Valley of the Queen Overview

The Valley of the Queens is the final resting place of some of the most beautiful and powerful Queens, princesses, nobles and other members of the royal family. It is located on the West Bank of Luxor’s Theban Necropolis, in close proximity of Valley of the Kings that you can visit during your Egypt tour packages where it used to be called TA-set-Neferu (The Place of Beauty) during Ancient Times. It has the same poor unimpressive exterior and entrance like the Valley of the Kings for the purpose of protecting the valley from Looters. It contains over 75 tombs from the 18th to the 20th dynasty to the wives & daughter of the Pharaohs. These Tombs were not as extravagant or as large as the Kings tombs but the beauty of the decoration remained the same.

The Most Famous Tombs in the Valley of the Queens

The tomb of Queen Nefertari is the most famous as she was the main consort of King Ramses II, the tomb contained beautiful artwork and decorations representing the queen with different Gods and Goddess like Hathor. It depicted Nefertari giving offerings to gods like Osiris and Atum and held scenes from “The Book of the Gates” on the walls of the burial chamber. A lot of Tombs were found in the 18 dynasties belonging to Thutmosid period like the tomb of Princess Ahmose the daughter of Seqenenre Tao. In the 19th dynasty, the Valley of the Queens became very exclusive as it held many High Ranking Wives Of Ramesses I, Ramesses II, and Seti I. It also contain the impressive tombs of Wives and sons of Ramesses III such as Prince Amon-Khopshef & Prince Khaem-waset during the 20th dynasty.

Valley of the Queen located in Luxor where you can visit it with other ancient Egyptian attractions along the Nile Valley on board a breathtaking Nile River cruises tour.