Cruising the Nile River is one of the world’s miracles to witness the will, imagination, and creativity of the ancient Egyptian civilization and feel as if you were sailing across an impossible dream made in the heavens. A Nile river cruise in the essence of Egyptian exploration as there is no better way to fully discover all the tranquil, hypnotic and epic attractions located across the longest river on earth between the golden cities of Luxor & Aswan. Every Nile cruise is like a floating hotel filled with all the means the traveler needs to have an amazing time. Onboard every Nile River Cruise is the means to make your time even so magical by enjoying all the incredible features of entertainment and relaxation. Here are step to enjoy best Nile cruise depending on your budget:

1. Determine Your Budget Before Your Booking

Nile River Cruise Budget - Egypt Tours Portal

The exact amount of your budget determines everything especially when it comes to your Nile cruise. The main ruler here is that the more basic the Nile cruise the cheaper and affordable it is, but if you want to get all the bells and whistles then it is a different story and more money to spend. Before you book your Nile River Cruise, you should agree on an exact amount of money, you are willing to spend. In order to fully calculate your budget, you should take a look at the pricing of your inclusions like your accommodations, guides, meals, drinks, transportation, and more. Also whether you are on a private tour or in a group tour will have a huge effect over your budget. The type of Nile River Cruise you choose will have the greatest effect on your overall budget so you should choose carefully.

2. Check All Nile River Cruises Ships Categories

Nile River Cruise Categories - Egypt Tours Portal

There are different variations of the Nile cruise suitable for your budget. The number of Nile cruises in Egypt is truly overwhelming filled with all your budget can handle from your standard Nile cruise to your luxury one. The key to a successful Nile cruise is picking the most ideal category so choose wisely. Here are various categories of Nile cruise:

A. Standard Nile River Cruises

The standard Nile cruise is the most suitable choice for budget travelers who want to experience the magic and beauty of the Nile cruise without spending much money. The standard Nile cruise will get the job done by providing a five-star service, highly affordable accommodations and activities such as the smile Nile cruise, the Movenpick Royal Lily, the Rosetta Nile cruise, Queen Nefer Nile cruise, the Movenpick Royal lotus Splendor Nile cruise and more.

B. Deluxe Nile River Cruise

A deluxe is just another word for luxury and when it is attached to Nile cruise is means a full-on five stars rating across everything from spacious accommodations, to private dining, to a number of activities like the game room, spas, gift shops, Discotheque, daily parties and oriental shows, and a lot more awesome means of entertainment designed to make every moment truly special.

C. High Luxury Nile River Cruise

The high luxury is the complete opposite of the affordable Nile cruise as you will enjoy the true meaning of ancient Egyptian luxury as if you were a Pharaoh. The high Deluxe got all that a luxury Nile cruise has and more, designed in the form of a high luxury suite to provide the sensation of being in a paradise such as the Sancturay sun boat Nile cruise, Oberoi Zahra Nile cruise, Sonesta Nile cruise, and more.

3. Choose Your Suitable Duration Depending on Your Budget

Nile River Cruise Duration - Egypt Tours Portal

The number of days spent on the Nile cruise makes a huge difference when it comes to the budget. The most ideal duration for a Nile cruise for budget travelers is 5 days Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan or the shorter one 4 days Nile River Cruise from Aswan to Luxor which comes at an affordable price compared to the longer 7 days Nile cruise or more which can be too restricting your freedom from exploring other destinations on foot.

4. Understand All the Cruise Facilities

Nile River Cruise Facilities - Egypt Tours Portal

The facilities of the cruise are a good determination of the rank of the cruise and home much money are you going to spend onboard. If you are a budget traveler then standard Nile cruise will be more suitable for you which will contain Lounge bar, Restaurant, Shops, including a gift shop and a jewelry shop, Sun deck and bar, Swimming pool, Laundry and dry cleaning, Medical Centre, Gym, and Wi-Fi. The standard Nile cruise is the most obvious choice for travelers wishing to enjoy all the allure and grandeur between Luxor and Aswan while maintaining their budget.

5. Select Your Ideal Pickup & Drop Off Point

Nile River Cruise Embarkation - Egypt Tours Portal

There are various Nile cruises between Luxor and Aswan which can last for more than a week but the most ideal time is 5 days which gives you the exact needed time to explore all the incredible attraction between Luxor and Aswan. And if it happened you are a budget traveler these 5 days four nights Nile cruise is the ideal choice and to make even better is if you booked a standard Nile cruise which offers an excellent level of service at an affordable price.

Enjoy Your Destined Nile River Cruise

A Nile cruise experience is something that can’t be missed if you decided to travel to Egypt and there is no better company to arrange this magical vacation than us. You will enjoy more than thirteen years of experience in the field of creating the most ideal tour around Egypt. Live your dream and book one of our Egypt Nile cruises where all that makes Egypt special will be showcased in front of your eyes as you enjoy the most relaxation and entertaining service.