Egypt is one of the most awe-inspiring tourist destinations in the world which attracts millions of tourists from all over the world each year. And for a large section of travelers and adventurers, Egypt comes in the first tiptop spot that must be listed in their travel plans. Egypt has maintained its position due to its magnificent history dated back to 5000 years, its fascinating monumental landmarks, and its recreational blissful resorts. However, the recent events related to the outbreak of the execrable Corona Virus that hit the world make people from all over the world feel horrified and in order to keep themselves and their families and children away from the infection, they resorted to staying at home and the national governments suspended the international flights and traveling abroad was banned. At this point, the tourism industry in Egypt was affected and thousands of people who are fond of traveling suffered a lot when they had to cancel all their lifetime trips and vacations.

This hard situation made the authorities and governments take some internal precautions to limit the widespread of the devastating Coronavirus. Impose lockdown, forbid coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, deprive resorts and beaches, prevent traveling from a country to another, and hold up the flights. All these procedures assisted to achieve the target and the rates of getting infected of the Corona Virus have already decreased in addition to the continuous efforts of the scientists and the medical experts to discover a new vaccine against the disease.

What Preventative Measures Can One Take to Avoid COVID-19?

Preventative Measures to Avoid COVID-19 - Egypt Tours Portal

Actually, protecting yourself and the people around you is your responsibility after the outbreak of Corona Virus disease. There are some important precautions that one must take to decrease the chances of getting infected of COVID-19 and to slow down its outbreak:

1. You must sanitize your hands regularly with alcohol or you can wash them with water and soap as cleaning the hands with soap and water or with alcohol will kill any virus that may cover your hands.

2. Leave one-meter distance at least between yourself and any other one since the other person may spray some liquid droplets from his mouth or nose while he/she speaks or coughs and these droplets may carry the virus. So, if you are too close, you can get these droplets containing the COVID-19 virus.

3. Never touch your mouth, nose, or eyes since your hands may pick up the virus from any surface you touch and once you touch your face, hands may move the virus to your body through your eyes, nose, or mouth if your hands are contaminated.

4. You must avoid the crowds where a huge number of people come together. You are more likely to come into direct contact with someone who carries the virus of COVID-19.

5. You ought to cover your mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing with a tissue and throw it in the trash once you finish.

6. Regularly clean and purify the frequently touched surfaces and objects just like bathrooms fixtures, toilets, doorknobs, and mobile phones.

7. In case of appearing some symptoms just like fever, cough, or diarrhea, you must ask your doctor for help, follow his/her instructions, and take your medications regularly.

What Procedures Taken By the Egyptian Authorities to Avoid COVID-19?

Procedures Taken By the Egyptian Authorities to Avoid COVID-19 - Egypt Tours Portal

At the time when Coronavirus hit the world, all governments announced the alert status and started to take all the possible precautions to fight Coronavirus and slow down its widespread. And accordingly, the Egyptian government put a plan and started to follow it to reduce the number of infected people, especially, after the wide outbreak of the virus in many parts of the country. The first steps to struggle against CoronaVirus has started from the propaganda and the media campaign that the television and all the social media have witnessed to educate the people about the extreme dangers of this disease and how it threatens their lives and many famous actors, footballers and public figures have shared in this campaign. Another action taken by the Egyptian Authority is imposing lockdown for around 10 hours per day to limit the movements and reduce the numbers of injuries and fines are imposed for the violators.

Cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, and supermarkets were closed and fines were also imposed for whom they don’t follow. Hotels, beaches, resorts, and all the monumental sites were banned to be used, the airports closed their doors and the international flights were stopped. Mosques, churches, wedding parties, and any gathering were deprived. The Ministry of Health has measured daily instructions and brochures about the danger of the crowds especially in the metro and other public transportations and how it may be a reason to transfer the virus from one to another and how one protect himself by wearing masks and using alcohol to sanitize your hands in a regular way especially with the huge increase of the numbers of the infected at the hospitals, as a result, the numbers become less and less and all coffee shops, supermarket, restaurants have started to be opened and have eventually worked.

