This is a truly impressive destination in Egypt as it is the official national cultural center in Egypt that offers the best symptomatic music works and its visitors can find there different museums, dance galleries, and educational programs.

The Egyptian Opera House History

The old Egyptian Opera House was established in 1869 by the Italian Architects Rossi & Avoscani during the reign of Khedive Ismail and the new opera house was constructed for 30 years in order to preserve the traditional Egyptian Music. It has a very effective cultural role over Egyptian society since it encourages artistic aspects and the best traditional musical practices.

There are lots of people who show interest in such amazing art activities that can be witnessed in the Opera House whether the musical/voice instrument courses or the ballet classes. It is not just a musical center since it hosts lots of cultural events, conferences, and seminars from all around Egypt and that is why it has become a very important destination for the intellectual ones. The amazing new Cairo Opera House is located near the downtown of Cairo only one kilometer from El-Tahrir Square exactly in Zamalek and it opens its doors for visitors from 09:00 up to 16:00. Its design is influenced by the Islamic architecture of domes. Its construction was supported in a financial way by Japan International Co-operation Agency “JICA”.

The Egyptian Opera House Content

The Egyptian Opera House Content - Egypt Tours Portal

There, you will find a music library, a museum, an art gallery, and seven theaters. The main hall of the opera seats 1200 people and it has 4 levels which are the presidential box, the orchestra seating, and the three tiers. The small hall of the opera is designed to seat up to 500 people on a single floor. The Open-air Theatre in the Opera is used for outdoor performances and it can seat up to 600 people. There is another magnificent section of the opera that is the Roman theatre and it can take up to 800 people.

There are so many amazing facilities in the Opera house to make it one of the most recommended sites in Africa and all around the Middle East. The amazing museum of the opera is located on the first floor of the main hall and it includes some valuable documents, some old photos of the original building, some of the best artistic performances. Only two statues were rescued from the fire, which is the small model of the opera, and a statue of art made by Mohammed Hassan.

You will also find there a wonderful collection that includes some unique musical instruments like a huge nay, a wooden original flute, a unique piano, and similar impressive musical instruments. The Music Library of the Opera House is considered one of the most important parts of the opera and it allows it to become one of the best music libraries in the whole Arab world. You will find there some unique references, music books, ballet, and Arab music. There are also some digital recordings that belong to the best Arab composers and singers.

Various Cairo Day Tours & Excursions

If you have the chance to plan a visit to that breathtaking site in Cairo, it would be a very interesting addition to your Cairo excursion and we will be more than happy to arrange the best cultural tours for you within our various Cairo day tours.