Nile River Cruises are the ultimate keys to unfold the stories and myths of ancient Egypt and provide a clear image of the blessed beauty of this heavenly land. This blissful journey across the waters and wonders between Luxor and Aswan will be the source of the most entertaining and amazing memories. Since the times of the Victorian age at the beginning of the 19th century, there has never been a better way to explore the historical charm and importance of Upper Egypt than a Nile cruise which has evolved many times throughout history transforming into a floating hotel filled with all the bells and whistles that would make each traveler very comfortable and relaxed. When it comes it Nile cruises preparation is always key so everyone can fully enjoy their time, so here are a few tips on how to be fully prepared to enjoy the most out of a Nile cruise:

Top 20 Nile River Cruise Travel Tips

1. Calculate your exact budget, the amount of money, and the number of days you are willing to spend on your vacation in order to all the right decisions concerning your Nile cruise.

2. Pick the right Nile River Cruise that will better suit you like a deluxe or standard Nile cruise, a luxury Nile cruise, and a High Luxury Nile River Cruise.

3. Make up your mind if you are going to travel privately or in a group as it will have a different price tag. Read more about how to enjoy a mile cruise depending on your budget.

4. One of the most important aspects of a Nile River Cruise is the tour guide who will reveal all the incredible information and details about the wonders of ancient Egypt between Luxor and Aswan.

5. Make sure that the Nile River Cruise that you have chosen possesses all the facilities that you need and desire.

6. The best time to board a Nile cruise is in the seasons of winter, autumn, and spring where the climate becomes very delightful at 21 C (70 F) which is very suitable for all European and American travelers.

7. Before boarding the Nile River Cruise make sure if the tips are included in your final price as some Nile cruise packages include them so be aware of That. And if you are going to tip the staff make sure that it is less than 5 – 8 $ per person. For more, read how to book a Nile cruise.

8. The most ideal number of days spent on a Nile River Cruise is between 3 to 7 days where each traveler can explore most or all the amazing wonders of Luxor and Aswan.

9. There are a number of Items that every Traveler should pack on board a Nile River Cruise such as Sunglasses, a hat, tissues, bug spray, a hand fan, a small flashlight, binoculars, sunscreen, hand cleanser, an anti-diarrhea medicine, A Universal Adapter, Local Sim Card, Digital Camera, light & comfortable shoes, and anything else a traveler might need. For more, read what to pack for a Nile cruise.

10. The dress code is very important as the more you are relaxed in what you are wearing, the more you will be able to enjoy your Nile River Cruise. It is advised in the daytime to wear light clothes like shorts and shirts plus you should pack some smart clothes for dinner outings and nightlife activities.

11. Leave all your valuables in your room safety deposit box.

12. Pack a portable dad-bag with all the essentials that you need.

13. If you wish to buy any items from the shops onboard, the shopping experience is generally limited due to the small size of these shops. But there will be plenty of time to check what you are buying and negotiate over the price.

14. Most of the cruise boats offer telephone facilities onboard, but the sound quality is not as good as onshore.

15. It is recommended to change your money, before cruising, as most of the boats do not offer to exchange money facilities and you will not get access to onshore banks while you are cruising.

17. Bring all the medications that you could or may need to the Nile River Cruise.

18. You should avoid drinking large amounts of alcohol or smoking if you have equilibrium problems.

19. If you are sick, you should see the Nile River Cruise resident doctor.

20 Don’t miss the chance to expand your trips to include the majestic cultural rich land of the city of wonders Cairo and the enchanting tropical shores and underwater life of the Red sea in the beautiful city resort of Hurghada.

The Nile River Cruise is the way to witness a magical piece of the heavens reflecting the history and mysteries of one of the oldest and most beautiful civilizations on the face of the earth. Follow these tips and make every moment of your vacation on the Nile River Cruise count.