Being in a great exceptional country like Egypt can take you on a totally magical adventure through which you will be able to check some of the most exciting sites, visit the greatest historical treasures that date back to thousands of years ago and all tourists know that there are so many must-visit usual places all around the country but there are some unusual impressive hidden sites that worth being visited especially for the ones who are looking for absolute adventure and exploring impressive sites. Here in our article below, you will find the most interesting activities that can be enjoyed in Egypt and they are not the familiar ones.

For the Outdoorsy Travelers, Enjoy Camping Out in the Desert

Camping out in the desert - What to do beyond the Usual Sites in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

Among the most amazing things that you can enjoy in Egypt is to head from Cairo into a totally exceptional adventure into the Western Desert. Spending overnight camping in the White desert is with no doubt one of the most interesting things to enjoy as an outdoor activity in Egypt. During such an excursion, you will be able to visit the glorious Bahariya Oasis while being on a board of a 4 X 4 and that will allow you to explore the gorgeous attractions all around you in addition to the wonderful rock formations in the area.

At night, you will get the most exclusive opportunity to set up a camp and enjoy camping with the local Bedouins under a dark magical blanket full of impressive stars. Then on the following day, you can enjoy an unforgettable hot spring and have some exceptional photos at the spot before heading back to Cairo. It is a highly recommended tour that we advise any adventurous traveler with.

For the History Buffs, Enjoy A Terrific Exploration Trip to El-Alamein

El-Alamein War Museum in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

In order to understand more and more regarding the ancient history of Egypt, you need to visit some of the oldest attractions & highlights of each city and while being in Alexandria city, you can enjoy a trip to the hypnotic El-Alamein that played a very important role during the Second World War. Lots of British and Commonwealth soldiers have given their lives in the battles that took place there. While being there, you will be able to check lots of graves that commemorate the lives of the British, New Zealand, and the Australian soldiers who fought there. You will also find a war museum that displays war memorabilia including weapons, uniforms, records, models, and lots of other amazing items.

For the Food Lovers, You Definitely Need to Enjoy the Egyptian Cuisine at Sequoia

the Egyptian Cuisine at Sequoia - What to do beyond the Usual Sites in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

If you want to enjoy a delicious oriental meal in Egypt, you should with no doubt head to Sequoia restaurant that overlooks the Nile River and serves the best recommended oriental & international food. You can smoke your shisha pipe there and enjoy the most fascinating view at one of the most famous waterways in the world.

Don’t Miss A Visit to Alexandria City If You Are Looking For A Great Cultural Experience

Alexandria City - What to do beyond the Usual Sites in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

The coastal city of Alexandria is such a breathtaking example of an integrated Egyptian city that has the most astonishing coastal beaches, amazing hotels, and the best cultural sites that have the ability to uncover the most impressive secrets, facts, and information about the great history of Egypt. Some of the tourist sites get back to the Roman era such as the impressive Catacombs of Kom El-Shoqafa. You should also visit there the great Citadel of Qaitbay that dates back to the 15th century, Pompey’s Pillar, and the marvelous Alexandria Library where you will find all of what you need to know regarding the prestigious history of Egypt.

Out of the ordinary Egypt tours are the finest way to discover all the off the beaten track monuments in the land of Pharaohs while enjoying the finest services and comfort at the most affordable prices.