The world faces a new challenge, not much different from what we have faced before that’s why we will overcome. The Egyptian Government and the civil aviation ministry has set up a precautionary plan that includes a compulsory medical examination which is performed on all the passengers coming to Egypt from the countries inflicted with the virus through the quarantine offices in coordination with the health ministry and all the concerned agencies like the World Health Origination.  The Egyptian airlines have stopped all flights to all the major cities and counties that have massive numbers of infections and all the Egyptian terminals are equipped with Coronavirus detectors and the most advance means of medical care & quarantine.

A Number of rumors accused Egypt of hiding information concerning the virus but this is absolutely misleading. The Egyptian government is working with total transparency with the world health organization in revealing any information relating to the Coronavirus but till this moment there have been no signs at all of the virus in Egypt. All the branches in government are following all the necessary health and preventive guidelines to counter any sights of the virus as it seems to be working as Egyptian Tourism and travel is still active in the current atmosphere.

Egypt has identified only two cases to date since the Coronavirus outbreak to two foreigners, the first patient is Chinese who received the necessary treatment and tested negative on multiple tests before being released from quarantine as for the second patient is a Canadian oil worker was remains in quarantine at this moment receiving the needed medical treatment. Beyond that, there have not any cases in Egypt at all.

In the current moment, Egypt is very safe for traveling as the Coronavirus hasn’t taken any steps in Egypt and there have not been any domestic infections between the Egyptian population and all the travelers who came in and out from Egypt remain very healthy with no signs of infection. Egypt in the current moment is considered one of the safest places for travel according to the world health organization.

 Famous Questions about COVID 19 Before Traveling to Egypt

There are some major questions in regard to COVID 19 while having a tour in Egypt and we have decided to collect the most common ones among them to assist tourists to know all of the necessary information regarding this virus and how Egypt deals with it.

Should everyone wear gloves and mask in the tourist sites and on other places?
In Egypt, it is so important to wear a mask which is a very effective way to face COVID 19 in combination with hand-cleaning with alcohol, soap, or water and then put on your gloves. Of course, it is out of the question that there are limits on how a mask can protect you against Corona Virus but it is one of the important precautions any travel should take nowadays to avoid the spread of any viruses. According to the International Ministry of Health, the most effective way to avoid such a virus is to keep washing your hands during the whole day and to keep washing them for at least 20 seconds each time. You should also keep your hands away from your nose, eyes, and mouth, and last but not least, it is very important to keep a space between you and the others in order not to get infected or infect anyone else.
How often Surfaces be cleaned?
The whole community members have learned lots of cleanliness routine in order not to be infected with COVID 19 and among the most important rules which have been recently learned is not too tough surfaces frequently includes desks, the bottoms of the elevators, toilets, electronics, sinks, tables, light switches, etc. In Egypt, all accommodation sites are taking the highest levels of cleanliness when it comes to cleaning the surfaces and that the whole staff use alcohol-based wipes & spray containers with at least 70% alcohol. Don’t forget also to wear gloves and to have good ventilation while being anywhere.
Should the temperature checking be done before entering a building or at the beginning of a tour?
Among the highest precautions the Ministry of Precautions are going to do once tourism gets back to normal is to check the temperature of each traveler upon his / her arrival at Egypt. A trained person uses a scanner to measure temperature remotely and this is considered the ideal way to measure temperature to minimize the amount of contact. Such a procedure will be done in the tourist sightseeing daily by the responsible ones to ensure the safety of our dear guests.
What best practices should be employed to ensure social distancing for a traveler and an employer?
In light of COVID 19, there have been some social distancing protocols that we will refer to so that you know how it is going to be like while being in Egypt.
  • Employers of one place should consider implementing rules regarding sharing any kind of equipment & spaces just like coffee machines, computers, phones, refrigerators, etc.
  • There is a restriction on the number of in-person meetings with clients.
  • There is now the option of taking the stairs for those who don’t like taking an elevator.
  • There will be only a limited number of people in an elevator and the responsible will provide tissues, wipes, sanitizers to any guest.
  • There should be a space from any person and the other with at least one meter.
  • Any of our tour guides isn’t allowed to smoke while being with a traveler at all and the guide will keep a proper distance between him and the traveler.
  • Ever car is used during any tour is well-cleaned and we use sanitizers after every guest to keep the highest measures of protection.
What happens if during a tour, someone showed any Corona symptoms and he/she doesn't feel well?
Among the most well-known symptoms of COVID 19 are coughs, sore throat, headache, diarrhea, fever, and breathing shortness. Sometimes, the infection can get worse and cause breathing difficulties or even pneumonia. In case any guest showed any symptoms mentioned above, he/ she will be transferred directly to the hospital to be checked and to make sure there is nothing wrong. Then, the traveler will be transferred to the hotel where he/she will be quarantined on his / her own until the result of the check appears to be safe and not to infect any others. Kindly put in mind that catching COVID 19 doesn’t mean that you will have it for life or it will lead to your death but in fact, most people can cover such a virus and eliminate such a virus from their bodies so we hope you all safety wherever you are and we will always be here for you to arrange the most magical lifetime adventures for you.