The Pepi I Pyramid complex was built by the first king of the 6th dynasty Pepi I in south Saqqara. Pepi I pyramid was the subject of a French archaeological mission and all around the main pyramid, about ten pyramids were discovered for the queens and relatives of Pepi I. His two predecessors Unas and Teti choose the vicinity of the step pyramid complex in Saqqara as their final resting place.

History of Pepi I Pyramid

The name of the complex is Mn-Nfr “The Beautiful Monument” which would be the name of the city that resides in the east and would be known by Greek as Memphis. Pepi I pyramid became highly famous for containing the pyramids texts of the infamous book of the dead that acted as a manifesto containing a protection spell and a guiding system for the deceased through the underworld. The Pyramid of Pepi’s comprises 2,263 columns and text lines which showcase a great deal of information and details about the old kingdom (2686-2181 BC).

Structure of Pepi I Pyramid

The Pepi I pyramid contains all the usual elements of a pyramids complex such as a mortuary temple and satellite pyramids to the east of the pyramid, plus a causeway that connects to a Valley Temple in the further east. Despite the complex being damaged by stone thieves, many discoveries were made. In the late ’80s a French team of archaeologists examined a massive mound of debris and rubble was located to the south of the main pyramid, they were able to find the adjourning mortuary temples of five Queens of Pepi I’s. The queen of which most of the eastern pyramids were built was called Nebwenet a.k.a beloved wife of the king. The queen of the second pyramid is named Inenek-inti as for the third western pyramid the identity of the pyramid still remains unknown but she is known as “The Eldest Daughter Of the King“.  A stela inscribed with name on a  pyramid of Merities  IV “Daughter & Wife Of the King”  led to the discovery of the fourth pyramid to Akhesenpepi III and Akhesenpepi II.

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