Cairo Tower is an amazing attraction in the capital of Egypt and it is around 187 meters. It offers the most magnificent panoramic views over the incredible Egyptian capital. It is known to the locals as “Nasser’s Pineapple” and it has been recognized as being the tallest construction in North Africa and in Egypt for more than 50 years until it was exceeded by Hillbrow Tower in South Africa. The Egyptian Architect, Naom Chebib was the one who designed the tower and its completion took around 5 years, from 1956 till 1961 inspired by the impressive Ancient Egyptian Architecture and it was constructed to look like a Pharaonic Lotus Plant that was an ancient Egyptian iconic symbol. It is located in the central part of El-Gezira Island in the Zamalek district in the middle of the Nile River in Cairo city.

When Can You Enjoy Cairo Tower

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Cairo Tower is considered the second greatest tourist landmark in Egypt after the impressive Giza Pyramids. There is a wonderful restaurant at the top part of the tower which revolves around the main axis of the tower. Tourists can enjoy visiting Cairo Tower every day from 08:00 till midnight and the cost of the entry ticket is so cheap for locals and foreigners and that is how all can enjoy the imaginary beauty of Cairo City from its highest point.

It has been mentioned in the documents that were published by Adel Shaheen that the funds of the Cairo Tower construction were originated from the USA government that has provided about 1-3 million dollars to the Egyptian president Gamal Abd El-Nasser as a gift. Gamal Abd El-Nasser decided to transfer all of the US funds to be used in the construction of Cairo Tower. Around 15 million EGP were used for the restoration of the tower between 2006 & 2009 including a new installation for complete light decoration.

A visit to Cairo Tower is one of the most preferable tours that can be arranged in Egypt while being in Cairo city especially at night to enjoy the beautiful sunset from the highest point of the city so make sure that you plan a visit to such a glorious destination in Egypt and enjoy a real magical experience. Choose your appealing vacation for you from our tens Cairo day tours include a visit to the gorgeous Cairo Tower to have an exceptional experience in the Land of Pharaohs.