveling to Egypt
Khan El Khalili Bazaar - How to Save Money While Traveling to Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

Egypt has the biggest and the most interesting shopping centers and destinations where all items can be found at really affordable costs and in high quality in comparison to their prices anywhere else and when it comes to the most famous bazaar in Egypt, we must mention the fascinating Khan El-Khalili Bazaar that contains nearly all of what someone may want to buy including traditional Egyptian clothes, cosmetics, accessories, artifacts, traditional souvenirs, spices, shoes, personal items, food, and lots of other magnificent things that can be bought in really cheap prices especially if you have the skills of negotiation and bargaining as that way, it is guaranteed that you will be able to get a really good price for the items you are going to buy.

6. Exchange Your Money Right Upon Your Arrival

How to Save Money While Traveling to Egypt
Egyptian Coins and Paper Money - How to Save Money While Traveling to Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

When planning your trip to Egypt, it's a good idea to consider how you'll handle currency exchange. You can exchange some of your home currency for Egyptian Pounds (EGP) before your departure, which can be convenient for covering initial expenses upon your arrival. However, if you want to maximize your exchange rate, it's advisable to wait until you reach Cairo Airport.

Cairo Airport offers a reliable and convenient option for currency exchange, allowing you to convert your money into EGP at the prevailing exchange rate of the day. This is often a favorable choice because airport exchange services are competitive and ensure you get a rate that is closer to the interbank rate, giving you more value for your money.

Having some Egyptian Pounds on hand while in Egypt is highly recommended. You'll find it useful for various purposes, including making purchases, paying for services, and giving tips. It's especially beneficial to have smaller denominations of EGP for tipping, as it's a common practice in Egypt to show appreciation for small changes. This makes it more convenient to reward excellent service, such as at restaurants, hotels, or during guided tours.

7. Opt for Off-Season to Visit Egypt

How to Save Money While Traveling to Egypt
Colossi of Memnon - How to Save Money While Traveling to Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

Traveling to Egypt in the off-season between May and October can be a very money-saving and highly relaxing experience because of the fewer crowds which can lead to low prices across all the Accommodation, hotels, flights, Nile cruises, and tour packages. All the popular tourist attractions will be completely relaxing and incredibly empty with just a few travelers.

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Because of the low crowds, all the tourists will get to enjoy a number of popular tourist attractions which are the pyramids, Luxor temples, and museums which will provide the chance to take amazing photos at your own pace. All the prices of the souvenirs, transportation, and guided tours will be under negotiated prices. The coastal cities during the off-season like Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh will be the best place to be in the off-season. with fewer tourists, all the travelers will get to enjoy a full and rich cultural experience.

8. Travel With A Group When Visiting Egypt

How to Save Money While Traveling to Egypt
Abu Simbel Temple - How to Save Money While Traveling to Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

Traveling to Egypt with a group can be a life-changing experience which can also be very budget-saving. All the travelers will enjoy reduced costs on all the accommodation, transportation, and even Egypt-guided group tours since all the expenses are shared among all the participants. It is worth mentioning that it is highly safe when you are in a group. Many discounts are offered for all groups which can be highly cost-effective.

The group will get to have a magical quest into Egypt's history and culture with the help of knowledgeable guides. It becomes the ideal manner to make close friends and live a memorable travel experience.

9. Search for Special Travel Deals to Egypt

Search for Special Travel Deals to Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal
Valley of the Kings - How to Save Money While Traveling to Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

It is advised to enjoy a number of marvelous deals and discounts which can be found on a number of different travel websites, hotel booking platforms, and airline websites.

All-inclusive packages which include the finest flights, accommodation, and tours have the most affordable prices when compared to booking everything separately. Discount cards and newsletter subscriptions can be the best way to get the most ideal deals in order to save the best money.

10. Witness the Free Places & attractions in Egypt

How to Save Money While Traveling to Egypt
The Nubian Village - How to Save Money While Traveling to Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

Egypt is filled with a number of marvelous attractions that are open for all at low cost everyone will get to enjoy the most incredible culture, art, and history including Khan el Khalili Bazaar, Nile Corniche, Al Muizz Street, Nubian Village, historical mosques, and many more.

All travelers will get to cast their eyes on a number of Iconic attractions and hidden gems which will uncover a great deal of facts and shed light on the incredibly rich daily life of the Egyptians that mix perfectly with their architecture and cultural wealth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Finest Destinations to Visit in Egypt?

