King Menes and the Unification Battle

The unification battle marked the beginning of the early dynastic period which led to the creation of the first royal dynasty in (c.3100 BCE) BY Egypt’s first pharaoh “king Narmer” a.k.a“Menes” that means “He Who Endures”. He is credited with uniting Egypt into one peaceful kingdom, he was able to unite lower and upper Egypt into one single unified country, through a massive battle across Egypt. A lot of information about him, his era and gods like Hathor and Horus, was known through “Narmer” palette which was discovered in 1988. He unified Egypt under own religion and made Horus the official god and the most common religious symbols were the Ankh and the Djed pillar, he also built the first unified capital for Egypt called Memphis. He enhanced the economic condition by developing trade with other countries all across north Africa and nearby regions, the buildings of large projects and the foundation of the future kingdoms and the military presence of Egypt which put Egypt on the right path of becoming the greatest military and economic force of ancient times.

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