What to Do in Case of Getting Infected in Egypt?

What to Do in Case of Getting Infected in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

Indeed, traveling abroad for vacations and holidays is the best tiptop things most people can do in their life. However, when traveling will be related to Egypt, everything will be different and special. Whenever you intend to start your first travel plans after CoronaVirus, you will find yourself thinking of Egypt to be your first destination, why not?!! Since Egypt is the land of the best-renowned civilization in history. So, if you select to choose Egypt to be your destination for your vacation and get infected during Egypt tour, so never get worried at all and you must follow a number of instructions and precautions to be in the safe side:

First: It’s necessary to ask for a doctor’s help whenever you have some symptoms just like fever, cough, or diarrhea, and follow the instructions of the doctor regarding the medications that must be taken on time.

Second: You must be isolated from the others so that the virus cannot be transferred to any other one so you protect yourself and save the lives of the others.

Third: You will have to use the masks and alcohol to sanitize your hands, surfaces, and tools you always touch or use.

Fourth: You ought to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables regularly so that your immune system keeps strong which will be your army to fight CoronaVirus.

Fifth: If your case comes worse and worse, you must be in touch with your travel agent or your tour guide and he/she will help you to be hospitalized, examine your case and take the necessary care.

Sixth: It’s necessary to use clean tissues while coughing or sneezing with a tissue to cover your mouth and nose and throw them in the trash once you finish.

Best Places to Visit in Egypt

Best Places to Visit in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

Being an Egypt adventurer, you will get the chance to travel to the best historical and recreational destinations in the world and let’s have a general overview of the must-visit cities in the land of pharaohs:

Best Places in Giza

The ancient Egyptian pharaohs had chosen Giza city to be the home of one of the seven wonders of the world “Giza Pyramids Complex” which were constructed during the ruling period of the 4th dynasty and the complex consists of three spectacular pyramids of Cheops, Chephren, and Menkaure. The Great Pyramid of Cheops was the tallest building structure in the ancient world and these three pyramids were mainly established to be the resting places for their kings. Giza Complex also includes the Great Sphinx and the Valley Temple, the most recognizable mummification center in Ancient Egypt.

Saqqara Step Pyramid is one of the best monumental sites in Giza and this is the first step pyramid built-in history during the ruling period of King Djoser and it consists of six steps.

Memphis City is the ancient capital city of Egypt which had been founded by King Menes and it’s located in the entrance of the Nile Valley. Being the center of the ruling government, Memphis City was also a significant religious center.

Best Places in Cairo

Cairo is the capital city of Egypt and it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world. No one visits it without wishing to come back again due to its extreme allure and captivating beauty. Cairo is one of the unique cities that combines between the greatness of history and the fascinating beauty of nature and let’s see some of Cairo masterpieces:

The Egyptian Museum:

The house of the ancient Egyptian antiquities which contains over 200,000 ancient glorious artifacts and relics in addition to the majestic collection of King Tutankhamen.

Cairo also has a number of Islamic historical sightseeing such as:

Salah El-Din Citadel:

Cairo Citadel is one of Cairo’s must-see attractions and it’s the most impressive Islamic monument in history which was mainly constructed in 1176 AD to struggle against the invasion of the Crusaders and it served as the center of the Egyptian Government.

Muhammad Ali Mosque:

Muhammad Ali mosque is a part of Salah El Din Citadel which was constructed upon the order of Muhammad Ali Pasha by the genius architect Yousuf Bushnak to be one of the first mosques built in Egypt.

Amr Ibn Al-Aas Mosque:

It’s the first mosque established in Africa and it got its name from the name of the great commander Amr Ibn Al Aas and it’s one of the Islamic captivating attractions in Egypt.

