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Ancient Egyptian warfare

Egypt is indeed one of the most peaceful civilizations in history as it didn’t know the meaning of words like battle or war for a long time, it didn’t have an actual army until the invasion of the Hyksos during the 15th dynasty. The ancient Egyptians were able to live in harmony for a long period of time was due to the unified society of Egypt and the geographic nature of this ancient country like the Nile which flowed from the south to the north as it was a difficult obstacle to overcome, the Mediterranean sea protecting the northern border and the deserts protecting the other borders of Egypt. The Egyptians had to adapt to their new life as there were threats surrounding Egypt from everywhere and learn from their enemies as they build an army and reinvented it to the highest level and ushered a new age of military glory. Most of the battles in ancient Egyptian history were for the purpose of protecting themselves. And here are the most important battles of ancient Egypt that shape history we know today.

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Battle of Pelusium - Egypt Tours Portal

The Battle of Pelusium

The Battle of Pelusium (The End of the Egyptian Conquests) The battle of Pelusium was between ancient Egypt empire led by "Pharaoh Psametik III" (526-525
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The Battle of Djahy - Egypt Tours Portal

The Battle of Djahy of King Ramses III

The Battle of Djahy (The Battle of the Delta) In ancient Egyptian history, the sea people tried to invade Egypt many times during the reign
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Ramesses II at the Battle of Kadesh / Illustration

The Battle of Kadesh

The Battle of Kadesh "The Greatest Battle in Ancient History" In 1274 BCE, the world witnessed one of the greatest battles in history as it’s
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Battle of Megiddo - Egypt Tours Portal

The Battle of Megiddo

The Battle of Megiddo The battle of Megiddo is the first battle to be recorded in full detail in ancient history, as it was a
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The Hyksos Invasion - Egypt Tours Portal

The Hyksos Invasion

The Hyksos Invasion The Hyksos were a mixed Semitic people from west Asian, a dynasty of Palestinian origin that ruled northern Egypt in the 15th
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Narmer Palette Smiting Side - Egypt Tours Portal

The Unification Battle of Egypt

King Menes and the Unification Battle The unification battle marked the beginning of the early dynastic period which led to the creation of the first
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