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How to Enjoy Egypt Giza Pyramids Complex

In this guide, we will uncover the secrets of enjoying an unforgettable experience at the Giza Pyramids Complex, ensuring that every traveler's journey is a blend of history, adventure, and cultural enrichment.

How to Enjoy Giza Pyramids Complex - Egypt Tours Portal


  • The Great Giza Pyramids, part of the Seven Wonders of the World, stand as remarkable architectural achievements, comprising the Great Pyramid of Khufu, Pyramid of Khafre, and Pyramid of Menkaure.
  • Tourists at Giza Pyramids can enjoy a range of activities, including camel rides, panoramic views, exploration of the Valley Temple, Sound and Light Show, quad biking, horse-drawn carriage rides, pyramid interior visits, and souvenir shopping.
  • These pyramids were constructed as tombs for ancient Egyptian kings, reflecting their belief in an afterlife and preserving their legacy.
  • Egypt is considered a safe destination for tourists, with robust security measures in place to ensure visitors' well-being.
  • The ideal times to visit the Pyramids are during the spring and fall seasons. Costs for visiting vary based on tour options, and packing essentials should include sun protection, comfortable clothing, and a camera. Nearby restaurants offer traditional Egyptian dishes such as Kushari and Mahshi.

Archeologists have spent many centuries wondering about the glory of pyramids and their secrets but they have been stumped; this is the secret of why the Great Giza Pyramids are regarded as one of the greatest architectural feats of all times and one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The Pyramids were built almost 5000 years ago from the beginning of recorded human history to the present. When people mention “The Pyramids of Giza” They are referring typically to the three Pyramids that existed in the Giza complex. The Three Pyramids are "The Great Pyramid of Khufu, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menkaure".

1- Enjoy the Camel Rides

How to Enjoy Egypt Giza Pyramids Complex
How to Enjoy Egypt Giza Pyramids Complex

Have you ever tried camel rides on the Giza tour? Or did you try to pick a horse before sunset? Many tourists who visit Egypt try camel or horse rides for almost two hours around the Pyramids and have the feeling of trying a new experience in the desert and sands and running for long distances watching the three Pyramids and the Great Sphinx.

Ride a camel across this magnificent attraction will unveil a number of the greatest works of art and architecture on the face of the earth that helped document the historical glorious tales of this immortal civilization that date to more than 4500 years. The view from the back of the camel will be truly magical and do not forget to take a picture to post on your IG, and as a wise piece of advice, it’s so much better to book with a travel agency to avoid the hassle.

2- Visiting Panoramic Point

Panoramic Point Giza Pyramids - Egypt Tours Portal
Panoramic Point Giza Pyramids - Egypt Tours Portal

Do you have one of your family or your friends that visited Egypt before? If your answer is "YES" so, you will find absolutely a picture of him with the three Pyramids and at least one picture trying to kiss the Great Sphinx. From this man-made magical point, everyone will cast their eyes on the colossal golden structures of Giza that stood the test of time to provide a magical insight into the glory of the ancient Egyptian civilization.

The view of the heavenly attraction will provide the most amazing sunset and sunrise that will reflect rays of greatness and beauty. Some of the most spectacular photos of your life will come true in this phenomenal panoramic point.

3- Explore the Valley Temple

Valley Temple of Khafre - Egypt Tours Portal
Valley Temple of Khafre - Egypt Tours Portal

This valley temple was used as a blessed mortuary temple for the kings of the 4th dynasty and their families, it is a part of the Giza Complex Pyramids. The valley temple was built for two reasons; the first one was to serve the mummies of Egyptian kings before their burial, and second, it was used for the mummification process of the King.

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The valley temple is one of the most popular sites for tourists in Egypt, as it’s a unique highlight and great proof of how important it is to see and touch the civilization itself. It has the force to act as the source for a great wealth of information about the funerary and mortuary rituals of the old kingdom.

