The Nile River Cruise – Bespoke Activity to Do in Egypt

An Egyptian vacation is truly complete with a Nile cruise between the immortal heavenly cities of Luxor and Aswan which is considered to be the centerpiece of a genuine Egyptian holiday since the Victorian times. The Nile cruise is able to evoke romantic images of idyllic days spent drifting in complete luxury between the iconic sights of ancient Egypt. All the new visitors will have a variety of options when it comes to a Nile cruise. Here is what you don’t know about Nile cruises in Egypt and how to enjoy your perfect vacation onboard a Nile cruise while exploring all the history and beauty of this divine country.

The History of Nile River Cruises in Egypt

Nile River Cruises History - What You Don't Know About Nile River Cruises - Egypt Tours Portal

The history of the Nile cruise goes back to ancient times 4000 years ago when the ancient Egyptians learned how to navigate their way through the Nile at the beginning of the 19th and 20th centuries; travelers create what became known as a Nile cruise. In 1858, the main manner for travel across the Nile was a dahabiya which was limited but in 1870 the known tourism company Thomas Cook Ltd brought speedy steamers which revolutionized the entire industry cutting the time from three months to a maximum 20 days sightseeing and exploration expedition. Nowadays Dahabiyas are reserved only for wealthy travelers who seek the ultimate luxury & exclusion and a Nile cruise is over leisure travelers who wish to spend their vacation in a luxurious class fashion.

The Nile River Cruises Duration

The Nile River Cruises Duration - What You Don't Know About Nile River Cruises - Egypt Tours Portal

A Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan would take 5 days and a Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor would take 4 days. During your tour, you will visit the east & west bank of Luxor and Aswan to fully witness all the history of the ancient Egyptian Civilization plus experience the full luxury and comfort on this floating heavenly vessel.

The Nile River Cruises Categories

The Nile River Cruises Categories - What You Don't Know About Nile River Cruises - Egypt Tours Portal

There are a variety of Nile cruises waiting in Egypt that will fit every traveler’s criteria and need whether traveling on a budget or desiring to experience the full luxury between the beautiful destinations of ancient Egypt. A Nile cruise will give you closer access to all the destinations simply by boarding one, there are three Nile cruise categories:

1. Standard Nile River Cruises

On the budget and cheap Nile cruises holiday, travelers will experience everything Egypt has to offer plus relaxing comfortable treatment at the most affordable prices. Every traveler will get to witness the beauty and greatness of this amazing civilization at every sunrise and sunset during their voyage.

2. Luxury Nile River Cruises

If you want to get the full ride with all fun toys then a luxury Nile cruise is the one for you where you will get to spend the next couple of days in paradise with a five stars treatment and accommodation between the golden cities of Luxor and Aswan.

3. High Luxury Nile River Cruises

High luxury Nile cruise is the finest cruise that ever sailed across the Nile, preserved to the travelers who want to feel like royalty and live a truly magical time like how the ancient pharaohs used to live in the ancient times. Everything on the high luxury cruise is up to date designed to make you feel like a king between the immortal cities of Luxor and Aswan.

Nile River Cruises Types

Nile River Cruises Types - What You Don't Know About Nile River Cruises - Egypt Tours Portal

The Nile cruises differ in type as there are private Nile cruise called dahabiya which has about 10 cabins where you can experience the entire miraculous beauty of the Nile, Luxor, and Aswan all by yourself. The second one is the group Nile cruise which is a typical Nile cruise with 150 cabins or more.

1. Private Dahabiya Nile River Cruises

A private Nile cruise is known as a Dahabiya where every traveler can explore the beauty of the Nile on their own in total privacy that’s why it became known as the most exclusive and luxurious way to experience the Nile river in total comfort, peace, and tranquility.

2. Group Nile River Cruises

A group Nile cruise is the best manner to build a friendship with kind people who appreciate the beauty and history of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Onboard the cruise everyone will experience the most incredible treatment and witness a remarkable piece of art that shines in day and night spreading a sense of excitement, joy, and blessing on whoever lays their eyes on then between Luxor and Aswan.

Facilities on Board Nile River Cruises

Facilities on Board Nile River Cruises - What You Don't Know About Nile River Cruises - Egypt Tours Portal

Onboard the cruise is an international telecom connection including wifi and satellite phone, inner swimming pool, sun deck where you and your company can relax under the beautiful skies, a full entertaining center where belly dancing shows and Nubians parts take place, lounge bar & discotheque, the main restaurant, a safe deposit box, beauty center, a laundry, a spa, and gift shops. Plus all the accommodation is superb both deluxe single or double beds offering the finest view from their enchanting windows. The cabins are equipped with air-conditioning, sat-tv, mini-fridge, a hairdryer, en-suite bathroom with bathtub, overhead shower, and everything you could expect from a hotel that happens to float across the lifestream of this mesmerizing country.

