If you want to escape the crowds in Egypt and to clear your mind with the magical beauty of Egyptian nature, then a camping excursion in Egypt should be on your bucket list of the most unforgettable things to do in Egypt. The amazing land of Pharaohs is rich with the best camping spots on its spacious deserts and while being in one of the following camping spots, you will explore an unexpected side of Egypt that can’t be missed and will allow you to enjoy a hypnotic unforgettable holiday in Egypt. Here is a list of the most recommended Camping Spots in Egypt:

1. Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis - The Best Camping Spots in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

It is located on the Western Desert, around 50 Km from the Libyan border. Hundreds of locals and foreigners head every year to Siwa Oasis to check its magical beauty and to witness its unique history & culture. With its Great Sand Sea & crystal clear salt lakes and Olive & palm trees, you will be able to enjoy the most fabulous experience ever in such a magical tourist destination. It is an ideal destination for camping under the impressive Milky Way in the magical Sand Sea and while being there, you will get the chance to visit the Mountain of the Dead, Shali Fortress, the temple of the Oracle of Alexander the Great, and Cleopatra’s Bath in addition to swimming in the hot springs of the area and enjoy the best sandboarding.

2. The White & the Black Deserts

The White & the Black Deserts - The Best Camping Spots in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

Those magical deserts are located near the Bahariya & Farafra Oases and enjoying a camping tour there is such a wonderful activity to enjoy while being in Egypt. The great Western Desert is enormous and the majestic White & Black Deserts are the best destinations to enjoy your camping trip especially that it takes only an hour and fifteen minutes to be transferred from a desert to another so you can overnight in the desert for two nights or for just one night and enjoy a visit to both deserts.

The White Desert is mainly famous for its massive white chalk formations that are considered the most interesting natural wonders in Egypt and the Black Desert got its name from the magical layer of the black volcanic material that is concentrated on the upper part of its yellow sand dunes. The best way to enjoy camping is through booking with a travel agency with a desert guide and a 4X4 vehicle. When you reach, you will set up your tent, enjoy your food, and spend the most unforgettable time with the beautiful sceneries all around you.

3. Ras Mohammed National Park

Ras Mohammed National Park - The Best Camping Spots in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

It is located around 45 minutes drive from Sharm El-Sheikh on the tip of the Sinai Peninsula and it is such a charming destination for enjoying diving& snorkeling and what some people don’t know about it is that there is a special area there called “Marsa Bareika” that allows the best overnight camping excursions on the beach. Prepare yourself for the ultimate enjoyment while being there as you will have the best chance to enjoy diving, snorkeling, and swimming excursions in the most famous diving spot all over Egypt in addition to having the chance to set up your tent after paying for the entry ticket of the national park and staying at the camp. You will be a very lucky one if you got the chance to visit Bedawi Eco Camp that is known to be the most famous camp in the area. It takes 6 hrs driving by car from Cairo to reach that amazing destination for camping and enjoy the best tours.

4. Fayoum

Fayoum - The Best Camping Spots in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

The beautiful Fayoum City is located around 2 hrs driving from the capital of Egypt, Cairo. There are lots of breathtaking camping spots in Fayoum just like the Sand Dunes that are located on the Magic Lakeshore, or the ones close to the Wadi El-Rayan, or the ones near Qarun Lake. Fayoum is a breathtaking mixture of water, desert, and water, rural & urban life that must be visited to enjoy a lovely experience while being in Egypt.

Among the most notable things that you can enjoy while being in Fayoum ate swimming, exploring Tunis Village, going sandboarding, heading to Wadi El-Rayan, discovering the ancient ruins of the city, and visiting its petrified forest.

5. Sinai Mountains

Sinai Mountains - The Best Camping Spots in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

If you have the desire and will to have a camping tour in the mountains, then Sinai Mountains in the Sinai Peninsula must be on the top list of your priorities as it is such a terrific tour to enjoy in Egypt. There are so many camping options to enjoy there, including:

  • Camping near the St. Catherine Monastery
  • Spending your night at the summit of Mount Sinai
  • Go on the bewitching Sinai Trail Trek

6. Ras Abu Galum

Ras Abu Galum - The Best Camping Spots in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

This captivating tourist destination is located around 15 Km from Dahab city on the Gulf of Aqaba and it is a national protectorate where there is a small Bedouin settlement at the edge of the park on the beach and it is a perfect place for a camping tour beneath the stars. There are tons of activities that you can enjoy while being there like diving, swimming, hiking, snorkeling, sunbathing, and camping.

7. Ras Shetan

Ras Shetan - The Best Camping Spots in Egypt - Egypt Tours Portal

This beautiful spot is located between Nuweiba & Taba on the Sinai Peninsula and it is one of the most recommended camping spots on the beach all over Egypt. There are lots of bohemian camps there where there are local Bedouins and camps there are about mixtures between chalets and huts. Get ready to enjoy some of the best activities there like hiking next to the Colored Canyon, swimming, snorkeling, and visiting the hypnotic Castle Zaman.

There are further much more interesting camping spots in Egypt and lots of breathtaking activities to enjoy wherever you go in the Land of Pharaohs so pack your camping equipment and get prepared for an adventure of its kind while following the footsteps of the ancient Pharaohs with our Egypt trip packages.