Sultan Hassan Mosque:

The Mosque of Sultan Hassan is situated in the historic district of Cairo and it’s a monumental mosque that was created between 1356 and 1363 during the reign of the Bahari Mamluk.

Refaie Mosque:

It’s one of the largest mosques which are situated in Midan Al Qal’a in Cairo and it served as the burial site for the members of the ruling family and it includes the tomb of King Farouk.

Cairo also includes some of the Christian sites and the most famous one is:

The Hanging Church:

The Hanging Church is the oldest Coptic Church in Egypt which was erected in the 5th century over the Babylon Fortress so it named “The Hanging Church”

Khan El Khalili Bazaar:

The oldest and best-known market in the Middle East where you can find a huge variety of goods, clothes, foods, species, and souvenirs and it’s located in the old district of Cairo city.

Best Places in Luxor

Luxor city is the marvelous house of temples and ancient Egyptian ruins where the ancient Egyptians created a wide variety of treasures and heritage just like:

Karnak Temple:

Karnak temple is one of the most renowned and best-known temples in Ancient Egypt which was created over 4000 years ago and it was mainly established to be the center of worship for many gods like Isis and Osiris.

Luxor Temple:

It’s one the best-preserved monuments which is dedicated to the god Amun and what’s amazing about this temple is that it’s unique in its design and structure.

Valley of the Kings:

This is the house of the burial sites for the ancient kings who ruled the country in the 18th and 19th dynasties. This glorious site is located on the west bank of the Nile River which contains a large number of treasures, relics, and artifacts at more than 60 royal tombs.

Hatshepsut Temple:

This is one of the incomparable monumental sites in the world which is dedicated to Queen Hatshepsut who ruled Egypt in the 18th dynasty and this is the only woman ruler in Egypt history.

Colossi of Memnon:

These are two massive standing statues on the west bank of the Nile which were built at the entrance of the temple of Amenhotep III and they are impressive for all the site’s visitors.

Best Places in Aswan

Another city that played a big role to form Egypt history is Aswan in the extreme south of Egypt. This fabulous Nubian city which witnessed the great achievements of the pharaohs and Nubian as well is one of the best top destinations on the land of Pharaohs and here are some of its historical highlights:

Philae Temple:

It’s one of the best-preserved temples in Egypt which was erected during the Ptolemaic era and completed by the Roman Emperors and it’s located now at Aglikia Island in Aswan.

Abu Simbel Temple:

No monumental site in the world is more impressive than Abu Simbel Temple which was dedicated to Ramses the Great and it contains two twin temples for the king and his wife and you can watch the sun festival at Abu Simbel on 22nd February and October each year.

The Unfinished Obelisk:

It’s a magnificent monument that was firstly established in 1508 BC upon the request of Queen Hatshepsut and it’s the largest man-made obelisk in history.

Best Places in Alexandria

Alexandria also contains some of the best historical sites and here are some of them:

Qaitbey Citadel:

An Islamic fortress constructed in the 15th century by Ashraf Sayf El-Din Qa’itbay, taking the same place of the destructive Alexandria Lighthouse.

The Catacombs:

The Roman burial site was established as in the 2nd century AD and it’s one of the most renowned of the Middle Age wonders.

Alexandria Library:

It’s the most well known cultural spot in the Middle East and it’s the truly wealthy house of the most unique books of all fields in Arabic, English, and French.

Another side of Egypt is to witness the allure and beauty of Egypt in the coastal cities such as Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, and Marsa Alam and enjoy some of the magical activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and desert safari.

Saftey Travel to Egypt

Egypt Tours Portal always take all safety measures to avoid COVID-19 during your vacation in Egypt. So through our Egypt tour packages and Nile river cruises, you will enjoy the best holidays in the land of Pharaohs by visiting the ancient attractions in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Alexandria, besides experiencing the exciting atmosphere of the red sea. Don’t miss the chance and book us now: