Ramses IV (1155 -1149 BC) was the fifth son of Ramsess III who during his 22 years reign appointed his son to the throne. He took the throne after the assassination of his father. He was able to develop a strong economy and maintain Egypt’s prosperity during an era of deteriorating internals and chaotic conditions. Ramses IV constructed many temples within the land of Karnak like the temple of Khonsu. He was known to be very religious and heavily devoted to the gods as he wrote many endeavors for the gods especially Osiris the ruler of the underworld as shown by the stela of Abydos. He based away after six and a half years and was buried in the Valley of the Kings in tomb KV2.

Facts About the Tomb of Ramses IV

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The tomb of Ramses IV was firstly discovered by Edward Ayrton between 1905 and 1906, and then it was excavated again in 1920. Various materials like wood, Shabtis, Ostraca, faience, and glass were found inside the tomb. The tomb of Ramses IV “KV2” is located at the base of the hill on the northwest side of the Valley of the Kings. KV2 is highly famous and unique in various ways as it contains a great deal of graffiti. The tomb is a very good condition as it was used as a hotel by early Egyptologists like Champollion, Theodore Davis, Robert hay, and others while excavating the valley of the kings. Ramses IV tomb was used as a resident for Coptic Christians, the tomb walls display 656 individual graffiti left by a large amount of Coptic and greek visitors.

Architectural Layout of Tomb of Ramses IV

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The tomb of Ramses IV is known for its simplistic design and decoration. The tomb has a length of 88.7 m and contains a downward slope and the opening of the spilled stairway at the entrance into three corridors. The ending of the last chamber is divided into the antechamber and a burial chamber.

Tomb of Ramses IV Decorations

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Most of the decorations are intact, totally enchanting, and able to reveal the use of several artistic elements and how it is created and used. The two first passages of the tomb have scenes from the litany of Ra and the third scene of the tomb is the book of caverns while the anteroom is decorated with images of the book of the dead. The walls of the tomb hold parts of the book of gates, books of the heavens, and the Amduat. The sarcophagus of the pharaoh Ramses IV is broken at one end, the lid is missing and the mummy was removed. The tomb’s façade is decorated with images and illustrations depicting the king’s coronation with the pictures of Isis and Nephyths venerating the sun disk, the ceilings have pictures of winged scarabs with spread wings, vultures, and falcons.

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