One of the most important elements in the tourism and travel industry is the Egypt tour guide who is the key component in identifying and explaining the history of a location, monuments and history, and hidden facts and treasures across Egypt. Egypt tour guide is responsible for meeting and greeting the tourists on arrival and offer all the interesting facts, contemporary heritage, and points of interest about all the historical sites, museums, natural attractions, or any destination that will elevate the interest of the visitors.

Types of Egypt Tour Guide

Egypt tour guide is self-employed which is often hired by the visitor’s bureau or travel agency and that is usually the resident of the region in which they give tours. There are three main areas when it comes to the specialization of the guiding industry which are the natural eco, historical, and corporate tour guide. All corporate tour guides tend to lead visitors across famous factories, theme parks, zoos, safari parks, wildlife refuges, and animal reserves. As for natural tour guides, well they are the key to all the national parks where a beautiful view of the natural habitat is located and offer a full insight into the impact of human activity on the environment while providing great information about geology, biology, plant life, and history. The most common form of tour guides in Egypt is the historical tour guides who lead all the groups across all the national monuments, historical districts, and sites whether historical, archaeological, or religious sites and districts plus museums.

Egypt Tour Guide Duties

Every tour guide no matter his specialty must focus on a set of fundamental responsibilities which is first to make sure all the entire group is safe and make sure all the clients or group’s activities are compliant with the site’s safety regulations. The tour guides plan their itineraries very well and organize every detail and monitor all the on-site inclusion such as the meals, displays, events, rides, distribution of materials, and every step they take from the point the visitors arrive to till departure. Some of the tour guides’ requirements are to perform clerical duties, collect fees, promote gift shops, and even sell some souvenirs.

Successful Qualities of A Egypt Tour Guide

An ideal tour guide will be patient, good with handling difficult people, empathetic, energetic, precise, timely, organized, outgoing, engaging, informative, and knowledgeable with a good sense of humor, caring, flexible, and optimistic. A successful tour guide is the one who enhances the entire traveling experience and elevates everything to the fullest so the visitors are able to create a lifetime of beautiful memories and learn some precious information about one of the greatest civilizations in the history of mankind.

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