Out of the three holy books like an ancient tale that dates to more than 4000 years that takes the shape of a collection of natural hot springs called Moses Springs or Ain Musa in Arabic that attract people from all over the world to explore every aspect of its divine power inside the holy land of Sinai home of miracles and prophets.

History Moses Springs

Moses Springs is where the prophet Moses is believed to have, upon the command of God, throw a unique tree into the brackish water that made the springs water drinkable. The story of the springs tells that Moses met Zipporah his future wife, after protecting her and her sisters from a violent group of shepherds. These springs are the monastery’s main source of water and according to the monks they never dry up.

Today the spring is still brackish, and there is no tree anywhere, but seven of the original 12 springs still existed during the 19th century, the springs became known as the largest of the Sinai Oases which became a popular retreat spot for foreign diplomats.

Location of Ain Musa

The Fountain of Moses is situated in Sinai, just 15 miles south of Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel that connects Sinai with the mainland of Egypt, 250 km from Cairo stretching one km along the Gulf of the Suez.

The Climate in Moses Springs

The oasis has a climate of hot summer and warm winter with an average temperature of 24°C (75.2 F).

What to Do in Moses Springs

The place has attracted the attention of travelers who are looking for therapeutic tourism as The Springs of Moses are a group of healing hot springs, with waters sweet and bitter, that created a small fertile oasis. It is a phenomenal oasis surrounding by palm trees and its water is believed to has the gift to heal wounds and cure diseases especially those with diabetes plus it can strengthen the body muscles and help regulate high blood pressure.

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