Sharm El Sheik Location

The city of Sharm El Sheik is known to be a true piece of heaven and one of Egypt’s most beautiful destinations. It is located on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula on the coastal strip along the red sea. It is called the city of peace as it holds many international conferences and diplomatic Meetings which only show the level of importance and significance this city has.

Sharm El Sheik Climate and Attractions

The climate of the city is quite tropical with long hot summers & warm winters and average temperatures of 21 to 33 C (70 to 91 F). The city is famous for being the perfect destination for various water sports and aquatic activities such as diving, snorkeling, and surfing.

The marine life of Sharm El Sheikh is quite magical, beautiful, and diverse for having 1000 species of Fish and 250 different kinds of coral reefs. The city has more than 90 resorts in or around the city, and most of them are rated five stars. The city houses the coolest and wildest nightlife scenes plus the natural Bedouin culture. Sharm El Sheik is the ultimate location for anyone who is looking for the ideal memorable enjoyable vacation.

The Most Famous Resorts in Sharm El Sheikh

Resorts in Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt Tours Portal

Sharm El Sheikh has many breathtaking attractions across the entire country and even the world:

1. Ras Mohammed

Ras Mohammed National Park has glorious shores for snorkeling, Mangrove forest, and saltwater lake. There is also Naama Bay which famous for its white sand and swaying palm trees.

2. Nabq Protectorate

Nabq Protectorate is considered one of the most important sites specialized in protecting the natural wilderness as it holds a massive number of birds and endemic gazelles and ibexes plus a beautiful coastal desert landscape and home to the northerly mangrove forest.

3. Dahab

This enchanting resort offers the ideal destination for any traveler as it holds many majestic restaurants, cafes, and shopping districts. The resort is famous for its ideal water sports like snorkeling and diving.

4. The Blue Hole

One of most beautiful places on Sharm El Sheik and the world, Known for its abundance of rare coral reef and colorful fish which became a haven for all the divers of the world because of its depth of over 100 m and lack of current which made it the ultimate challenge for any professional diver.

5. Ras Um Sid

It is an amazing natural habitat that contains one of the best beaches in Sharm El Sheik which anyone can enjoy snorkeling along the shore.

6. Shark’s Bay

Shark’s Bay is famous for its five-star hotels and the home to the Soho Square Centre.

Activities to Do in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheik is a cultural-historical phenomenon that gives everyone that chance to explore incredible historical attractions like Saint Catherine monastery, Mt Sinia, and more. Nabq Protectorate is one of the most visited places in Sharm which contains the amazing mangrove forest and the dunes of the wadi kid which holds two Nubian villages and many rare animals offering the finest super safari trip possible. The Sharm El Sheikh old market is a marvelous place where everyone can find some delightful souvenirs. A tour in Sharm El Sheik Museum is truly delightful as you will witness a unique collection of wonderful artifacts.

Close to Sharm el sheik is the chance to explore a wonderful natural attraction that came to be during the time of creation called the colored canyon which is 700 meters of colored rocky formations the result of natural erosion that offers the ideal hiking experience. A trip to Sharm is not complete which takes part in all the entertaining aquatic activities like snorkeling, diving, swimming with dolphins, kite & windsurfing within gardens dive site, or any of the incredible destinations within Sharm el sheik. The nightlife in this marvelous city is willing to offer the most relaxing and entertaining experience. Sharm El Sheik also offers the chance to explore all the historical destinations of Egypt like Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, and Aswan to fully complete your journey.

Sharm El Sheikh Tours

There are many famous locations for diving in Sharm like Jolanda reef, Jackson Reef, Gardens Thomas Reef, and many other resorts. If you are in Sharm El Sheikh and prefer to enjoy other wonderful activities, then you can check our Sharm El Sheikh excursions and choose the most suitable trip for you, or visit our Egypt tour packages to spend the vacation you deserve.