Under the shadow of the heavens lives a biblical land between two great seas that shaped the fate of humanity. The Sinai Peninsula is a wonderland filled with everything from historical sites like Mount Sinai, Saint Catherine’s monastery to the most beautiful aquatic sites, and resorts. Sinai is filled with amazing scenery, magical underwater marine life, and majestic Sahara filled with a number of enchanting attractions. In this land of Paradise are the keys to a magical holiday that will capture our imagination for centuries.

Geography of Sinai

Geography of Sinai - Egypt Tours Portal

Sinai is a peninsula located between the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the red sea to the south, the only part of Egypt located in Asia which is the only gateway to Egypt from the east. It consists of 61,000 square km divided into two governorates; the southern Sinai and the northern Sinai governorate. The largest city in Sinai is Al-Arish the capital of the north Sinai governorate famous for its beautiful shores and palm-lined beaches. The Southernmost tip is called the Ras Muhammad National Park. The climate is sunny all year long but with a cold-weather due to the high altitude and the mountain topographies.

History of Sinai

History of Sinai - Egypt Tours Portal

Sinai has been known as the lands of the prophets and conquers for over 5000 years. Sinai has always been of great importance due to its strategic geopolitical location and cultural convergence. It was the center of conflict between ancient civilizations such as the Levant, Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, and even the Ptolemaic era. Sinai has been occupied and controlled by foreign empires even in the recent history of the Ottoman Empire (1517-1867 AD) and the United Kingdom (1882-1956 BC). It was the battlegrounds in the modern era between Egypt and Israel which ended in a peace treaty in 1979 and the withdrew of all the Israeli forces from Egyptian lands. Nowadays, Sinai has become a tourist destination of great biblical history, filled with beautiful resorts, settings, rich coral reefs, and more.

Top Attractions in Sinai

Top Attractions in Sinai - Egypt Tours Portal

1. Sharm El Sheikh

The city of Peace Sharm El Sheik is one of the most attractive destinations in Sinai and the most attractive destination for travelers because of the number of incredible resorts offering countless accommodation options, cafes, restaurants, and bars, and natural beauty of sandy beaches, clear waters and coral reeds in national parks and diving sites.

2. Ras Mohammed National Park

At the southern part of Sinai peninsula, just 12 km from Sharm el sheik is the national park of Ras Mohammed spanning across 480 km containing an underwater haven filled with 220 kind of coral reefs and 1000 different species of fish inside famous shipwrecks like the famous ss Thistlegorm that makes ras Mohamed one of the best diving destinations in the world.

3. Saint Catherine’s Monastery

One of the holiest places on earth is located on the summit of Mount Horeb where Moses received the Ten Commandments from the all mighty. It is standing at an elevation of 1,586 Meters above sea level, constructed by the order of Sinai between 527 and 565 BCE at the mouth of a gorge on the top of Mount Sinai. The monastery became a UNESCO world heritage site in 2002 because of its historical importance.

4. Dahab

The beautiful city of Dahab lies on the southeast coast of Sinai Peninsula about 80km (50 mi) northeast of Sharm el-sheikh, famous for adventurous aquatic activities such as diving, snorkeling, kitesurfing, windsurfing and more. One of the most famous places in Dahab is the epic Blue Hole, the world’s most dangerous diving site. The resort also offers a chance to explore the Bedouin tribes in the Sahara through super safari.

Is Sinai Safe to Visit?

Is Sinai Safe to Visit - Egypt Tours Portal

Sinai nowadays is a safe haven for travelers from all over the world who seek a vacation full of adventure, wonder, and relaxation. The peninsula has various underwater miracles beneath the red sea and seaside resorts that offer the finest sun-drenched holiday entertainment plus a heavenly Sahara filled with captivating natural attractions that will cast a spell of an everlasting allure and wonder on all of its visitors.

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