In order to enjoy a real spectacular Nile River cruise experience in the land of Pharaohs, there are some elements to keep in mind to spend a perfect vacation just like the duration of your Nile River Cruise, the starting and ending points of Nile cruise, the number of travelers that are going to join you, how the weather in Upper Egypt is going to be like during your vacation, and of course the things that you need to bring with you and the last point is exactly what we have concentrated on within our article so that you have an overall idea regarding the essential things that you need to bring with you for an unforgettable experience.

The Main Things to Pack for A Nile River Cruise

Accessories to Pack for the Nile River Cruise - Egypt Tours Portal

There are of course some essential things to get with you to enjoy your Nile River Cruise tour and here is a list of the major items of them:

  • Sunscreen

This is one of the most important things to bring with you while boarding a Nile River Cruise as during the daytime, it gets hot in Egypt especially in Upper Egypt and while being on the board of a Nile River Cruise, you need to pack with you sun protection to avoid any sunburn.

  • Sun Hat & Sunglasses

After putting on your sunblock, you need to wear a hat and sunglasses to enjoy a majestic stay on the board of your Nile River Cruise and also to protect your face & eyes from the sun rays. Both items are available everywhere in Egypt and you can get them at a very cheap price.

  • Cooling Insect Repellent

It gets sometimes annoying that you may face an issue with mosquitoes while boarding a Nile River Cruise and that is why we highly recommend packing a good insect repellent to be secured and comfortable.

  • Diarrhea Tablets

Because of the movement on the Nile, you may get sick and in order not to destroy such an experience, it is highly recommended that you bring some diarrhea tablets with you in the daypack for any emergency and you should also pack a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated throughout your tours in Egypt.

  •  A Digital Camera

Egypt is filled with the most captivating natural spots and sites especially on the banks of the Nile and in order to commemorate your Nile River Cruise tour, you need to take photos of high quality and this can be accomplished through bringing a digital camera with you and a spare 16 GB memory card.

  •  A Power Adapter with USD Ports

In order to be able to charge your devices while being on board, your Nile River Cruise you need to bring a power adapter and the most recommended one is the Poweradd charger which provides the availability of having two USB ports and three-prong outlets. That way, you will have the chance to charge your devices at any time.

  • A Local SIM Card

Some Nile River Cruises provide the service of WiFi to their guests onboard but the majority of Nile River Cruises don’t have such a service so we highly recommend bringing a local SIM card upon arrival with 16 MB internet and it costs around 12 USD Per Card.

  • A Local Tour Guide

This is one of the most important advice we can give when it comes to Nile River Cruise tours and adventures and you will definitely need an experienced tour guide with you throughout your tour to explain the history of the main sightseeing, to show you the most important tourist sites, to take you to the best shops and get some exceptional prices for you.

Clothes to Pack For A Nile River Cruise

Clothes to Pack for the Nile River Cruise - Egypt Tours Portal

When it comes to the type of clothes that should be packed for a Nile River Cruise experience, you need to keep in mind that you should pack clothes made of fabrics that dry quickly and make you feel comfortable throughout your tour. Cotton and linen clothes are really recommended and keep in mind that the choice of your clothes depends mainly on the season you have scheduled your tour in and for sure, clothes that are packed for summer are different from those for winter or spring seasons.

For women, it is highly recommended that they pack with them good maxi skirts or dresses that cover legs. They also need to consider convertible skirts. A pair of linen pants would be great to protect you from the heat of Egypt and you will be able to take some memorable pictures during your  Nile cruise vacation. If you are going to enjoy any part of your vacation at a coastal site or onboard a Nile cruise, you need to pack with you a swimsuit.

Packing a pair of flip-flops is a must to enjoy moving from a site to another in Egypt. You will find lots of them while being in Egypt at very low costs.


There are lots of things that you need to know about Nile River Cruises in Egypt and you will with no doubt know all about them with us throughout our unrivaled Nile River Cruises from the main Egyptian cities to allow our dear guests to explore the amazing beauty of Egypt. So check our tours and contact us now.