We have gone very far away from the normal essential things to pack with you while planning a vacation in Egypt and decided to provide you with an absolutely new set of the real must-have items and the most useful travel accessories that you definitely need to pack with you. If you are going to visit Egypt in the days to come, you should with no doubt bring with you all of the necessary medical precautions against COVID-19 including your face masks, sanitizers, alcohol with a percentage of 70%, alcohol wipes, and things like that for your personal use although we are going to offer you similar items during the whole of your Egy vacation packages with us. This doesn’t mean that your vacation is going to be like a horror adventure but it is going to be a really amazing journey to explore the gorgeous beauty of Egypt without dampening anyone’s spirit.

So based on our survey, we have collected the most useful items & accessories to have with you for more relaxed and interesting options during your vacation and the best thing about the things that we are going to mention is that they are all available in the market in good prices and such things will make you feel more confident to have another adventure in a different place and in a country like Egypt, you will feel that you want to visit it over and over every time you get the chance to travel abroad because of the numerous amount of treasures that you can find on its land. Here are some of the most important travel accessories that you need to pack with you while traveling to Egypt:

1. StrikeBox Ultraviolet (UV-C) Light Sanitizer

StrikeBox Ultraviolet - Travel Accessories to Pack for Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

This type of sanitizer is really essential in cleaning everyday essentials including your phones, face masks, cosmetics, laptops, etc and that is not all as the best thing about it is that it can simply disinfect viruses & bacteria from smaller items and you can do so by putting your items in the box and that show you will be able to sanitize the small and the bigger items. The UV-C has been used in a very successful way to sterilize and decontaminate the healthcare facilities at a large scale and that is why this portable version is a very friendly option to use at home or to pack with you while traveling to any place around the world.

2. Pack with You a Portable UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

Portable UV toothbrush sanitizer - Travel Accessories to Pack for Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

Some people don’t even know that such a product is actually in the market and now after knowing that you can easily reach that device online or through buying it from markets, it is going to be a much more suitable option for you and your family as your toothbrush is the most important thing for the safety of your health and you can’t even imagine the number of places where your brush can be during the whole way of your tour. Try to get the portable version of that UV sanitizer to be able to use at home or while traveling to Egypt.

3. Make Sure you Pack with You a LARQ Bottle

LARQ Bottle - Travel Accessories to Pack for Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

Water is so important in our life to stay healthy and in order not to get hydrated during your tours especially if you have chosen Egypt to be your destination. That is why holding a LARQ bottle with you is so important because it provides the option of a self-cleaning water bottle and it also has a water purification system that uses the best UV-C LED light to clean up to 99.9% of bio-contaminants from both the water and the bottle. That is not all as it has an incredible cleaning option called Adventure Mode and it allows you to drink your water without worrying about sanitizing anymore.

4. W & P Porter Collection

W& P Porter Collection - Travel Accessories to Pack for Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

These porters are the most suitable options for you to carry the types of food you want from home especially on the flight. There are a wide collection of W & P porters that have some beautiful containers and can assist you to carry any of your food in a safe way to any place you want.

5. Think about Bringing Some Plane Seat Covers

Plane Seat Covers - Travel Accessories to Pack for Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

All travelers know that the seats on the board of the airplane, seat pockets, and the tray tables may look gross and not suitable at all during your flight especially that people on the board of the plane will make you feel like that it is not a big deal but based on our experience in the field of tourism, we assure that it is a really a big deal especially for those who take care of the things that surround them and want everything to be clean and beautiful. That is why we recommend the plane seat covers that are available at the different stores and are usable & washable. You will be able to use them on the economy, business, and the first-class seats and even on trains, buses, and movie theatres. The most interesting thing about those covers is that you can use them to cover the entire seat without bothering anyone around you.

6. Choose A Good Ergonomic Travel Pillow

Ergonomic Travel Pillow - Travel Accessories to Pack for Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

Such a washable pillow makes it easier for any traveler to enjoy an amazing tour as it prevents your head from falling during your sleep. These pillows are suitable for both adults and children and can be used on trains, buses, airplanes, camping, and cars, for the wheelchair accessible, at the airport terminals, or during watching TV. It is something we can’t do without, something can reach in a very easy way online or at any place, and it is also at a very good price that is why we highly recommend it.


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