One of the most remarkable destinations to explore in Egypt is Soma Bay where the greatest example of natural marine beauty and entertaining aquatic activities is present for you at any time of your disposal. Soma Bay is 45 KM south of Hurghada international airport and has an awesome collection of high-class hotels offering a window to witness the most enchanting gathering of marine beauty The number of things you can do in Soma Bay is infinite from simple entertaining pleasures in the city resort to a full out adventure across the red sea or the eastern Sahara.

1. Snorkeling Excursion in Soma Bay

soma bay snorkeling - things to do in soma bay - egypt tours portal

Snorkeling in Soma Bay is like catching a glimpse into the hidden paradise beneath the red sea where some of the rarest sea creatures and colorful vibrant coral reefs will put in a state of amazement due to the level of rich underwater life. the best place for snorkeling in Soma Bay is Giftun as it holds the finest offshore reefs which will make your snorkeling experience truly magical, worthy of remembering forever.

2. Diving Excursion in Soma Bay

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Soma Bay waters are a portal to a new reality consisting of a harmonious ecosystem filled with incredible fishes up to 1200 sea creatures and more than200 types of soft and hard coral reefs. There are a lot of amazing places in Soma Bay where you can enjoy your diving experience to the highest level such as the Abu Soma Garden, Tobia Hamra, Eas Abu Soma, and the orca dive club which will prepare you with the necessary training and preparation for the diving experience.

3. Safari Excursion in Soma Bay

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A safari Excursion in Soma Bay is a legendary opportunity to witness the full wild beauty of the eastern Sahara and explore the secrets of the desert in a magical thrilling manner. You will watch the sun and the stars covering you with a majestic aura of wonder and excitement and enter the home of the Bedouin tribe, taste their delicious cuisines & drinks, and watch all elements that make their culture unique.

4. Shopping Tours in Soma Bay

shopping in soma bay - things to do in soma bay - egypt tours portal

Soma Bay got everything you desire plus some incredible never seen before materials from the home of the ancient Egyptian culture which was created to immortalize the legacy of this everlasting civilization. Soma Bay is filled with a number of shops and a huge market places filled with everything you could ever imagine.

5. Explore Outdoor Activity to Luxor

hatshepsut temple - things to do in soma bay - egypt tours portal

Soma Bay holding a magical pathway to the city of a hundred gates Luxor the city of kings, queens, and celestial begins created for the sole purpose of immortalizing their legacy and massive heritage across a series of colossal monuments such as the beautiful Hatshepsut temple, the portal to the afterlife valley of the kings, the greatest open museum ever created the Karnak temple complex, the enchanting Luxor temple, and many more glorious wonders.

6. Discover What Cairo has to Offer

giza pyramids - things to do in soma bay - egypt tours portal

A Cairo two days tour is what you need to complete your Soma Bay tropical vacation as it truly has a number of historical immortal attraction across more than 4500 years from Pharaonic to Coptic to Islamic like the Giza pyramids complex, the Egyptian museum, the hanging church, the Cairo citadel, the Khan el Khalili bazaar and more. Cairo is the beating heart of Egypt and the center of life and culture so don’t miss it by any chance.

7. Visit Aswan the Nubian City from Soma Bay

nubina village - things to do in soma bay - egypt tours portal

At the end of the southern border of Egypt lies a colorful gem waiting to explore containing an ancient history, tradition, and art forms that have survived since 2000 BC to a group of people who have mastered the art of simplicity in every aspect of their life. In the Nubian village of Aswan is a number of unique colorful drawings, handmade crafts and natural jewelry plus a number of ancient artifacts inside the Nubian Museum.

8. Experience Nile River Cruise in 5 Days from Soma Bay

nile river cruise - things to do in soma bay - egypt tours portal

The beauty of the historical heritage of Egypt is better explored through a mesmerizing 5 days classical Nile River cruise across the two mythical cities of Luxor and Aswan where the finest examples of ancient Egyptian culture and architecture are witnessed like the valley of the kings, Hatshepsut temple, the Karnak temple, Kom Ombo temple, Edfu temple, the Philae temple, the high dam and more. the Nile cruise is like a luxury hotel sailing across paradise offering a chance, not to be miss

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