Historical Background About the Battle of Djahy

In ancient Egyptian history, the sea people tried to invade Egypt many times during the reign of Rameses II and his successor Merenptah but were defeated easily as they weren’t powerful enough but during Ramesses III reign, he saw them as a real threat to the future of Egypt. The battle of Djahy started in 1178 B.C, the battle took place in the city of Djahy between the Egyptian army &  navy led by Ramesses III and the mysterious sea people.

Reasons for the Battle of Djahy

The sea people were raiders by nature, they repeatedly attacked and destroyed many of the eastern powers and were responsible for the downfall of many kingdoms such as the Hittite, Mycenaean, and Mitanni. Their origin is still unknown but they had a high level of military strategy and organization as shown by the ferocity of these raiders was drawn on the temple of Ramesses II in Medinet Habu plus numerous cities and empires which were laid to waste. They set their eyes on Egypt as it was known for its rich fertile soil and access to precious materials like gold and gemstones.

Battle of Djahy Events

After the sea people attacked the city of Kadesh, they moved to the Egyptian empire but the pharaoh was expecting them and made all the necessary preparations. When the sea people’s land forces reached the Egyptian border, they were stopped by Ramses’s forces. The battle ended with a great victory to the Egyptian army but the war wasn’t over. The sea people used their powerful naval fleet to attack Egypt, they had the most powerful ships and were expert sailors opposite to the inferior Egyptian seamen and their ships were less advance. Ramesses III had a genius cunning plan of letting the enemy’s ships to continue sailing in the Delta Nile River. Powered by both oars and sail, the Egyptian ships were more maneuverable than the enemy’s ships, bowmen were placed on the ships and the banks of the Nile then the Egyptians used grappling hooks to capsize many of the enemy ships. The bowmen started firing deadly arrows at the enemy who wasn’t able to counter-attack as they were only armed with swords and spears.

Aftermath of the Battle

The Egyptians may have won both of the battles and the war but it had an unfortunate effect on both the Egyptian army that was very exhausted and the Egyptian treasury that was drained, and all that led to the weakening of Egypt which caused the end of the glorious powerful days of the new kingdom. The battle of Djahy is one of the most important battles in the ancient world, and the Ancient Egyptian era was booming by scientists, a strong army, and genius rulers that lead to the creation of the foundation of everything we see in our world today.

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