Every true traveler is always on the hunt for the magical sensation of experiencing absolute freedom and exploring the perfect example of natural beauty which can only be found in the heavenly city resort of Hurghada. It has severed as a haven for the most enchanting marine life as it stretches about 36 km “22 mi” along the coast of the red sea not too far away from the eastern Arabian Desert. The weather in Hurghada is quite tropical with a warm breeze and an average temperature of 24 C “75 F“. The city holds a number of amazing resorts and breathtaking beaches filled with the best hotels restaurants, bazaars, and nightclubs. Hurghada is also known for its delightful water sports like diving, snorkeling, wind and kite surfing and in this article, we will explain the most important points for how to spend a night in Hurghada so continue reading:-

Hurghada Nightclubs

Hurghada Nightclubs - How to Spend A Night in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal
Nightclub in Hurghada – Egypt Tours Portal

The nightlife in Hurghada is quite awesome filled with the best wildest hotspots and the almost hypnotic atmosphere next to the magical sea due to the fact of being part of the red sea Riviera. There are many great clubs, disco, and bars in Hurghada filled with wonderful music and wonderful drinks. You will have an unforgettable time.

Bedouin Dinner Tours

Bedouin Dinner Tours - How to Spend A Night in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal
Bedouin Tent in Hurghada Desert – Egypt Tours Portal

You will get to have dinner in the heart of the desert and fell its soul, try the Bedouins lifestyle and explore a different culture. You will get to put on their clothes, stay in a tent and eat a lot of Bedouin cuisines like a barbecued dinner such as chicken, kofta, rice and potatoes cooked on natural coal, plus the natural baked Bedouin bread which serves directly of the oven directly into your mouth where it melts, followed by Bedouin tea while enjoying an oriental show and folkloric songs.

Magnificent Astronomical Nights

Astronomical Nights - How to Spend A Night in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal
Astronomical Nights in Hurghada – Egypt Tours Portal

The night in Hurghada is extremely magical as the sky comes to life and light up with thousands of stars and galaxies that make you feel you are a part of a bigger destiny. The astronomical night tours are truly majestic as the sky illuminated with billions of light bulbs. You will get to travel into the core of the desert after dusk and cast your eyes on the wonders of the night’s sky with a telescope for further inspection and explore a marvelous sky filled with miracles.

Desert Safari Tours

Desert Safari Tours - How to Spend A Night in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal
Desert Safari by Quad – Egypt Tours Portal

There is no better way to experience the purely natural atmosphere of the desert than riding a camel. You will get to travel to the center of the desert and enjoy all the spectacular hidden locations in the desert like the various majestic Bedouin villages. You will have the opportunity to go on an adventurous journey through Hurghada’s Sahara park a.k.a the eastern Arabian Desert hills. You will get to explore all the ancient locations in the heart of the desert, witness the color of the desert shifting during the sunset. Through your jeep, you will get to behold all the ancient villages of Bedouin culture and watch the most beautiful sunrise

The Luxor Temple at Night

The Luxor Temple at Night - How to Spend A Night in Hurghada - Egypt Tours Portal
Luxor Temple at Night – Egypt Tours Portal

While being in Hurghada, there is nothing more magical you can do at night than heading to the impressive Luxor city to get the chance to explore the amazing Luxor temple at night as you will feel as if you were in a movie. It is one of the most preserved temples in Egypt and holds a great number of artifacts dating back to 1400 BC to the times of Amenhotep III. The architecture and history of the temple are quite marvelous. The temple is completely magical especially at night as it becomes illuminated with countless lights and transforms into a firing jewel in the space of Luxor. You can simply be transferred from Hurghada to Luxor by car and that made such a trip a true marvelous & affordable tour to be arranged from Hurghada

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