Qalawun complex was built in the great historical street in Cairo that is called “El-Muizz Street” by Sultan Al-Mansur Qalawun in 1284 at Bayn Al-Qasreen spot. This really impressive complex includes a fascinating Mosque, a Medusa, a Mausoleum & a Mauristan inside it. A modern hospital replaced that Mauristan in 1920. The most notable thing regarding that Qalawun complex is that it displays the Mamluks architecture during that time and its windows are inspired from the Gothis style.

Qalawun complex includes a madrassa that has the style of a mosque, a great hospital, and Qalawun’s mausoleum. The Qalawun complex’s hospital has around 200 beds and offered great facilities & amenities for its patients. It was in progress as a hospital till the end of the Ottoman Period when it was destroyed in 1910. The mausoleum is the main attraction of the whole complex which looked like the dome of the rock of Jerusalem. After it was restored during the revival process of El-Moez Street, it is now considered one of the main attraction sites in the area and all around Cairo.

The really interesting thing about the Qalawun complex’s buildings is that their outside facades are decorated with arched & vertical recesses which give it the look of being a Norman Church. The ground on which the funerary complex of Qalawun was built used to be the main spot f the Fatimid Palace until Sultan Hassan Ibn Qalawun bought the area in 1283 and he made a promise to god that he will build a great hospital in Cairo that is similar to the one where he was treated in Syria. Surprisingly, the whole Qalawun complex took only 13 months to be built and lots of people don’t actually believe this due to the huge size of the complex

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