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Wadi El-Natrun

Wadi El-Natrun - Egypt Tours Portal

Wadi El-Natrun is a depression that is located around 23m below the sea level & 38m below the Nile River level in the northern part of Egypt and that majestic valley contains salt marshes, natron salt deposits, freshwater marshes, and alkaline lakes. That is not all regarding the amazing El-Natrun Valley as it is one of the three Christian Monastic centers that are located in the Desert of Nitria.

Wadi El-Natrun is known by the name “Scetis” and it is mainly known today with its gorgeous ancient monasteries and the valley around Wadi El-Natrun is called “The Desert of Scetis”. The area of Wadi El-Natrun is best known for the large amounts of fossils which were discovered thereof the pre-historic animals and that attracts tourists from all around the world.

Wadi El-Natrun Geography

Wadi El-Natrun is a name given to a desert valley which is located along El-Tahrir Markaz, west of the Nile Delta around 10 Km west of Sadat City’s entrance on the desert road between Cairo and Alexandria. The deepest point of the valley reaches around 24m below the level of the sea. There are 12 lakes in the village whole color is reddish-blue. The best way to reach it is by a private air-conditioned car provided by “Egypt Tours Portal” travel agency from anywhere you are in Giza or Cairo since the wadi is only 100 Km North West of Cairo.

Wadi El-Natrun Importance

Wadi El-Natrun has been a very important site for the ancient Egyptians as it was providing the ancients with the necessary carbonated sodium that was needed to accomplish their mummification processes because of the great number of salts that could be found in the area in addition to the fact that the Romans used to extract the village for glass. Wadi El-Natrun became a sanctuary for Christianity during the 4th century and the Christians there started to develop the area in a monastic order. The area became well-known for the amazing 10 monasteries that were established there and only four of them managed to survive through those many centuries. The four surviving monasteries are:

  • Anba Bishoy Monastery
  • Baramun Monastery
  • Abu Makar Monastery
  • El-Suryan Monastery

Moreover, El-Natrun Village is on the list of UNESCO under the name “Southern & smaller oases, the Western Desert.

What Can Be Found in Wadi El-Natrun?

There are so many salt lakes in the valley in addition to salt flats that are located in the desert. Among the natural components that can be found in that valley are:

  • 20 lakes in the central part of the Depression including Al-Gaar Lake, Umm Risha Lake, El-Zugm
  • Lake, and Fasida Lake.
  • 2 main Ecosystems are The Gravel Desert & The Salt Marsh Depressions.
  • There are more than 173 vertebrates
  • 117 species of birds
  • 5 Mammals

Enjoy the natural beauty in Egypt and spend your vacation in a real majestic relaxed way by heading to Wadi El-Natrun beside the amazing historical & cultural sites that you will be able to visit with us. Just pick from our vacation packages to Egypt the tour that seems interesting for you and ask our operation team to add a magical day tour for you to Wadi El-Natrun.

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