It’s amazing to meet many tourists in Egypt who each one comes to create their own adventure and seek their own purpose. Countless the ideas and themes of the trip planners and travel experts widen to encompass each type of these visitors. Some come to Egypt on a short tour to spend two or three days holiday as an escape from the daily routine, and some are interested in Egyptology so they come to visit particular sights to collect more information about them. And many come to spend long vacations that may last for 10 or 15 days or more. These types of travelers always need time management during their fabulous long journeys in Egypt to cover all the historical attractions all over Egypt. So Egypt holiday types makers take into consideration these guests in their planning for their trips. Our specialist travel experts arrange what’s named “Egypt Holidays” that usually last for a number of days, that surround the best tourist destinations in Egypt and fulfill all your desires.

Types of the Best Holidays in Egypt

Best Egypt holidays are different and satisfying as they cover all the monumental sights in various cities which can suit any financial conditions. Egypt holiday packages are divided into Egypt tours from 3 to 7 Nights and Egypt tours from 8 to 14 Nights. Each package of these has its own advantages and serves its own purpose for each traveler. Also, you can enjoy the magical scenery of the Nile Valley through one of the Nile River Cruises. Here are the best of Egypt holidays types suitable for all tastes:

Egypt Holidays from 3 to 7 Nights

Giza Pyramids - Egypt Holidays Types - Egypt Tours Portal
The Great Pyramid of Giza – Khufu pyramid

In this category, we arrange many trips and excursions all over Egypt starting from the glorious landmarks of Cairo the Egyptian capital which holds the great Giza Pyramids, the Egyptian Museum, and Memphis City which can be explored within three or four days, moving to Alexandria where you will take in the scenery of the coast of the Mediterranean Sea with Cairo in 5 days. Heading down Deep South, you can explore the fantastic Luxor attractions such as Karnak temple, Luxor temple, and Valley of the Kings and Queens, with a tour to Aswan tourist attractions in 5 days where you can discover the majestic Aswan, the home of the Nubian heritage. We can’t forget the snorkeling and diving lovers so these packages extend also to Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh on the shore of the Red Sea.

Egypt Holidays from 8 to 14 Nights

Karnak Temple - Egypt Holidays Types - Egypt Tours Portal
Sphinx road in Luxor

This category of Egypt vacations offers a glamorous variety of tours starting from 8 to 14 nights or more, which you can combine, the best destination in Egypt in your journey. There are many tours that cover the best tourist attractions in Egypt with a recreational time in the best resorts in the land of the pharaohs. These Egypt tours have many advantages as they make you come face to face with the ancient sights and the glorious treasures for a long time. They also give you a golden chance to visit more than one city in Egypt and they don’t cost much as their prices are suitable.

Budget Egypt Tours

Mohamed Ali Mosque - Egypt Holidays Types - Egypt Tours Portal
Muhammad Ali mosque at Cairo city

If you decide to travel to Egypt on a vacation but you are worried about your financial conditions and how much your journey will cost then we have a good solution. High qualified trip planners and experts present budget Egypt tours, enjoy wonderful trips and tours to the sights of the Pharaohs, accommodation in 5* Hotels, trips with well-planned itineraries, and the best service ever at affordable prices. This type of “Cheap Holidays to Egypt” are arranged to suit your budget and make the travelers to Egypt spend a complete holiday while being affordable.

Egypt Easter Holidays

Nile River - Egypt Holidays Types - Egypt Tours Portal
Nile river view in Luxor

In this type of “Egyptian Pharaohs“, the tourists are coming from all over the world in a Specific time of year when the weather in Egypt during this season is very delightful and relaxing which also makes Egypt the busiest tourist country on the globe. So we will explain the best activity to do during Egypt Easter holidays. Sailing onboard Nile cruise is the most adventure and awesome experience to enjoy during this season, in which the sun is very amazing, as well as discover the ancient temples and tombs of ancient Egyptians along the Nile bank. Feel the glory of Egyptian Pharaohs in the best archaeological sites in Egypt.

We offer a new idea to spend your Egypt Easter holidays at affordable prices. Your vacation will be featured where you will enjoy your own festivals and rituals in a different atmosphere, visiting the magical destinations in Egypt: Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, and Aswan overland, and witness their popular sights. Another idea is to spend your ceremonial rituals along the coast of the Red Sea in Hurghada and Sharm ElSheikh, where everyone will enjoy taking in the blue waters and the bright sun over the Sands of the Red Sea beaches.

Egypt Honeymoon Holidays

Pyramids of Giza - Egypt Holidays Types - Egypt Tours Portal
Two Couples in Giza Pyramids

Our travel experts present a great surprise for our lovely newlyweds. “Egypt Honeymoon Packages” is a once in a lifetime chance to spend your honeymoon in Egypt. It’s an opportunity to capture some heavenly and magical memories in a romantic and quiet atmosphere with your lovely partner. Experience the land of the immortal Pharaohs and their magnificent glorious attractions in Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan. Live romantic moments among the marvelous landscapes and monuments of the Nile Valley through a fantastic Nile cruise. Get an exciting adventure in Hurghada & Sharm El Sheikh while enjoying the stunning climate, the warm sun, and the wonderful beaches of the Red Sea while always remembering to take many photos with your partner to immortalize your trip.

