Within the endless lands of the western desert of Egypt lies a miraculous phenomenal, the Farafra Oasis is one of the purest examples of natural beauty. It has acted as a habitat for some of the most hypnotic natural attractions in Egypt. The oasis is incredibly beautiful as it has complete quartes of extraordinary architecture filled with incredible colorful drawings featuring the culture of the ancient Bedouin.

1- Location & Climate of Farafra Oasis

Location & Climate of Farafra Oasis - Farafra Oasis Tavel Guide - Egypt Tours Portal

Farafra oasis is famed for its geographic location and geological formation, it is located in the western desert between Dakhla and Bahariya Oases inside the border of the new valley governorate. It is 980 km2 (380 sq mi) geological depression which is 170 km away from the Bahaerys Oasis, 627 km away from Cairo and 370 km southeast of the Mediterranean sea.

The average climate is at 19°C, wind N at 5km/h and humidity levels as 48%. There is also a number of enchanting hot springs like the EL-Mufid lake and Bir Sitta. The Farafra oasis contains over 100 natural water wells which are used in cultivating the land of the oasis. There is also a huge lake called Abu Nus located 15 km to the north.

2- The History of Farafra Oasis

The History of Farafra Oasis - Farafra Oasis Tavel Guide - Egypt Tours Portal

The history of Farafra Oasis dated back to prehistoric times, it was mentioned many times in the ancient texts during the 21st century BC in the reign of the 10th dynasty. The Farafra was referred to as “Ana Akhet” which means “The Land of the Cow” as the cow represented the symbol of fertility in the image of the goddess Hathor. It was known as the city of conquest & invasion due to its remoteness, Ramses (1279-1213 BC) imported stones from the Farafra oasis and used them in constructing his various temples in Luxor.

The site was also the interest of the Romans as many grains were cultivated in its lands, there are also some ruins of some roman temples, tombs, and palaces. The oasis was also the center for the Copts who escaped the aggressive roman rule. After the Arab conquest in 641 AD, The Farafra oasis flourished due to the trade of the dated and olives plus cloth, tea, and others between it and the Nile. Throughout the modern era of the 19th and 20th centuries as the oasis served as a worship site until today.

3- The White Desert

White Dessert - Farafra Egypt - Farafra Oasis Tavel Guide - Egypt Tours PortalThe white desert of the Farafra Oasis is one of the most famous, popular and interestingly enchanting locations in the western desert. It is basically a bizarre rock formation while resembles animals, mushrooms, and other strange shapes. Some believe that the white desert is the ultimate proof of the All Might’s creative power. The entire area was once covered with seawater as some seashells are located in the halls of the rocks. One of the most known rocks is “The finger of God” or “Al Qubar” which is 20 m high rock that resembles a huge finger rising from the sandy heart of the western desert. In the northeast of the white desert is the Aqabat or the obstacles as it is full of obstructions to whoever tries to enter. In the middle of the white desert is the infamous mountain of Twin Peaks.

4- Black Desert and Crystal Mountain

The Black Desert - Farafra Oasis Tavel Guide - Egypt Tours Portal

The black desert of the Oasis was formed out of various volcano small stones and rocks which lay on an orange-brown background like a majestic painting. Close to it is the Crystal Mountain that consists of barite substance which is much softer than crystals and looks as if it came straight out of a fairy tale.

5- Tours to Farafra Oasis & Egypt Attractions

Farafra Oasis Tours - Farafra Oasis Tavel Guide - Egypt Tours Portal

There is no place in the world that can match the magical beauty of this oasis so if you ever found yourself in Egypt, don’t miss the chance to explore such an incredible place by booking one of our Egypt tours. Also seize your chance to be a witness on all the historical attractions in the beautiful cities Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, and Aswan with a wide variety of overland tours and Nile River Cruises.