The greatest adventure to have in Egypt has always been across the Nile river on board a Nile cruise where the true heavenly beauty and all the hidden secret between Luxor and Aswan are on display but the greatest fun onboard the craft is the means of entertainment and relaxation where every travel will get a taste of paradise and live the vacation they deserve. The Nile cruise is the ultimate vessel for historical & archaeological exploration which also has become the essence of Egyptian travel in the shape of a floating hotel where the magical fun never stops. Here are counted steps to choose the best Nile cruise in Egypt:

First: Define your Budget for the Nile River Cruise

Budget for the Nile River Cruise - Egypt Tours Portal

The first step of boarding a Nile cruise is knowing how much money are you going to spend which depends on the type of the Nile cruise, the cost of the accommodations, the tour guides whether private or among a group, all the meals & drinks, domestic transportation and anything that can cost you any money. After calculating all these elements you will have a clear price on what is the total price of the entire Nile cruise. A word of advice is to always save your money and board a cheaper Nile cruise if you are a budget traveler then boarding a standard Nile cruise is the best choice but if the traveler wants the whole ten yards then the luxury Nile cruise is what you are looking for.

Second: Search for Best Nile River Cruises in Egypt

Search for Nile River Cruise - Egypt Tours Portal

If a traveler is looking for the best of the best then there are the two choices of a luxury Nile cruise or a deluxe Nile cruise where all the bells and whistles will be at your disposal accompanied by the finest service. Here are types of Nile cruises:

1. Deluxe Nile River Cruises

The finest sense of luxury can be found on board a luxury Nile cruise where all the means of entertainment is present, filled with everything you desire such as big spacious accommodations, private dining, plus game room, gift shops, spas, daily parties, and oriental shows, Discotheque, and more.

2. High Luxury Nile River Cruises.

The finest means of entertainment is located onboard the high luxury Nile cruise where the essence of luxury is located all around. There are very expensive and contain everything a traveler could wish for plus it has all the means of activities and entertainment suitable for royalty, some of this unique and rare Nile cruises are the Sancturay sun boat Nile cruise “Oberoi Zahra Nile cruise, and  Sonesta Nile cruise“.

Third: Check the Nile River Cruise Accommodation

Check the Nile River Cruise Accommodation - Egypt Tours Portal

The accommodations of your Nile cruise depend on the type of the Nile cruise you have to choose whether standard, luxury, or high luxury. The more you move up the scale the more spacious and quality gets. So it is always to check everything concerning your room.

Four: Check the Nile River Cruise Facilities

Nile River Cruise Facilities - Egypt Tours Portal

Every Nile cruise contains the basics and more, filled with every means of entertainment which depends on the type Nile cruise you have to choose to board. Every Nile cruise depending the type has a different type of rooms with different measures and across the Nile cruise is a Swimming pool, Lounge bar, Sun deck and bar, Shops, including a gift shop Restaurant, and a jewelry shop, Medical Centre, Laundry, and dry cleaning, Spa, Gym, and Wi-Fi.

Five: Choose Expert Tour Guide to Escort You During the Trip

Tour Guide for Nile River Cruise - Egypt Tours Portal

The most important element of your Nile cruise is the tour guide who will be the key to explaining and the historical and natural wonder of Egypt especially between the majestic cities of Luxor and Aswan where the great temples of Kom Ombo, Edfu, Hatshepsut temple, Karnak complex and countless more. An expert tour guide will shed light and reveal all the history of this marvelous destination.  The tour guides will be with you every step of the way and make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Six: Check Nile River Cruise Suite if You Booked it

Suite Nile River Cruise - Egypt Tours Portal

There is nothing that can reflect a sense of luxury than having a personal suite. If you have your own personal suite onboard the cruise then you should check it before boarding the Nile cruise. Before the booking of any luxury cruise, it is important to check all the details concerning the Nile cruise suite.

Seven: Don’t Miss to Define How Many Day for Your Nile River Cruise

How Many Days for Nile River Cruise - Egypt Tours Portal

The duration you spend on the Nile cruise makes a huge difference in your budget so you should make up your mind before making any move. The perfect number of days for a Nile cruise for budget travelers is a 5 days Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan but there are other options such as the 4 days Nile River Cruise from Aswan to Luxor which comes at affordable prices plus there are the 7 days Nile cruise which offer more than enough to explore all the wonders of Aswan and Luxor.

Enjoy Best Nile River Cruises with Egypt Tours Portal

The Nile cruise across the golden immortal cities of Luxor and Aswan in the ultimate chance to witness the greatest artifacts ever created in the history of civilization but to simply relax and experience the bliss and grace of the heavens reflecting upon the surface of the Nile so don’t miss this chance and book the finest Egypt Nile cruises with us.