Soma Bay is able to give full access to the magical red sea which is known for its mystical powers, rich resources, and ancient history that extends to thousands of years ago. Soma Bay is a heavenly tropical destination filled with awesome aquatic activities with every meaning of relaxation and entertainment. Soma Bay is a place of everlasting allure and tranquility created for those who wish to explore some natural marine wonders and create some incredible memories.

Soma Bay Location

Soma Bay is a magical coastal city resort located in Egypt in the eastern desert on the coast of the red sea exactly 45 Km (28mi) south of the International Airport of Hurghada. The access point to Soma Bay is a 7 Km (4.3 mi) private road through a single controlled entry gate. It is 2 km (1.2 mi) in width and 5 Km (4.3 mi) long surrounded by the waters of the red sea from all directions.

The History of Soma Bay

The Soma Bay city resort came into existence in 1991 when the resort was developed by Private Corporation on 10,000,000 m2 (2,500 acres) to become a self-contained community surrounded by the pristine waters of the red sea. A number of high-class hotels were constructed to have an enchanting atmosphere of mild climate offering tropical scenery.

Tourism in Soma Bay

Soma Bay is one of the most incredible destinations to be in across the red sea where the tropical vacation of dreams is at your disposal offering an unforgettable chance to enjoy all the extended sandy beaches, incredible landscapes of amazing desert mountains, Luxury hotel, championship golf courses, aquatic activities center and a leading thalasso-therapy spa which is the largest spa all across the red sea Riviera. It is only four hours away flight from Europe that’s why it became the most visited tropical family fun getaway.

Most Famous Beaches in Soma Bay

Soma Bay is filled with a number of incredible high-class hotels and beach resorts designed to provide the most relaxing accommodation and entertainment such as the Sol Y Paradise beach which holds four mega inner resorts offering everything a traveler can imagine. The incredible Robinson beach club is the place to be for the entire family and the aquatic sports adventurers and enthusiasts. The breakers diving and surfing Lodge beach is a haven for all divers, wind & kite surfers who seeks the ultimate adrenaline rush while catching a glimpse of the hypnotic nature of the red sea.

The Westin Soma Bay beach Golf Resort & Spa is a place for golfers and seekers of relaxation & natural beauty. If you the ultimate luxury and class then La Residence Des Cascades beach resort is where you need to be not only offering the most enchanting panoramic views of the red sea but also the thalassotherapy spa Les Thermes Marins Des Cascades that offering the most tranquil and relaxing experience imaginable.

Best Things to Do in Soma Bay

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Soma Bay was built and design for relaxation and entertainment filled with all the elements need to have an awesome vacation. The main focus of the city resort is aquatic sports such as diving and snorkeling across sixty diving centers within Soma Bay where you can explore the heavenly harmonious underwater marine life of the red sea. you can also enjoy a ton of incredible kite & windsurfing across its waters and live the adventure within the embrace of the red sea.

There is the chance to try your luck and go fishing in the red sea where the most captivating and delicious sea creatures are located. Golf is one of the main sports of Soma Bay as it holds a number of worlds winning golf courses like the cascades. The magical nature of the eastern Sahara is just a few meters away from Soma Bay, home of the Bedouin culture.

Best Time to Visit Soma Bay

The best time to be in Soma Bay is in the winter months from September to April when the entire climate is cooled off at 21 C (70 F) instead of the rest of the year where the weather is at a high temperature of 40 C (104 F). Winter is the ideal season to explore the tropical destination of Egypt and also witness all the heavenly wonders located in Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, and Aswan.

Best Soma Bay Excursions

Every single element of an ideal vacation can be located all around Soma Bay from luxury hotels to golf courses and entertainment centers where the thrills of a lifetime are created. One more reason to explore Soma Bay is the magical diving and snorkeling spots where offer a passage to the divine wonders of the red sea. Soma Bay excursions are a chance to create your own miracle and experience the sensation of genuine happiness.