4- Watching the Sound and Light Show

The Sound and Light Show at the Pyramids - Egypt Tours Portal
The Sound and Light Show at the Pyramids - Egypt Tours Portal

The Giza Pyramids Sound & Light Show started in 1961, with ten languages so you will not have any difficulty understanding as it comes with the languages of English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic, Russian, and Japanese. This show works at night with an audio and visual display that shows the greatness of the Egyptian civilization and expresses the old history of the Pyramids and the Pharaoh.

This multimedia presentation will bring to life the story of the pyramids' history and significance in a captivating way. All the lights and sounds will narrate tales of great kinds and gods who created the biggest ancient civilization on earth. So always make sure to check the schedule of the sound of the light show and book tickets in advance.

5- Quad Bike at the Pyramids

Quad Bike at the Pyramids - Egypt Tours Portal
Quad Bike at the Pyramids - Egypt Tours Portal

If you want to live the most thrilling adventure ever, then a quad bile across the golden Giza pyramids is by far the most ideal chance to live a complete adventure that will provide a collection of memories filled with allure and grandeur with a mixture of thrill. This tour will be special from any other tour because you will enjoy a desert safari by quad bike with a panoramic view around the Pyramids.

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With every moment riding across the quad bike, all the magnificent colossal monuments of the Giza complex will feel as if they are coming to life as you ride across a magical path leading across this golden attraction.

6- Try A Traditional Horse-drawn Carriage

Horse-drawn Carriage - Egypt Tours Portal
Horse-drawn Carriage - Egypt Tours Portal

One of the most tranquil and entertaining activities to do across the ethereal Giza complex is a marvelous horse carriage ride across the golden path leading around colossal works of art and architecture that have many stories to tell. The beauty of the Giza pyramids complex will add a magical twist to this magnificent activity that will truly make every moment of your time something special.

You will cover the most attractions in less time, on a private and comfortable horse carriage with a panoramic view of the Three Pyramids. It is highly recommended to take part in this tour which should be done at least once in a lifetime!

7- Entering Inside the Pyramids

Inside the Queen Room at the Great Pyramid - Egypt Tours Portal
Inside the Queen Room at the Great Pyramid - Egypt Tours Portal

I’m sure you are so interested in seeing the pyramids from the inside and how the life of the ancient Egyptians was very traditional with great ACHIEVEMENTS! This is the most wonderful feeling you will get ever for the rest of your life. Entering the Giza pyramids will feel like treasure hunting or like going on a quest across the fabric of time where you will cast your eyes on a glimpse of the effort done to immortalize the legacy and name till the end of time.

All will come very close, face to face with the masterful skill of the ancient Egyptian builders and the mythical beliefs that led them to create this magnificent structure.

8- Buy A Souvenir for a Lifetime Remembering

Souvenirs at Giza Pyramids - Egypt Tours Porta
Souvenirs at Giza Pyramids - Egypt Tours Porta

One of the best ways to immortalize your adventure across the mythical Giza pyramid complex is by getting a beautiful souvenir from this blessed attraction. Make sure to buy some Egyptian souvenirs for your family and your friends from Egypt like Small Pyramids that were made from stone, antiques, coffee mugs, and miniature license plates.

There are numerous souvenir shops around the complex where you can purchase traditional Egyptian crafts, jewelry, and other souvenirs to remember your visit forever.

9. Visit the one-of-a-kind Grand Egyptian Museum

Grand Egyptian Museum - How to Enjoy Giza Pyramids - Egypt Tours Portal
Grand Egyptian Museum - Egypt Tours Portal

The state-of-the-art Grand Egyptian Museum is by far one of the most precious archaeological spots on the face of the earth, It is just a few steps away from the Giza pyramids complex about 2 km that will offer the most complete magical quest which uncovers the biggest collection of over 100,000 artifacts from ancient Egyptian civilization displayed on a floor space of 81,000 m2 (872,000 sq ft).