The entire country of Egypt deserve to be explored with its every heavenly detail but there are places that must be seen before any other such as the breathtaking Hurghada's red sea, The wonders of Cairo the pyramids of Giza, the great sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, Khan El Khalili Bazaar, the wonders of Luxor like Valley of the Kings, Karnak & Hatshepsut temple and the wonders of Aswan such as Abu Simbel temples, Philea temple, Unfinished obelisk and The Wonders of Alexandria like Qaitbat Citadel, Pompey's Pillar and Alexandria Library. Read more about the best places to visit in Egypt.

What Are Egypt's Visa Requirements?

If you want to apply for a Visa On Arrival that lasts for 30 days then you should be one of the eligible countries, have a valid passport with at least 6 months remaining and pay 25$ USD in cash, as for the E-Visa for 30 day you should have a valid passport for at least 8 months, complete the online application, pay the e-visa fee then print the e-visa to later be presented to the airport border guard. You could also be one of the lucky ones who can obtain a free visa for 90 days. Read more about Egypt travel visa.

What Is the Top Traditional Egyptian Food?

Egypt has a variety of delicious cuisines but we recommend “Ful & Ta’meya (Fava Beans and Falafel)”, Mulukhiya, “Koshary”, a traditional Egyptian pasta dish, and Kebab & Kofta, the Egyptian traditional meat dish.

What is the Best Time to Visit Egypt?

The best time to travel to Egypt is during the winter from September to April as the climate becomes a little tropical accompanied by a magical atmosphere of warm weather with a winter breeze. You will be notified in the week of your trip if the Climate is unsafe and if any changes have been made.

What to Pack for Your Egypt Tour?

You should pack everything you could ever need in a small bag so you could move easily between your destinations.

Why Book With "Egypt Tours Portal"?

We have been creating the finest vacations for more than 20 years around the most majestic destinations in Egypt. Our staff consists of the best operators, guides and drivers who dedicate all of their time & effort to make you have the perfect vacation. All of our tours are customized by Travel, Financial & Time consultants to fit your every possible need during your vacation. It doesn't go without saying that your safety and comfort are our main priority and all of our resources will be directed to provide the finest atmosphere until you return home.

Is it Safe to Travel to Egypt?

You will feel safe in Egypt as the current atmosphere of the country is quite peaceful after the government took powerful measures like restructuring the entire tourist police to include all the important and tourist attractions in Egypt. Read more about is it safe to travel to Egypt.

What to Wear While in Egypt?

Wear whatever feels right and comfortable. It is advised to wear something light and comfortable footwear like a closed-toe shoe to sustain the terrain of Egypt. Put on sun block during your time in Egypt in the summer to protect yourself from the sun.

What are the Best Activities to Do in Egypt?

The best activity is by far boarding a Nile Cruise between Luxor and Aswan or Vise Versa. Witness the beauty of Egypt from a hot balloon or a plane and try all the delicious Egyptian cuisines and drinks plus shopping in old Cairo. Explore the allure and wonders of the red sea in the magical city resorts of Egypt like Hurghada and many more by diving and snorkeling in the marine life or Hurghada. Behold the mesmerizing western desert by a safari trip under the heavenly Egyptian skies.

What are Egypt Festival and Public Holidays?

There are a lot of public holidays in Egypt too many to count either religious or nation, the most important festivals are the holy month of Ramadan which ends with Eid Al Fitr, Christmas and new years eve. Read more about festivals & publich holidays in Egypt.

What are Special Advice for Foreign Women in Egypt?

Egypt is considered to be one of the most liberal Islamic countries but it has become a little bit conservative in the last couple of decades so it is advised to avoid showing your chest, shoulders or legs below the knees.

What are the Official Languages of Egypt?

Arabic is the official language and Most Egyptians, who live in the cities, speak or understand English or at least some English words or phrases. Fewer Egyptians can speak French, Italian, Spanish, and German. Professional tour guides, who work in the tourism sector, are equipped to handle visitors who cannot speak Arabic and they will speak enough English and other languages to fulfill the needs of all our clients.

What is the Transportation in Egypt?

The fastest way is a car, of course, a taxi. If you are in Cairo ride a white taxi to move faster or you could board the fastest way of transportation in Egypt metro if the roads are in rush hour.

What is the Weather is Like?

The temperature in Egypt ranges from 37c to 14 c. Summer in Egypt is somehow hot but sometimes it becomes cold at night and winter is cool and mild. The average of low temperatures vary from 9.5 °C in the wintertime to 23 °C in the summertime and the average high temperatures vary from 17 °C in the wintertime to 32 °C in the summertime. The temperature is moderate all along the coasts.

What are the Reasons That Make You Visit Egypt?

It is the home of everything a traveler might be looking for from amazing historical sites dating to more than 4000 years to enchanting city resorts & beaches. You will live the vacation you deserve as Egypt has everything you could possibly imagine.

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