Within the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, on the ground floor, you will find the Mummified bodies of Egypt’s pharaohs. You will witness the mummies & their enchanting artifacts and sense the ancient glory of some of the biggest and famous names in ancient Egyptian history such as Ramses II, Tutankhamen, and various others. The Egyptian Museum Mummy Room gives everyone a deeper insight into this ritual that lasts for more than two millenniums and a way to be amazed at the ancient Egyptian knowledge and gift in the field of anatomy. New mummies from various time periods of ancient Egyptian history are being discovered every single day.

Mummification in Ancient Egypt

Mummification in Ancient Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal
Mummification in Ancient Egypt – Egypt Tours Portal

The Mummification process was focused on the religious aspect of Egypt. The concept of death is highly regarded in ancient Egypt and for the pharaohs, it was viewed as a way to join the gods. The ancient Egyptians used the mummification process to prepare their dead for the afterlife. The process involved the use of special tools and techniques for several days so all the moisture is removed from the body leaving only a dried corpse, and special priests would treat and wrap the body with a linen cloth and put within his or her grave with selected artifacts and a copy of a book of the dead which held many enchantments and protection spells. The mummies are hard to decay and can be viewed in the Egyptian museum Mummy Room at any time.

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