Everyone will enjoy their time to the fullest through incorporating advanced technologies like virtual reality that aim to serve as a global hub for museum communication, fostering connections with other international and local Egyptian museums. Additionally, it features a children's museum, conference center, training center, and workshops inspired by ancient Pharaonic sites. Your visit to this marvelous attraction will explore the entire artistic, cultural, and historical magnificence of this civilization that achieved immortality.

What Was the Purpose of Building the Pyramids and Where?

Purpose of Building the Pyramids - Egypt Tours Portal
Purpose of Building the Pyramids - Egypt Tours Portal

The Pyramids were built first as tombs for the Kings of the ancient Egyptians, it was believed that there was a next world after the afterlife, also Egyptians believed that everyone had a soul called "a ba" and a spiritual duplicate known as "a ka".

The kings were mummified so that you can see their bodies and hair at present, their bodies were kept inside the Pyramids. Pyramids were built in the south of Egypt and under the star because they believed that the Sun dies every night.

Why Do Tourists Visit Egypt, Especially the Pyramids?

Why Do Tourists Visit the Pyramids - Egypt Tours Portal
Why Do Tourists Visit the Pyramids - Egypt Tours Portal

The allure of Egypt, particularly the Pyramids, draws tourists from around the globe for a multitude of compelling reasons. Here's an expanded version of your text:

The Pyramids of Egypt hold an irresistible appeal for tourists, and their significance transcends mere curiosity. These colossal structures, considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, continue to captivate the imagination of travelers from all corners of the globe. There are several compelling reasons why tourists flock to Egypt to experience the majesty of the Pyramids.

First and foremost, the Pyramids are a testament to ancient engineering and architectural marvels. These towering structures have baffled experts and continue to mystify us with their ingenious construction techniques. Intriguingly, some aspects of the Great Pyramids, such as their invisible doors, remain a mystery to this day. Visitors are drawn by the allure of these enigmatic features, hoping to catch a glimpse of the past and perhaps even contribute to ongoing discoveries.

Are the Pyramids Safe to Visit in 2023?

Policeman at Giza Pyramids - Egypt Tours Portal
Policeman at Giza Pyramids - Egypt Tours Portal

Honestly, there are as said risks everywhere but, for the last decade, the Egyptian governorate has concentrated its efforts on the security of the country for both the Egyptian and the tourists, you are completely SAFE in Egypt.

Needless to say, there is no particular reason to say that it could be changed for the worse in the future, as they are working on providing more facilities for the tourists, so. If you want to see The Pyramids do not worry unduly.

There are also policemen everywhere, Egyptian people are very nice, they like to communicate with tourists and they will help you whenever you need help! Also, CNN recommends Egypt as one of the safest destinations to travel.

CNN had chosen our country among 21 countries to travel to in 2021, just imagine how our country is SAFE now in 2023! And the greatest achievement that we had two years ago from 2021!

It was expected that Egypt would still receive tourists from 2021 to 2026 about 52 million tourists, and this is because the main factor in any tour is everywhere in Egypt "Factor of Safety".

The Weather and Best Time to Visit The Pyramids

The Sphinx View - Egypt Tours Portal
The Sphinx View - Egypt Tours Portal

Egypt Weather has a warm daytime temperature in both the summer and the winter and also during spring and fall. We will discuss each point in detail:

Spring in the Pyramids {This Season Starts from April to May}:

Weather in the Pyramids most of the days is almost warm, you can get your light and cotton clothes with you. You will really enjoy the weather in Egypt as there is between, there is no heat and there is no cold as in many other countries. Do not miss the chance to celebrate "Sham El-Nasim".

Summer in the Pyramids {This Season Starts from May to August}:

The weather in the Pyramids is almost hot and it is a good choice for visitors who prefer the high temperature as it’s a good choice for people who like to dive or snorkel and prefer the seas, if they have a full package vacation in Egypt that includes other cities such as Aswan, Luxor, Alexandria, Fayoum, Hurghada, and Sharm El Sheikh.

