The Edfu temple represents a lost art that showcases the true spirit of the ancient Egyptian civilization from the perspective of the Ptolemaic dynasty. The Edfu temple was built on the land believed to have witnessed the greatest battle in the history of the ancient Egyptian Mythology between the powers of good and evil in the image of the ancient Egyptian gods of Horus and Set. It is the most preserved temple in all of Egypt and one of the last temples to ever be built in the history of ancient Egypt that stands as a final symbol of the brilliance, honor, and glory of the ancient Egyptian heritage.

Location of Edfu Temple

The Edfu temple is located in Aswan in the city of Edfu on the west bank of the Nile in Upper Egypt just 60 km north of Aswan.

Edfu Temple History

Edfu Temple History - Egypt Tours Portal

The history of the Edfu temple is able to showcase the profound admiration and bond between the Ptolemaic and ancient Egyptian cultures. The construction of the temple began by Pharaoh Ptolemy III on 23 August 237 BC and fully completed in the reign of Pharaoh Ptolemy XII in 57 BC. The temple was built on the location where the battle for the future of ancient Egypt occurred between the god of protection and victory Horus and the god of the desert, war, and chaos Set according to the tale of Osiris. With the coming of Christianity during the final days of the Roman kingdom in 391 AD when paganism was forbidden, the temple was left alone under the sand for hundreds of years until the discovery of the temple once again in 1860 AD by a French Egyptologist Auguste Mariette.

Design of Edfu Temple

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There are many elements that make the Edfu temple very unique as it stands out as an incredible piece of art that combines the ancient Egyptian and ancient Greek style of architecture to create a heavenly piece of perfection that provided a marvelous archaeological wonder. The temple was the annual festival of coronation and both the divine birth & victory of Horus. The Edfu Temple had an architectural style of the new kingdom (1570-1050 BC) and possessed a “Mamisi” a greek divine birth chamber at the west entrance reaching 36m in height and has two granite statues of Horus.

Edfu Temple Architecture

Edfu Temple Architecture - Egypt Tours Portal

There are a lot of amazing aspects to the temple that makes it one of the most visited archaeological spots in all of Egypt. The Edfu temple contains one of the largest pylons which reaches the height of 37 m that was constructed by Ptolemy IX that was surrounded by a group of halls like the hall of offerings which were filled with decorations and images of Ptolemaic pharaohs offering gifts to the gods, the Hypostyle hall that was constructed by Ptolemy VII filled with the decorated ceiling with marvelous astronomical painting and the hall of festivals. The Edfu temple has a Nilometer which was used to calculate the Nile water levels of each flood. The Sanctuary of Horus is the oldest and holiest chamber of the temple containing a black granite shrine decorated by Nectanebo II.

Tours to Edfu Temple

The Edfu temple is the crown jewel of a magical mythical city of Aswan where the legend of the past is awakened in the most incredible manner across a heavenly wonder. Egypt is filled with enchanting attraction all over Egypt especially in upper Egypt between Luxor and Aswan through a marvelous Nile river cruise. So we have well-created breathtaking Egypt tour packages to witness Edfu temple with other Egyptian attractions.