Nile River Cruises for Families

Nile River Cruises for Families - What You Don't Know About Nile River Cruises - Egypt Tours Portal

There is no greater adventure or a complete vacation to have with your family than a Nile cruise. There is always room for a family on a Nile cruise as long as you book early. Onboard the Nile cruise, the gates of heaven are opened and the vacation of a lifetime begun where a family can truly bond under the historical attractions on the banks of the Nile and the satisfying service that will have your family experience full joy.

Best Time to Enjoy the Nile River Cruise in Egypt

Best Time to Enjoy Nile River Cruise in Egypt - What You Don't Know About Nile River Cruises - Egypt Tours Portal

Any time to go on a Nile cruise is ideal but the most perfect time to go on a Nile cruise is between October and April in the winter months as the climate is moderate and calm, which is important since you’ll be hopping on and off to visit the attractions along the way and also because the heat in Aswan and Luxor is intense, and it’s not recommended that you travel during the peak summer months from June through August.

What You Will Visit During Nile River Cruises in Egypt?

What You Will Visit With Nile River Cruises - What You Don't Know About Nile River Cruises - Egypt Tours Portal

All Nile cruises are between the places that reflect the miraculous vision of beauty and grandeur created by the ancient Egyptians which are:

Luxor (The City of Hundred Gates)

Luxor is the world’s greatest open-air museum which is located in Upper Egypt and used to be the capital of Egypt during the Middle Kingdom (1975-1640 BC) and the New Kingdom (1570-1050 BC). You will explore one of the largest man-made religious temples in the world known as Karnak temple that is located at the east bank of the city and the colossal Colossi of Memnon which belongs to Amenhotep III in the 18th dynasty.

The beautiful Luxor temple is the second largest temple after the Karnak temple which will be one of your stops also the phenomenal temple of Queen Hatshepsut one of the most preserved and famous temples in the world which is a perfect example of the classical architectural style. Finally comes to the heavenly Valley of the Kings in the heart of a mountain containing more than 63 tombs out of which are 20 royal tombs of kings and queens from the New Kingdom like the Ramsess dynasty, Hatshepsut, Tutankhamun, Amenhotep I, Thutmose and more.

Aswan (The Nubian Heaven)

The city of Aswan is the southern guardian and a gateway due to its strategic position which made it act as the final frontier of Egypt. During Egypt new Kingdom (1550-1070), many constructions took place like the Unfinished Obelisk which showcases information about the construction process of obelisks through the history of ancient Egypt. The grand temple of Abu Simbel is one of the main highlights of the city which was created in 1244 B.C by Ramses II to immortalize his identity & legacy.

Various temples were built in the Greco-roman to reflect their deep religious nature of the Egyptians such as the beautiful Philae temple that was built in 696 BC to be the worship center of deity Isis the Wife of Osiris during the Greco-Roman. In 237 BC, The temple of the Sky God Hours, Edfu temple was constructed on the same spot where the great battle against his evil uncle deity Set happened. Across the Nile banks lies the double Kom Ombo temple of the crocodile deity Sobek was built between 332 and 395 BC. Finally, you will get to explore the modern wonder of the 50s which was created by the Egyptians and the Soviet Union called the Aswan high dam.

Answers for Most Common Questions About Nile River Cruises in Egypt!

Questions About Nile River Cruises - What You Will Visit With Nile River Cruises - What You Don't Know About Nile River Cruises - Egypt Tours Portal

Is there a Nile River Cruise from Cairo to Aswan?

Yes, there is a long Nile cruise from Cairo to Aswan for 10 to 15 days starting from the point of departure whether Cairo or Aswan, departing at least once a month where every traveler will get to explore every single attraction between them while enjoying the most luxurious and relaxing service and treatment onboard the Nile valley.

Is a Nile River Cruise Wheelchair-Accessible?

All the Nile cruises are equipped with a wheelchair-accessible as long as the traveler calls first so the cruise can be ready. The accommodation and the interior of most cruises are fully prepared and originally designed to handle this like any traveler.

How Safe are Nile River Cruises?

Traveling onboard a Nile cruise is totally safe as along you to have everything checked like your reservation on your chosen Nile cruise. The Nile cruise itself is secure and totally safe as there was no accident or any kind in the last three decades. It is equipped with the usual safety features, life jacket, a resident doctor on board, and cams all over the Nile cruise watching every move.

Will there be Wi-Fi on the Cruise?

There is wifi on board the cruise which you have to pay for it to access it so it is advised to buy a local sim card so you can have access to the internet at cheap prices. You can also have a VPN line with you to always be connected.

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