Fall in the Pyramids {This Season Starts from September to November}:

The weather is nearly perfect during this season and it is a good choice for tourists who do not prefer crowded places, prices also are good as they could start from 40 $.

Winter in the Pyramids{This Season Starts from December to March}:

The beginning of December is a prime time to visit the Pyramids as the weather is too warm for tourists. It’s not cold at all but a little warm and it is the season for most tourists to spend their Christmas vacation in Egypt. It is highly recommended to visit the Pyramids in winter as it is the favorite season for many travelers as they prefer to visit the Pyramids. Do not miss the chance to celebrate Christmas and New Year festivals.

How Much Does It Cost to Visit the Great Pyramids?

Giza Pyramids View - Egypt Tours Portal
Giza Pyramids Panoramic View - Egypt Tours Portal

There are many ways and options to visit the pyramids, you can visit them on a day tour from Cairo International Airport, and in this case, you will have only a few hours to get back to your hotel or take your flight and back home.

1- Visiting Giza Pyramids Complex on One Day Tour

You can visit the Pyramids during a stopover tour from Cairo International Airport as many agencies can pick you up from the Airport to visit the Pyramids and drop you off at Cairo International Airport.

If you are in Egypt, they can pick you up and drop you off from your hotel in Cairo, or you can go with your family but keep in mind to be there at 08:00 am before the crowding.

It is not expensive at all to visit the Pyramids in one day and always it is accompanied by visiting the Egyptian Museum as there is a guided price that starts from 50 $ per assists with a meet and assist service, and you can enter the Great Pyramid of Khufu and pay only average 20: 25 $ Just get ready to watch the Glory itself.

2- Visiting the Pyramids through Egypt Vacation Package:

You can book with a trusted agency in Egypt Like Egypt Tours Portal to arrange a majestic tour package for you that includes many cities in Egypt. Through Egypt vacation packages, you will enjoy vising Giza Pyramids Complex, plus the most popular places in Egypt and their highlights such as:

  • Abu Simbel in Aswan.
  • Tombs of the Valley of the Kings, the valley of the queens, Abydos, and Dandara in Luxor.
  • Catacomb of Kom El-Shoqafa, Cidatel of Qaitbay, and Alexandria Library in Alexandria city.
  • Finally, do not miss the trip to visit Hurghada or Sharm El-Sheikh beside the Giza Pyramids as they have so many water activities such as the aquarium, safari in the Deseret, snorkeling, and diving in the Red Sea.

What to Pack with You While Visiting the Pyramids?

Giza Pyramids View - Egypt Tours Portal
Giza Pyramids View - Egypt Tours Portal

It’s important to be ready and not miss anything before you travel anywhere such as there are many things to pack up with you while visiting Egypt's Giza Pyramids such as:

  • You should bring your hat with you.
  • Your Sunblock is important to protect your skin from the Sun.
  • Sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun during summertime.
  • An umbrella.
  • Comfortable shoes for walking.
  • Light clothes in the summer to not get too hot.
  • Heavy clothes and tall pants in the winter.
  • A scarf for women to cover their hair when visiting mosques.
  • Do not forget to bring your camera with you to take memorable pictures.

Restaurants Near the Pyramids of Giza

Restaurants near the Pyramids of Giza - Egypt Tours Portal
Restaurants near the Pyramids of Giza - Egypt Tours Portal

Do not miss the chance to try traditional Egyptian food during your tour of the pyramids on a Pyramid view and take a picture of the traditional food with the Pyramids. There are many restaurants and cafes that introduce traditional food such as 9 Pyramids Lounge, Pavilion, Egypt Pyramid Café, and Heaven Lounge & rooftop view.

One of the most popular meals in Egypt is "Kushari" (Mixed rice, macaroni, lentils, and sauce of tomato).

Second, "Mahshi" Egyptians like to stuff everything with meat or rice, if you get the chance to try it, just order a mix of all the types of it and I doubt you will get it less than 9/10.

