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Egypt Has Eased Its Covid-19 Entry Protocols, Eliminating The Need For Vaccination Certificates, Pcr Tests, Or Antigen Tests

As of June 16, 2022, Egypt has taken a significant step by abolishing all Covid-19 entry requirements for travelers. Regardless of nationality, passport type, or residency status, visitors are no longer required to provide vaccination certificates or undergo PCR or rapid antigen testing when arriving in Egypt. This decision marks a noteworthy development in facilitating international travel to the country amid the pandemic.

The Egyptian Cabinet, in consultation with the Supreme Committee for the Management of Pandemics, made a discreet announcement regarding the decision. Interestingly, no social media posts were made by either the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities or the Ministry of Health and Population to publicize this change. However, numerous travelers who visited Egypt in late June and early July have confirmed that there are no longer any checks for Covid-19 documentation upon entry.

For all tourists, the sole requirements to enter Egypt are a valid passport and $25 USD in cash to purchase a visa upon arrival. This streamlined entry process marks a significant shift in travel procedures for these visitors amid the ongoing pandemic.

Indeed, the decision by Egypt to drop all Covid-19 entry requirements, including vaccination certificates and testing, not only simplifies travel to Egypt but also eases the return journey for travelers to their home countries. With no Covid-19 PCR or rapid antigen test required upon departure from Egypt, travelers can now enjoy a more hassle-free and streamlined travel experience. This move by Egypt is likely to positively impact tourism and encourage more travelers to visit the country without the burden of additional testing requirements when heading back home.

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