There is no better holiday in Egypt to resurrect your inner child than an Easter vacation where every true traveler will get to cross on the same lands Jesus walked. Egypt has always been one of the top travel destinations on top of everyone’s bucket list but if you truly want to make your time more special then Egyptian Easter holidays are the ideal choice as the entire country is lit up with decorations and a kind spirit filled with joy & pleasure. Here is everything you need to know about how to enjoy Egypt Easter holiday and get the complete experience to witness magic and allure in the shape of beautiful natural & man-made wonders that dated to the time of miracles.

Specifying Where to Go During Easter in Egypt

Where to Go During Easter in Egypt - How to Enjoy Egypt Easter Holiday - Egypt Tours Portal

In this piece of heaven is an immortal dream that became a reality, offering the chance to explore beautiful historical destination dating back to more than 4000 like the great city of Cairo, the beautiful Alexandria, the noble golden cities of Luxor & Aswan and the tropical heaven of the red sea the city resort of Hurghada or Sherm El Sheik. Every destination in Egypt is perfect for an Easter holiday but the capital Cairo remains the ultimate place.

Search About Your Accommodations for an Easter Holiday

Accommodations for Egypt Easter Holiday - How to Enjoy Egypt Easter Holiday - Egypt Tours Portal

Your Easter holiday in Egypt is a chance to have a great time enjoying the amazing accommodations in one of Egypt’s hotels while exploring all the marvelous attractions of this divine country, it has a massive selection of famous brand hotels such as:

Cairo Luxor Aswan Hurghada
Four Seasons Sofitel Winter Palace Sofitel Legend Old Cataract Steigenberger Al Dau Beach
Fairmont Nile City Hilton Luxor Movenpick Aswan Marriott Hurghada Beach
Sheraton Sonesta St George Tulip Aswan SUNRISE Holidays Resort
Kempinski Nile Hotel Steigenberger Nile Palace Helnan Aswan Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh

Accompany With Egyptologist Tour Guide

Accompany With Egyptologist Tour Guide - How to Enjoy Egypt Easter Holiday - Egypt Tours Portal

In your Easter holiday, you will explore all the history of this ancient nation through your professional expert tour guide who will explain all the history and secrets of these majestic attractions plus guide you to all beautiful hidden locations around. During your Easter holiday in Egypt, your tour guide will fill your mind & soul with a magical take of allure and grandeur which will provide an unforgettable sensation of joy and wisdom.

Experience Hot Air Balloon in Luxor During Easter

Hot Air Balloon in Luxor During Easter - How to Enjoy Egypt Easter Holiday - Egypt Tours Portal

One of the most magical activities that your performance in the heavenly royal city of Luxor is a hot air balloon where you will get cast your eyes on the most enchanting vision of artistic expression and genius architecture where you will hear the distant echo of one of the oldest civilizations & behold the tales of the greatest names of ancient Egyptian history unfold in front of your eyes from above during your Easter holiday.

Discover the History of Egypt Attractions

Discover the History of Egypt Attractions - How to Enjoy Egypt Easter Holiday - Egypt Tours Portal

The Easter holiday is a chance to have all the country to yourself and explore all history and mystery surrounding this magical country and visit some of the greatest landmarks in the world such as:


Between the gates of Cairo is a diverse collection of monuments such as the Giza pyramids complex, a great number of Coptic attractions like the hanging church and more and an impressive number of Islamic monuments such as the golden Khan el Khalili bazaar, Ibn Tulan Mosque, the glorious Cairo citadel and many more.


In the pearl of the Mediterranean Alexandria is a collection of unique living wonders of Greco-roman monuments such as the catacombs, Pompey pillar and more plus the marvelous Qaitbay citadel built on top the ruins of the ancient wonder lighthouse of Alexandria.


In upper Egypt is the city of hundred doors Luxor one of the greatest open-air museums in existence is the biggest man-made religious temples the Karnak temple the core of the religious life which was dedicated to the holy triad of Amun, Mut, and Khonsu. At the entrance of Luxor is the colossal Colossi of Memnon and in the center of the city is the beautiful Luxor temple the second largest temple after the Karnak which celebrates the harvest festival of Opet. The Valley of the Kings is the passage to the afterlife containing 63 tombs some of which are 20 royal tombs to the biggest names in ancient Egyptian history like King Ramsess II, Tutankhamen and various more. The beautiful Queen Hatshepsut temple is a gem of the pure classical architectural style of Egypt New Kingdom (1570 – 1050 BC).