Third, the macaroni bechamel, this dish contains pasta, white sauce, and a meat slicer.

Fourth, molokhia, a green soap made from the leaves of jute, can be it with rabbits, chicken, or meat.

What is more, than eating "Taameya"? This meal contains fava meals and green mixed. You can try it with beans, fries, and salad.

All these words consider the Pyramids as one of the most glamorous ancient wonders of the world, these unrivaled structures have stood since 5000 years ago and yet no one can discover or explain their secret as perhaps forever they will be. The ancient Egyptians used their creativity, so Egypt would remain immortal because of those pyramids and its kind people all over the ages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Worth Going Inside The Great Pyramids?

Yes, it's worth visiting the Great Pyramids of Giza, where you can experience a unique adventure at one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Inside, explore the royal burial chambers and the unique passages of these ancient structures, and witness the magnificent architecture and history.

How Much Time Do You Need At Giza Pyramids?

The Pyramids of Giza are one of those things you must do now to create a lasting memory forever. As time flies, you should carefully allocate your time so as not to miss any moment in exploring this magnificent wonder. Here are some guidelines to follow regarding the time you spend at the Pyramids:

Giza Pyramid Complex: You can explore the entire complex, including the three main pyramids (the Great Pyramid of Khufu, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menkaure), the Sphinx, and the surrounding archaeological sites in about one to two hours. Your private guide will also narrate stories to you, and you can capture some souvenir photos in front of this magnificent complex.

Inside the Pyramids: If you plan to go inside one or more of the pyramids, it will add approximately 30 minutes to an hour for each pyramid.

Camel or Horseback Riding: You can enjoy the splendor of the pyramids by taking a camel or horseback ride. This activity may take about half an hour of your time.

Souvenir Shopping: Buying souvenirs from inside the complex may also take from a few minutes to half an hour, depending on what souvenirs you need to purchase.

What Are The Tips For Visiting The Pyramids Of Giza?

Tips for visiting the Pyramids of Giza:

Time of Day: Visit early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the intense midday heat and crowds.

  • Hydration: Bring plenty of water, as the desert heat can be dehydrating. Sunscreen and a hat are also recommended for sun protection.
  • Comfortable Clothing: Wear comfortable, lightweight clothing and sturdy walking shoes, as you'll be doing a fair amount of walking and climbing.
  • Respect the Site: Show respect for the historical site by not climbing on the pyramids, defacing them, or littering. Follow all posted rules and regulations.
  • Local Guides: Consider hiring a local guide who can provide you with in-depth information and history about the pyramids.
  • Bargaining: If you plan to buy souvenirs, be prepared to haggle over prices when shopping at the nearby markets.
  • Transportation: Arrange transportation to and from the site in advance, as it can be challenging to find taxis or rideshares in the immediate vicinity.

What Are the Finest Destinations to Visit in Egypt?

The entire country of Egypt deserve to be explored with its every heavenly detail but there are places that must be seen before any other such as the breathtaking Hurghada's red sea, The wonders of Cairo the pyramids of Giza, the great sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, Khan El Khalili Bazaar, the wonders of Luxor like Valley of the Kings, Karnak & Hatshepsut temple and the wonders of Aswan such as Abu Simbel temples, Philea temple, Unfinished obelisk and The Wonders of Alexandria like Qaitbat Citadel, Pompey's Pillar and Alexandria Library. Read more about the best places to visit in Egypt.

What Are Egypt's Visa Requirements?

If you want to apply for a Visa On Arrival that lasts for 30 days then you should be one of the eligible countries, have a valid passport with at least 6 months remaining and pay 25$ USD in cash, as for the E-Visa for 30 day you should have a valid passport for at least 8 months, complete the online application, pay the e-visa fee then print the e-visa to later be presented to the airport border guard. You could also be one of the lucky ones who can obtain a free visa for 90 days. Read more about Egypt travel visa.

