One of the oldest means of transportation around the Mediterranean is a traditional wooden sailing boat called Felucca which is basically a rig that consists of one or possibly two lateen sails. It used to exist around counties all across the Mediterranean and the red sea which includes Egypt, Tunisia, Malta, Sudan, and Iraq. There is no better way to enjoy the magical breeze of a hot summer night than onboard a felucca and feel the essence of tranquility, beauty, and peace.

What Is Felucca

Felucca is a small boat made of wood entirely except for the sails which are made of native cotton and other natural fibers. The boat is usually furnished with cushions and a table fixed in the middle and surrounded by the mesmerizing beauty of the Nile from all directions. A felucca can usually board ten passengers with a crew that can consist of up to two or three people.

Felucca Purpose

The felucca is very common in Egypt that remains a very active means of transportation across the Nile between Luxor and Aswan despite the availability of motorboats and ferries. There are very popular among travelers who wish to explore all the allure and wonder of the Nile in total harmony and relaxation. A Felucca can be easily found anywhere across the Nile in all the tourist towns.

Felucca Activities

The felucca is available through all the major cities that sit across the Nile like Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan. They are the perfect way to fully witness all the wonders of this immortal civilization while enjoying the simple pleasures onboard. The felucca is the ideal vessel to have an unforgettable picnic-style lunch and dinner. A Ride across the legendry towns of Luxor and Aswan like the ancient capital of Nekheb (or El Kb) and the temple of Kom Ombo.

While being in Aswan, there are many Aswan day tours to do. Riding felucca in the Nile is one of the best things to do where you will experience the true adventure while sailing in the lifestream of Egypt and witness the stunning beauty of Aswan. Check our Felucca riding tours below and let the dream begins.