Egypt Luxury Holidays

Dahabiya Cruise - Egypt Holidays Types - Egypt Tours Portal
Dahabiya luxury Nile cruise

Our genius staff is still very creative and their novelty continues for the sake of our guest’s relaxation. They arrange luxurious trips to many parts of Egypt for a number of days. These Egypt luxury holidays will definitely suit your budget and cover the Egyptian beauty located everywhere. “Egypt Luxury Holidays” includes trips to Cairo sightseeing: Giza Pyramids, the Great Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, and Salah El-Din Citadel. Complete your exploration by Heading down to the wonderful historical spot in the south Luxor with its unique temples such as Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, Queen Hatshepsut Temple, and Valley of the Kings and Queens, and the Nubian Aswan with its heritage such as Abu Simbel Temple and Philae Temple. Extending to the Red Sea, have a fantastic holiday in Hurghada & Sharm El Sheikh and do many amazing activities such as Scuba diving and snorkeling under the sea surface while looking into the charming coral reefs and the beautiful colored fish.

Egypt Classic Tours Packages

Hatshepsut Temple - Egypt Holidays Types - Egypt Tours Portal
The statues of Queen Hatshepsut at the temple of Hatshepsut

Egypt, the Land of Civilization, has many landmarks and artifacts that date back to the Islamic & Coptic era and most visitors that come to Egypt want to cover all these sights and learn all about their history and features.“Egypt Classic Tour Packages” is a suitable choice to achieve your target during your trip to Egypt. It provides many offers to do incredible activities in Cairo, Alexandria, Hurghada and exploring their sightseeing. Nile River Cruises in the south are also available to discover Luxor and Aswan tourist attractions such as Karnak Temple, Hatshepsut Temple, and Abu Simbel Temple, plus exploring the marvelous Nubian heritage.

Egypt Christmas Holidays

Marsa Alam - Egypt Holidays Types - Egypt Tours Portal
Women celebrate the Christmas at Marsa Alam beach

A new special offer we feature is the chance to cover all the celebrations and important events in your life. Have a marvelous trip to Egypt to spend your Christmas vacation and enjoy the amazing climate, the wonderful Nile cruises, the admirable beauty of the Nile Valley, and the stunning monumental spots in Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan. Get a majestic adventure in Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada and take in the scenery of the majestic Red Sea. Make your Egypt Christmas holidays distinctive and have an unforgettable trip to Egypt at affordable prices.

Egypt Red Sea Holidays

Hurghada - Egypt Holidays Types - Egypt Tours Portal
General view of Hurghada resort

The Red Sea is one of the most wonderful spots in Egypt and “Egypt Tours Portal” is able to customize it to be your destination on your holiday. Egypt red sea holidays will fulfill the needs of many of our guests as the trips are suitable to relax and get rid of the boring routine of life. In the Red Sea, you are capable of doing many activities such as sailing, scuba diving, and snorkeling in the clear water of the Red Sea to witness the amazing Aquatic under the sea surface. Many more services are offered such as relaxing hotels and resorts, fabulous swimming pools, glamorous beaches, golf courses, massage sessions. All these advantages suit your pocket. Book your trip and we will make your stay in the Red Sea as if you were in a paradise.

Egypt Wheelchair Accessible Holidays

Giza - Egypt Holidays Types - Egypt Tours Portal
wheelchair traveler at Pyramid of Khafra

Never give up and don’t make your handicap be the reason for your sorrow and sadness. Nothing stops you from traveling and enjoying a wonderful vacation. Our travel consultants recommend a special idea for our disabled visitors. We arrange Egypt wheelchair accessible holidays with special advantages that suit their handicap. These trips cover all tourist attractions in Egyp where everyone will spend great times on board the Nile cruise. Your trip to Egypt also includes the Red Sea in Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh, taking in the relaxing atmosphere and relieve your stress. Enjoy your time in Egypt, take many photos, and make your Egypt tour “A Trip to Remember”.

Nile River Cruise Holidays

Nile River Cruise - Egypt Holidays Types - Egypt Tours Portal
Cruise sailing on the Nile

Nile river cruises are the most adventurous experiences most Egypt tourists prefer to enjoy it. The Nile cruise is a big boat consisting of three levels sailing in the Nile River from Luxor to Aswan or from Aswan to Luxor, onboard the Nile cruise there are amazing tools that fit all needs of tourism such as a gym, WiFi, swimming pool, 5* rooms, and other beautiful properties that fit inside this marvelous floating hotel.

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