What Is the Top Traditional Egyptian Food?

Egypt has a variety of delicious cuisines but we recommend “Ful & Ta’meya (Fava Beans and Falafel)”, Mulukhiya, “Koshary”, a traditional Egyptian pasta dish, and Kebab & Kofta, the Egyptian traditional meat dish.

What is the Best Time to Visit Egypt?

The best time to travel to Egypt is during the winter from September to April as the climate becomes a little tropical accompanied by a magical atmosphere of warm weather with a winter breeze. You will be notified in the week of your trip if the Climate is unsafe and if any changes have been made.

What to Pack for Your Egypt Tour?

You should pack everything you could ever need in a small bag so you could move easily between your destinations.

Why Book With "Egypt Tours Portal"?

We have been creating the finest vacations for more than 20 years around the most majestic destinations in Egypt. Our staff consists of the best operators, guides and drivers who dedicate all of their time & effort to make you have the perfect vacation. All of our tours are customized by Travel, Financial & Time consultants to fit your every possible need during your vacation. It doesn't go without saying that your safety and comfort are our main priority and all of our resources will be directed to provide the finest atmosphere until you return home.

Is it Safe to Travel to Egypt?

You will feel safe in Egypt as the current atmosphere of the country is quite peaceful after the government took powerful measures like restructuring the entire tourist police to include all the important and tourist attractions in Egypt. Read more about is it safe to travel to Egypt.

What to Wear While in Egypt?

Wear whatever feels right and comfortable. It is advised to wear something light and comfortable footwear like a closed-toe shoe to sustain the terrain of Egypt. Put on sun block during your time in Egypt in the summer to protect yourself from the sun.

What are the Best Activities to Do in Egypt?

The best activity is by far boarding a Nile Cruise between Luxor and Aswan or Vise Versa. Witness the beauty of Egypt from a hot balloon or a plane and try all the delicious Egyptian cuisines and drinks plus shopping in old Cairo. Explore the allure and wonders of the red sea in the magical city resorts of Egypt like Hurghada and many more by diving and snorkeling in the marine life or Hurghada. Behold the mesmerizing western desert by a safari trip under the heavenly Egyptian skies.

What are Egypt Festival and Public Holidays?

There are a lot of public holidays in Egypt too many to count either religious or nation, the most important festivals are the holy month of Ramadan which ends with Eid Al Fitr, Christmas and new years eve. Read more about festivals & publich holidays in Egypt.

What are Special Advice for Foreign Women in Egypt?

Egypt is considered to be one of the most liberal Islamic countries but it has become a little bit conservative in the last couple of decades so it is advised to avoid showing your chest, shoulders or legs below the knees.

What are the Official Languages of Egypt?

Arabic is the official language and Most Egyptians, who live in the cities, speak or understand English or at least some English words or phrases. Fewer Egyptians can speak French, Italian, Spanish, and German. Professional tour guides, who work in the tourism sector, are equipped to handle visitors who cannot speak Arabic and they will speak enough English and other languages to fulfill the needs of all our clients.

What is the Transportation in Egypt?

The fastest way is a car, of course, a taxi. If you are in Cairo ride a white taxi to move faster or you could board the fastest way of transportation in Egypt metro if the roads are in rush hour.

What is the Weather is Like?

The temperature in Egypt ranges from 37c to 14 c. Summer in Egypt is somehow hot but sometimes it becomes cold at night and winter is cool and mild. The average of low temperatures vary from 9.5 °C in the wintertime to 23 °C in the summertime and the average high temperatures vary from 17 °C in the wintertime to 32 °C in the summertime. The temperature is moderate all along the coasts.

What are the Reasons That Make You Visit Egypt?

It is the home of everything a traveler might be looking for from amazing historical sites dating to more than 4000 years to enchanting city resorts & beaches. You will live the vacation you deserve as Egypt has everything you could possibly imagine.

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