A Nile river cruise is the essence of Egyptian travel as there is no better way to fully explore and understand the wonders of Luxor and Aswan. There are various elements that affect the booking of all Nile cruises, that’s why each traveler must answer a set of questions to fully understand and decide which Nile cruise is going to be boarded???. The Nile cruise is the greatest source of entertainment located in all of Egypt and to the best of the ancient Egyptian historical wonders, all while providing the greatest means of entertainment and relaxation on this floating hotel sailing on the Nile River and in this article, you will learn how to book a Nile River Cruise.

Table of Content:

  1. Check Best Nile River Cruises Ships
  2. Check the Nile River Cruise Availability
  3. Define Your Budget Before Booking
  4. Choose What to Pack with You
  5. Know What to Wear During the Nile River Cruise Trip
  6. Specify Which Nile River Cruise Duration You Want
  7. Know What is the Check-In and Check-Out Time
  8. Conclusion

1- Check Best Nile River Cruises Ships


The number of Nile cruises in Egypt is countless and keeps growing each time, but in order to choose the most suitable cruise, you must decide an important factor like your budget which in turn will decide which Nile cruise to board. There are mainly two types of the Nile cruises the first is the standard Nile cruise for budget travelers which includes the Rosetta Nile cruise, the Queen Nefer Nile cruise, the Movenpick Royal lotus Splendor Nile cruise, the Movenpick Royal Lily and more, the second type is the luxury Nile cruise which possesses all the bells and whistles such as the Oberoi Zahra Nile cruise, the Sonesta Nile cruise, the Sanctuary sun boat Nile cruise and more.

2- Check the Nile River Cruise Availability

Every Nile cruise has its own price tag and a number of reviews that must be examined before boarding.  Before you begin your Nile cruise, and even before booking your Nile cruise, you should always check its availability whether there is a place for you onboard the cruise by viewing the time schedule of boarding or checking with your travel agency.

3- Define Your Budget Before Booking

Before booking any Nile cruise, you should know how much money are you going to spend and fully organize your budget by calculating the cost of your private or group tour, accommodations, guides, meals, drinks, transportations, and everything else on board the Nile cruise. If you are into saving money than the standard Nile cruise is your safest choice but if you want to experience full luxury then you should board the luxury, Nile.

4- Choose What to Pack with You

When you board a Nile cruise, you should pack everything you could possibly need such as all the personal essential items such as cash money, sunscreen, sunglasses, all your needed medication for motion sickness, and upset stomach. You should have a light backpack on you and have your entire passport, travel document, and any contact info with you. An outlet adapter can be handy.

5- Know What to Wear During My Nile River Cruise Trip?

In order to fully enjoy your journey on the Nile cruise, you must relax and put on some relaxing clothing like a T-Shirt and shorts plus some walking shoes and don’t forget about the scarf and a hat plus lotion to stay protected from the sun.

6- Specify Which Nile River Cruise Duration You Want?

The Nile cruise Duration depends on the type of booking you have a choice, as there are three options between Luxor and Aswan or vis versa. There are 3 days Nile cruise between Aswan to Luxor where you will begin by witnessing all wonders of Aswan such as The High Dam, the Unfinished Obelisk and the Temple of Philae afterward Sail to Kom Ombo then Edfu the second day and at the final day head to Luxor West Bank to observe the Valley of the Kings, the Karnak temple, Queen Hatshepsut temple and between your destinations, you will enjoy your meals and overnight in your own personal cabin. The 4 nights Nile cruise is between Luxor and Aswan where you will explore Luxor attractions first then to Edfu temple then Kom Ombo temple and on the final day exploring all the attractions of Aswan. As for the 7 days Nile cruise, you will witness every single archaeological attraction between these two majestic cities.

7-Know What Is the Check-In and Checkout Time?

One of the most important elements in the Nile cruise is the time of checking in where you will board your Nile cruise and settle into your room and witness the facilities onboard the Nile cruise as for the check out is the time where you will leave the Nile cruise and then return to your home safely. Both times are agreed on at the time of the booking as part of the itinerary or simply by knowing the schedule of the Nile cruise.

Book Now Your Egypt Nile River Cruise

Egypt Nile cruises are a chance from the heavens to enjoy your time and create some incredible memories between some unique ancient constructions and the sight of paradise across the Nile River. We are fully prepared to make your dream a reality, the moment you get in touch with us so answer the call and enjoy the ideal vacation of your fantasy.