Kom Ombo Temple

Kom Ombo Temple

Kom Ombo Temple

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Where is Kom Ombo Temple Located?

Kom Ombo temple or temple of Sobek and Horus means “The Hill of Gold” in ancient Egypt. The temple is located about 48Km north of Aswan and 168Km south of Luxor, at the ancient city of Per Sobek.

Kom Ombo temple is an unusual temple in Egypt because it’s a double temple that belongs to Sobek the crocodile god, and Horus the falcon-headed god. Each temple has its own entrance, hypostyle halls, and two courts.

When was the Temple Built?

The construction of the temple started during the Greco Roman era, in the Ptolemaic period between 332BC and 395AD. The oldest temple dates back to 18th dynasty of the New Kingdom during the period of King Tuthmosis III .the recent temple is in the period of King Ptolemy Vtook many years to build and many Kings added many works in the complex.

What is the Temple Consists of?

There is the main court that consists of two rows of columns, each row is filled with 8 painted columns, The court features a central granite altar where the sacred barque would rest during festival processions.

There are two Hypostyle Hall in the first ten columns on the shape of lotus in 3 rows, columns are decorated to represent the Pharaoh paying his duty to the gods.

In the second Hypostyle Hall or The Hall of Offering, there are five columns incorporated in the front wall decorated to depict the Ptolemy VIII and Ptolemy XII before Nile gods. There are two Sanctuaries, one for God “Sobek” god of crocodile and other for“Horus” the falcon-headed god. There are many mummified crocodiles have been found in cemeteries.

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