The Menkaure pyramid is the youngest and the smallest of the three great pyramids of Giza Necropolis. The pyramid was built by Menkaure of the golden fourth dynasty (2613-2494 BC) to complete the legacy of his great ancestors. The exact date of its construction is unknown as Menkaure’s reign wasn’t fully defined during the 26th century BC. The pyramid of Menkaure was known in the ancient Egyptian language as “Netjer-er-Menkaure” which means “Menkaure Is Divine“. The pyramid was left incomplete which gave archaeologists the chance to understand the method used the construct the temples and the pyramids.

The Architecture of Menkaure Pyramid

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Menkaure pyramid is the shortest of all the trees as it stands at a height of 65.5 m (215 ft). The pyramid of Menkaure stands at 61 m (204 ft) tall with a base of 108.5 m with an angle of 51°20′25. The Menkaure pyramid was constructed using granite and limestone. The first 16 courses of the exterior were made of red granite while the upper portion was entirely cased with Tura limestone. There is a group of three satellite pyramids south of the main pyramid of Menkaure which is accompanied by a temple and substructure and was partly encased with granite.

The Contents of Menkaure Pyramid

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The mortuary temple is made of various foundations and an inner core made of limestone, the floors and the walls of the temple are made of red granite. The open courtyard of the pyramid is connected to the causeway of the complex with a long entrance corridor. The temple has many pillars in the courtyard and a small shrine with plastered and whitewashed walls. In the west of the temple is an offering hall with a pillared portico courtyard. The storerooms of the mortuary temple contain several statues of the pharaoh. The main burial chamber of the pyramid is located next to the west wall and it holds a false door. There are a group of large broken statues of pink granite found in pieces and was probably placed at the altar of the mortuary temple. The valley temple of the complex is made of limestone and mudbricks but some structures are built of alabaster. There are a number of intact statues of Menkaure inside the valley temple.

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