The Battle of Kadesh “The Greatest Battle in Ancient History”

In 1274 BCE, the world witnessed one of the greatest battles in history as it’s known for being an act of peace not war because of the battle in ended in the signing of the first peace treaty in history. The battle of Kadesh is known to be the greatest achievement during Ramesses II rule.

In the fifth year of the reign of the pharaoh Ramesses II, he decided to expand his kingdom by enrolling the city of Kadesh in Syria to his empire due to it being a valuable stop on the trade routes and a strategic position of the Egyptian expansion in Syria. over the time the Hittites of Anatolia grown in power and began testing the strength of their neighbor –countries like Egypt and many pharaohs failed to stop or even control their progress like AKHENATEN and TUTANKHAMUN as they grow bolder enough to fortify regions on or near the borders of Egypt, and then king Ramesses II saw them as a real threat for the future of his kingdom.

King Ramses II prepared his army which consisted of 20,000 soldiers and 2,000 chariots against the army of the Hittites led by their king “Muwatalli II” that consists of 40,000 soldiers and 3,000 chariots that were designed to be more heavier than the traditional Egyptian chariot. This is known for being the biggest chariot battle in history as it was considered to be the key factor in deciding the winner of the battle. The Hittite chariots chattered the Egyptian chariots into a piece and the victory seemed at hand which resulted in dropping their guard. While they were indulging in their hubris, Ramses was collecting his remaining troops and launched a counterattack with their lighter chariots and was able to outmaneuver them as they were trying to regain their spirit. Ramses was able to drive the enemy’s troops in the river of Orontes, as for Muwatalli II, he chooses not to trap Ramesses II’s forces between the river and his army for some unknown reason.

Both parties claimed victory, King Ramses II was able to break the Hittites army in the field but was not able to capture the city of Kadesh while king Muwatalli failed to defeat the Egyptians as he hoped but was to able to safeguard and protect the city. Many consider the battle was a draw and eventually, after fifteen years of that battle, the two nations realized that there more to gain if they choose the path of peace. In 1258 BCE, the throne of Hittite empire was passed to Hattusili III after the death of Muwatalli II and under his reign, the world’s first peace was signed with the king of Egypt Ramses II. The two nations started to share knowledge with each other, the Hittites taught the Egyptians how to make more superior weapons and tools as they were skilled in metalwork and the Egyptians taught them the art of agriculture. The new relation of peace and productivity between the two nations improved the lives of the two peoples and the financial and economic situation of both countries.

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