At the southern gates is the mythical city of Aswan which has always acted as the guardian & final frontier of Egypt marked by the great Abu Simbel temple. Queen Hatshepsut ordered the creation of the Unfinished Obelisk that showcases great details about the construction process of ancient Egypt. The Philae temple of deity Isis was created in the Greco-roman period in 696 BC to honor and immortalize religious aspects of the ancient Egyptian civilization. The Temple of the Sky falcon God Hours Edfu temple was constructed in 237 BC on the believed battlegrounds against his Evil uncle God of Desert, War and Chaos “Set”. One of the most unique constructions built in the Greco-roman period is the double temple of Kom Ombo, it was built between 332 and 395 BC which honors the crocodile god Sobek of the Nile.

Discover the Pyramids During Easter

Discover the Pyramids During Easter - How to Enjoy Egypt Easter Holiday - Egypt Tours Portal

Exploring the Giza pyramids complex is a once in a lifetime chance to explore these falls pillars from heaven the three great pyramids of Giza created in Egypt old kingdom (2575-2150 BC) that contains the last intact wonder of the ancient world the pyramid of Khufu and the sphinx the oldest and biggest statue in the world. The finest manner to explore all the secrets of the pyramids is with a tour guide during your Easter holiday.

Visit Abu Simbel Temples During Easter

Visit Abu Simbel Temples During Easter - How to Enjoy Egypt Easter Holiday - Egypt Tours Portal

Across the southern lines of Egypt in Aswan is the two great temples of Abu Simbel created by Ramses the great (1279-1213 BCE) to stand guard on the southern border. Abu Simbel consists of two temples; the main one is for Ramsess where the marvelous sun festival takes place on 22 of February & October annually where the sun shines on the faces of the four seated statues of Ramsess II, Ptah (God of creation), Amun (The Creator God), and Ra (Sun God), as for the second temple, it is dedicated to his wife Nefertari. The temple was relocated in the most challenging archeological rescue operation in the entire history led by UNESCO in the mid-60s but it still remains very glamorous and charming.

Have A Magical Dinner Cruise at Night

Magical Dinner Cruise at Night - How to Enjoy Egypt Easter Holiday - Egypt Tours Portal
Dinner cruise during an Easter holiday is a dream come true where everyone onboard will get to enjoy all beauty of the heavenly Nile and feel pure true joy and satisfaction. The Nile dinner cruise will have some amazingly delicious traditional Egyptian cuisines plus a colorful belly dancing show with a folklore band featuring an enchanting Tannoura spin in keeping with Egypt’s whirling dervish’s tradition so you can experience the full Egyptian experience.

Experience Nile River Cruise During Easter Vacation in Egypt

Nile River Cruise During Easter - How to Enjoy Egypt Easter Holiday - Egypt Tours Portal

A Nile river cruise in Easter where the gates of heaven are open the holy light is a reflection on the surface of the Nile is the ultimate time to board a Nile cruise to feel the essence of Tranquility and allure that survived for thousands of years. Onboard the Nile cruise you will receive the finest service and experience full comfort while witnessing history passing before your eyes while being on MS Mayfair, MS Oberoi Zahra, MS Farah, the Moon Dance, the Amwaj, the Nile Primuime, and the Sonesta Nile Goddess.

Complete Your Easter Vacation in the Red Sea

Easter Vacation in the Red Sea - How to Enjoy Egypt Easter Holiday - Egypt Tours Portal

No holiday is complete especially an Easter holiday without a tropical view that’s why the magic of the red sea in Hurghada is reflected the fullest along the beautiful coastal line where the sky is the limit. Hurghada is a majestic city resort that holds a number of international restaurants, great cafes, rich bazaars, sports centers, cool spas, the amazing nightlife scene, and a number of enjoyable activities in its magical waters like snorkeling, diving, surfing and various more.

Book Your Easter Vacation in Egypt Now

Book Your Easter Vacation in Egypt Now - How to Enjoy Egypt Easter Holiday - Egypt Tours Portal

The vacation of a lifetime is a true wonder to experience that’s why Easter Vacation in Egypt is the ideal chance to explore all that this holy country has to offer. Egypt Tours Portal got your covered as whatever you desire will be found, answer the call and give yourselves a chance to live miraculous Egypt Easter holidays that will provide the joy and excitement of dreams.